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News: Anderson Cooper, Dreamgirls Feud, a Killers Christmas

road.jpg "New York, New York, it's a helluva town": Broadway songwriter and actress Betty Comden dies at 89. "Comden and [Adolph] Green wrote for nine films including the musicals 'Singin' in the Rain' (1952), 'The Band Wagon' (1953), 'It's Always Fair Weather' (1955) and 'Bells are Ringing' (1960)...Among the songs written by the Comden and Green team were 'Just in Time,' 'The Party's Over' and 'Make Someone Happy.'"

Knowles_hudsonroad.jpg All About Effie: Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls feud. (My review)

road.jpg The Killers set to release Christmas tune "A Great Big Sleigh" on December 5. Flowers: "There are some great Christmas tunes that have been recorded over the years from the likes of George Michael and John Lennon. Sometime you forget. You get so caught up in business and being an adult that you forget to have fun and enjoy things and be nice to people."

road.jpg Time offers up their list of the top 100 most influential albums of all time.

road.jpg Princes William and Harry to hold Diana concert at new Wembley stadium next year to mark tenth anniversary of their mother's death: "It is understood that the Princes hope that by celebrating their mother's life on what would have been her 46th birthday, the sting will be taken out of August 31 - the date on which she died in Paris. Because next year is the tenth anniversary of her death, they are aware that the date is bound to resonate publicly more than ever."

Zarfroad.jpg All My Children to introduce transgender character who will make the transition from man to woman: "The character, a flamboyant rock star known as Zarf, kisses the lesbian character Bianca and much drama ensues. The storyline begins with Thursday's episode of the daytime drama."

road.jpg Big week for gay rights in Brazil: Discrimination law passed, gay adoption allowed, a campaign against homophobia funded, and a big step toward civil unions in Sao Paolo.

road.jpg Page Six reports on the CNN anchor and the boy from Ipanema: "Anderson Cooper was friendly at a Brazilian airport on Friday. 'Hi, I'm Anderson,' he said to the 'attractive' man standing next to him at the flight connection monitors in the Salvador terminal, a spy told The Post's Braden Keil. The 25ish fellow was wearing a tight T-shirt, cut-off shorts and an earring. According to our witness, the unshaven, solo-traveling CNN star chatted for 20 minutes with the stranger before the fellow had to say goodbye and board his flight to Rio."

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  1. If everything it takes for Anderson Cooper to talk to me is cutoffs and a tank top I'd done them in a heartbeat! And we could move to Sao Paulo.

    Posted by: xavier | Nov 27, 2006 10:07:29 AM

  2. Did Beyonce SEE the play? Effie has always been the star of the show. I think there might be some fiction involved with the writers of this story. They need a good bitch fight for news.

    Posted by: Bobby | Nov 27, 2006 10:10:25 AM

  3. A note on Betty Comden--she was tireless in her work on behalf of people with HIV, especially the homeless and minorities. Well into her 80s, she would spend evenings working at shelters, churches and centers with people who had no idea she was anyone other than the sassy lady with the crazy hats. Amazingly generous person.

    Posted by: Nato | Nov 27, 2006 10:21:35 AM

  4. Ummm...what Bobby said.

    Posted by: Rodolfo | Nov 27, 2006 10:22:39 AM

  5. Sucks that Anderson's personal life is food for the gossip pages. He lives a respectable life, works his ass off and deserves the little privacy a public figure gets when traveling on business (or pleasure).

    Posted by: Martin | Nov 27, 2006 10:48:03 AM

  6. Did you see the Killers on SNL a while back? I was looking forward to it, but the set was horrible! Are they a studio-made fraud? Or was it just a bad night?

    Posted by: jon luddite | Nov 27, 2006 10:56:36 AM

  7. It's about time they started reporting on EVERY celebrities romantic life equally. Unless of course you think being gay is shameful and should be hidden from the public.

    Posted by: ousslander | Nov 27, 2006 11:07:31 AM

  8. If he didn't hide it, no one would look for it.

    Posted by: kile | Nov 27, 2006 11:09:29 AM

  9. okay, that was glib. I know it isn't that simple, and were AC to come out, 'twould certainly be a cause celebre for a moment or two. With that, he could continue living his life and being exceptional at what he does AND be an inspirational role model for thousands of young people...and older people. Though, he may not be interested in being a role model; it's his is coming out a personal decision. Personally, *I* would like to see him be out...I think it would be a positive move on several fronts. But, I don't know the man; and there are likely myriad complications behind the consideration of such a move that are holding him from making it. If, of course, he's actually gay and not simply a chatty guy in airports...

    Posted by: kile | Nov 27, 2006 11:19:14 AM

  10. I ate Jimmy Dean's sausage last night. It was mighty nice. Thanks for recommending it, Andy!

    Posted by: Blair | Nov 27, 2006 11:26:15 AM

  11. Let's just let Cooper talk to the cute boys in peace. Peace to him. Peace to the cute boys.

    Posted by: KJ | Nov 27, 2006 12:06:34 PM

  12. not only is anderson gay, but he's also friendly... and that's the story.
    evidently not a news day on many levels.

    Posted by: A.J. | Nov 27, 2006 12:48:21 PM

  13. That is a great suggestion. I'm going to go out and chat up some cute boys, too. He IS an inspiration!

    Posted by: Kile | Nov 27, 2006 2:17:13 PM

  14. Ah, but Kile, it IS entirely that simple. Despite the fantasy explanations repeatedly posted by his fawning admirers, there is simply no evidence that, were he to come out, he would be fired, lose his reporter's credibility [has no one WATCHED the bubble gum hour known as "360"?], be dropped from the best dressed or sexiest man alive lists, be disinherited by his bizarre mommy, have his dick fall off, blah blah blah. Nor is anyone asking him to do more than be honest. No tattoo across his forehead saying, "Yep, I'm gay." No on-air T-shirts reading, "I like Latino boys to fuck me." No rainbow lapel pins. Whatever it would accomplish, one thing is certain: he would no longer be guilty of the label "Major Hypocrite" for pleading allegiance to his "private life" on the one hand and peddling an intimate book about his family, including his brother's suicide, on the other.

    BTW, Kile, whatever happened to Don A.?

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 27, 2006 2:21:05 PM

  15. I am consistently in agreement with Leland on this Cooper issue. Excellent!

    Posted by: jmg | Nov 27, 2006 2:27:24 PM

  16. Leland, why, why must you be so cruel? Oh, the horror! Incidentally, by whom, other than you, was the label "Major Hypocrite" given to Mr. Cooper. And, if he is, in fact, deserving of that rank, then you, dear Leland are General Nuisance! So, there. Bitch.

    Posted by: JT | Nov 27, 2006 3:20:48 PM

  17. Anderson Cooper unshaven and chatting up some young hottie? Bring it on! I'd much rather hear about that than having to read about Paris Hilton's idiotic exploits on a daily basis.

    Posted by: Ron | Nov 27, 2006 4:10:21 PM

  18. So Anderson's boy toy was dressed like Brian's gay cousin on Family Guy?

    Leland, not to play devil's advocate, but what happens after AC comes out publicly? Will you then let it go or will you be expecting him to campaign publicly for the gay community?

    Ellen is out and I hear constant criticism that she isn't marching and campaigning and using her outness to further gay causes.

    I see a very disturbing message for any celebrity who is known or suspected of being gay: Be perfect. Stray but a little and we will eat you alive.

    Posted by: mark m | Nov 27, 2006 5:23:33 PM

  19. Mark: I believe that everyone has a responsibility to try to make life better in whatever way and to whatever degree they can. The bigger your stomping grounds, as it were, whether that be in terms of financial clout and/or celebrity, the bigger your responsibility IMO. Anderson's being simply open, because of the size of celebrity, his star power, could achieve a great deal in and of itself simply by virtue of the percentage of times it would be mentioned when people referenced him.

    But, yes, he both could and should do more. Think of it simply in dollar terms. If someone who makes, say, $100,000 a year donates $5,000 to charity one would probably applaud. But if that $5,000 came from someone who makes a million dollars a year, most people would think them cheap, self-centered. Cooper's "currency" is not dollars or pounds or Euros, but celebrity and popularity, so I think it would be fair to expect a bigger "donation" from him.

    To continue the metaphor, nearly 40 years after Stonewall, we remain "below the poverty line" in terms of the amount of diverse positive role models. In being involved in or an observor of gay activism for most of that time, one of the things that has remained true is that there is an inverse correlation between the degree of awareness of such role models and the amount of difficulty the majority of emerging gay youth have in accepting themselves. It is human nature, gay, straight, bi. The most wrenching example is even when that model is clearly fictional, as the responses the straight actor who played gay Jack on "Dawson's Creek" got. Sure, it was so chic to pan the show, but he told of the tremendous amount of mail he got from kids desperate for SOME kind of affirmation; kids who literally came out to their parents simply because they got the courage from seeing a positive FICTIONAL gay character. That the show was created by an out gay man is a great example of using what you have to try to makes things better.

    We need positive role models who are simply out, but IMO part of being a good citizen, of whatever orientation, is to be sociopolitically active. Just "showing up" is not enough. And that goes for Ellen, the Sequel, too.

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 27, 2006 6:12:27 PM

  20. Beyonce will undoubtedly shit a brick when Jennifer gets an Oscar nom for Best Supt Actress and Beyonce comes up with zip.

    As for Anderson: he's a friendly guy and he chats up a cutie in the airport. BFD, and for the record: most native young men in Brazil [I've been there] wear a tight T-shirt, cut-off shorts and an earring. So for 20 minutes what better way to place the time than friendly banter. Leave Cooper alone.

    Posted by: John~in~LA | Nov 28, 2006 2:33:09 AM

  21. "...PASS the time..." not place the time. Sorry.

    Posted by: John~in~LA | Nov 28, 2006 2:34:54 AM

  22. Next up on CNN: Anderson Cooper talks with Earring Magic Ken in Brazil!

    Posted by: timothy | Nov 28, 2006 5:35:33 AM

  23. I am 100% in agreement with you, Leland on the subject of our need for more positive gay role models. And it's hard to argue with the notion that an out celebrity doesn't have an opportunity to use their "currency" to campaign sociopolitically.

    But don't you think that Cooper, by virtue of his role as a news anchor/reporter is fulfilling a tremendous role (remember he was one of the Katrina reporters seeking out politicians for culpability).

    I think he should come out to simple "be"... I'm just not sure that he MUST then take on our expectations of being a mouth piece for our causes. If he does, great. If he doesn't, and simply continues to be a news anchor who holds politicians accountable, that will be fine by me.

    We tend to put celebrities up on a pedestal and forget that they are human.

    Posted by: mark m | Nov 28, 2006 8:40:23 AM

  24. I'm in 100% agreement with Mark M.

    Posted by: Ted | Nov 29, 2006 2:36:31 AM

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