“We Belong” Documentary Exposes Homophobia in High School

WebelongHead over to Current TV and check out “We Belong“, a fantastic short documentary entered in their Seeds of Tolerance contest. The doc was made by CJ Wills and exposed the homophobia and bullying at Franklin High School in Venango County, Pennsylvania.

And a special note from PageOneQ. If 1,000 people head over to Current TV and vote for “We Belong” the producers will donate the entire $100,000 prize to programs reducing homophobia in American schools.

Seeds of Tolerance contest [current tv]


  1. patrick nyc says

    I got on the link on the third try, it also may give you trouble with the registration, that too took a few tries. The video is well done. I’ve read about both kids, great to see what the future looks like with gay youth having it together. The video is in third place now. First prize is $100,000. Second and third are both $10,000.

  2. Andy says

    Unfortunate that this film is what’s out there to speak for an important issue– because it’s largely a lie. CJ had trouble in school because he repeatedly bullied smaler students and repeatedly started fights in order to defend the honor of his girlfriend. Too bad the filmmaker’s didn’t talk to the many other openly gay students in Franklin, including most of a previous years’ girls basketball team, or to the openly gay teacher at the school.

  3. patrick nyc says

    ANDY, I’m a bit confused. If it was a lie why did you not say that or even post it to begin with? Was Dahle lying as well? Did the filmakers know about this and will the money go to fighting homophobia? Too bad either way. Guess it’s a reflection of how fucked up the world is.

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