Patrick Sammon Named New President of Log Cabin Republicans

Sammon_1Rumors that Rick Santorum’s communications director Robert Traynham was to be named president of the Log Cabin Republicans were just that. Patrick Sammon has been named to succeed outgoing pres. Patrick Guerriero, who held the post for nearly four years. Sammon was formerly executive vice president of the Liberty Education Forum, a non-profit arm of the Log Cabin organization.

Said Sammon: “I’m humbled and honored to be leading Log Cabin Republicans during this important time. Log Cabin’s mission is more important than ever before. I will provide a strong voice for those in our Party who believe the GOP can return to power by pursuing a unifying and inclusive conservative agenda that attracts voters from both the center and the right…As someone who has lived almost ten years in smaller conservative cities, I’ve learned that most Americans are at their core decent people who value freedom and fairness for their family, friends, and neighbors. We need to continue seeking more allies for equality among conservatives and people of faith. Our side is winning the fight for equality, but we must do more in the years ahead to unify all Americans, particularly conservatives, around our common values of freedom and fairness.”

Former president Guerriero has taken a job with the Gill Action Fund.


  1. Br!on says

    File Under: the things I will never understand…

    Especially now.

    I escaped my small conservative town to enjoy the rights that even large progressive cities have a hard time defending.

    Why do people so badly want to be in clubs that do not want them?

  2. Brian says

    Conservatives will never accept us as long as the word “conservative” is a de facto synonym for “belligerent fundamentalist right-wing religious zealot”. Give me an old-time conservative any day… we can at least agree on some points. But these neo-conservative nuts? Forget it.

    Good luck, Miss Patty. You’re gonna need it.

  3. pbnyc59 says

    ” Our side is winning the fight for equality, but we must do more in the years ahead to unify all Americans, particularly conservatives, around our common values of freedom and fairness.”

    What country has this ass wipe been living in?

  4. Wolf says

    Gay/Log Cabin republicans are OXYMORONIC and now just plain MORONIC. Any Gay Republican who says that they agree with the ORIGINAL Republic Parties stadards and ethics and have no affiliation to the right-Wing Nuts in Washington are just MORONIC. The Old Republican Party is DEAD. D-E-A-D and isn’t coming back. The Wingnuts ARE the Republican Party now and probably will be for awhile.

    Personally I have had it with Gay Republicans. If you are out there and gay and a Republican not only are you full of shit. You are a TRAITOR to your comunnity, your lifestyle, and especially yourself and imo should be treated as a pariah.

  5. Brian says

    Maybe there should be a new party… one for those who support the original Republical ideals. (One could probably say the same thing for the Democrats.) Our current system leaves much to be desired.

    Oh, and Andy… I like the Lewis Payton entries. Keep them coming. (Though I’ll say I’d like to have the comments section turned back on, I understand why they aren’t. Miss Anita’s comment doesn’t fill one with holiday cheer.)

  6. John T says

    I have to wonder though, does this guy actually think he’s going to make a difference, or is he just doing time padding his resume so that in a few years he can get a nice low-stress job with the HRC or something?

    And I wonder who broke his nose.

  7. LightningLad says

    I wish him luck.

    I’d rather stick with a political party – the Democrats – whose standard bearers – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – supporting the full range of equality for gay people including gay marriage.

    Oh wait a minute…

  8. nuflux says

    @Lightning Lad

    There are basically two factions who’d love to see HIllary branded as the “standard-bearer” for the Democratic Party: Hillary, and Republicans.

    Somehow you forgot to mention Democrats like Sen. Feingold, and Rep. Kucinich, or people like John Conyers who consistently and vigorously fight against knuckle-dragger ploys like the FMA.

    The Republican Party platform opposes even the most basic anti-discrimination and hate crimes legislation. Can you even name ONE active Republican who supports equal marriage? Not even fellow hypocrite Jim Kolbe passes the test.

    Nice try, Cohn-osexual.

  9. says

    I will never understand what pisses most fags off so much about an organization struggling to change the GOP from the inside out. What the hell difference does it make to you that they are doing the heavy lifting necessary to lobby a notoriously anti-gay conservative voting bloc? It’s so myopic and petty, and so uselessly hateful. Maybe we should try to be a bit more tolerant than the people that hate us, and we might get somewhere.

  10. says

    AATOM wites:

    “Maybe we should try to be a bit more tolerant than the people that hate us, and we might get somewhere…”

    And will the somewhere we’ll get have barbedwire and electric fences?

  11. Robert In WeHo says

    Lightninglad, while it’s true that Democrats aren’t always consistent or willing to openly embrace our struggle for equality, they’re, as a whole, far, far better for our community than the GOP which actively and relentlessly works to foster bigotry and prejudice against us, pass legislation which oppresses us and which seeks to re-criminalize our personal lives in the name of preserving their warped concept of so-called morality. I would much rather have tepid, tenuous allies that are unlikely to actively try to harm us than to affiliate and engage with people who have nothing else but our destruction on their agenda. LCR’s are traitors to themselves and to the Gay community. Their willingness to actively support the GOP and work openly and aggressively against their own self-interest and the well being of our community can only be described as a malicious form of sadomasochistic and/or sociopathic personality disorder that has developed out of their self-loathing and hatred combined with a complete lack of personal self-esteem. They rationalize, justify and make every excuse under the sun possible to explain away their vile act of betrayal, but, in the end, the only people they’ve deluded into believing them is themselves…

  12. jimmyboyo says

    lightinglad do you even understand the primary process?

    Hillary and Obama are neither heir apperants. just because the 2 of them suck on gay marriage and gays in the millitary isn’t a sure sign that the dem nominee will be. (I personaly am hoping for a gore announcement and Gore/ Clark 08)

    Retired General Wesley Clark (former head of NATO) hasn’t announced yet, but back in 1999 he went on record as 100% pro full and equal marriage rights for us gays as well as 100% full and equal rights to join and serve in the millitary.

    Hillary and Obama are DLC= repub lite and both suck but there are deffinetly strong non-DLC dems who are populis and pro gay 100%

  13. jimmyboyo says



    fighting from within the repub party….oh wait a minute, this guy in the article worked with Rick Santorium…so you are saying due to his influence Rosk went with equating homosexuality to beastiality as vs equaiting us to what??? if this guy had not been influncing Ricky “dog love”

  14. joshua says

    I see comments from a lot of people who don’t read the papers or didn’t read the article.

    Jimmyboyd…this isn’t the guy who was Santorium’s aide.

    Pbnyc…he’s been living in the US….your another whiner who thinks because someone calls you a fag that your life is a mass of hurt and pain. Get over it, when you live somewhere, where being gay or even to look or act like your gay is your death warrent, then you can bitch. This goes for fastlad as well.

    The best way to show people that gay men and women are not monsters, or child abusers is to make them aware of who and what we really are. People need to see that we are in ALL walks of life, not just knee jerk liberals, but conservatives as well. No other group that is discriminated agianst provides the public with the ammunition to keep them down like the gay’s. Parades where we mock religion(sisters of perpetual indilgence), walk with our partners in dog collars, naked and almost fucking on the floats….yep…that will certainly get you loads of respect. If we want respect, we have to give it.

  15. Robert In WeHo says

    So, Joshua, how’s that strategy been working for ya? Didn’t I just hear Bush blathering on again the other day about how if gay marriage became legal that it would usher in the end of the human race and America which is why he was calling, yet again, for a Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex marriage? It seems like that whole give respect to get respect approach, only works when the people you’re seeking respect from are willing to give it in the first place. Like Sisyphus, working to earn the respect and consideration gays and lesbians deserve from Republicans is a hopeless struggle…

  16. Bobby says

    In other news O.J. Simpson just announced he’ll be joining the KKK.

    Come on, fags in the republican party make me sick. I agree with Brion, why do people want to belong to something that doesn’t want them?

    Why can’t they at least call themselves something else, like, oh, I don’t know, Conservative Who Suck Dick But Want To Be Accepted By Christians?

    Write them off. In the black community they were called “Uncle Toms”. Maybe we should call them “Uncle Gertrudes”

  17. mark m says

    “Maybe we should try to be a bit more tolerant than the people that hate us, and we might get somewhere”

    Sit back, tolerate hate and you’ll make progress. Thank you for beautifully illustrating the futility of the LCR agenda.

  18. LightningLad says

    I love how the gay community screams how it “celebrates diversity” of everything except apparently diversity of political philosphy.

    “You can be Black, White, Asian, Latino, handicapped, or born without a face…But if you DARE step outside the Democratic reservation, you’ll be cut down!”

    And it will be interesting to see how many people here vote for Hillary Clinton for President (who I presume will be nominee) despite her stated disagreement with gay marriage.

    And yet gay people who vote Republican are consistently labled as “self-loathing.” Interesting…

  19. Robert In WeHo says

    Lightninglad, this is the one case where there simply can be no tolerance. Choosing to facilitate and collaborate with a group of people who’s “on the record agenda” is to unashamedly and willfully pursue a political and legislative agenda with the sole intent of preventing us from attaining equality under the law as well as stripping away from us every single hard won legal and civil right our community currently with the stated goal of re-criminalizing our very existence. What possible sort of tolerance for that agenda could you possibly expect ANYONE who is gay to have? The real question you really need to ask yourself is, “why would I support such an agenda and realistically why do I really believe that there is any chance at influencing this agenda from inside the GOP when, if I’m being honest with myself, I already know that they simply will not listen to any dissent or voice of reason which speaks up in opposition to the prescribed anti-gay political and legislative agenda of the Republican Party?”

  20. Daniel says

    He says: “Our side is winning the fight for equality” and expects not to be laughed at or disregarded?! Seriously?! And in response to LighteningLad: Just b/c i think this guy is a twit doesn’t mean i’m automatically in favor of Hillary. WTF is that logic? Are there only Reps & Dems on this blog? Anyway, I wonder if this guy can be given podium space next to Mitt Romney at an anti-gay marriage rally to say again “Our side is winning the fight for equality”

  21. Wolfie says


    There is quite a dufference between celebrating diversity and showing tolerence to the Republican Party. Would it be celebrating diversity to support the Nazis?, fred Phelps?, The Ku klux. Klan? I know thats a bit over the top but I hope that you get my meaning.

  22. Anita Woodward says

    “Oh, and Andy… I like the Lewis Payton entries. Keep them coming. (Though I’ll say I’d like to have the comments section turned back on, I understand why they aren’t. Miss Anita’s comment doesn’t fill one with holiday cheer.)”

    Well, Brian, no one is going to know what you’re talking about because Andy deleted my comment.

  23. Toto says

    Like so many groups in society homosexuals are diverse and unique in their racial, religious, economic standing. I can totally understand that. What I dont understand is aligning yourself with a group that fundamentally fights to opress you. You dont have to organize yourself under the banner of republican to do that. There are moderate gay dems that have been doing that forever.

    Change the GOP from the inside?? The only way to do that is to replace the entire GOP with closet cases and initiate a coupe that could somehow remove the powerful religious influence of its top leaders and supporters. Its like trying to sneak up on someone while they are watching you. The republican party will always be against civil equality, its their “thing”.

  24. mark m says

    I’m not one of those gays who throws out the term “self loathing” unless it truly applies. I’m all for diversity, so I tolerate conservatives gays nicely (that was Lightniglad who made that point, Wolfie, not I).

    But respecting diverse political views is not the same as agreeing with them.

    I respect your right to put your checkbook first. I just don’t agree with you.

    I respect your decision to vote based on pro-life views. I just don’t agree with you.

    So while I may not call you a self loathing traitor, don’t expect me to be sympathetic to your cause because it is in direct conflict with mine.

  25. zinc alloy says

    Me, I’m a firm believer in truth in advertising. Therefore, I refuse to read so much as another sentence about the Log Cabin Republicans until they agree to change their name to the WHEN DONKEYS FLY HITTING OUR HEADS AGAINST A BRICK WALL NO F***ING WAY WE’LL EVER BE ACCEPTED BY THESE BIGOTS ORGANIZATION.

    Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  26. Dale G says

    Looks like the hate mongering Gay Dems are at it again, and again, and again. Sitting on their throne (which for some reason resembles a toilet with a glory hole) telling everybody else what they should think and do.

    As far as I’m concerned gay Dems can kiss my ass as long as Clinton’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and DOMA are on the books. I’m tired of gay-friendly Democrats who love us so much and give us this crap in return. And I’m tired of having these policies pass without the kiss-butt gay Democrat community doing a thing about it.

    Many blue-dog Democrats ran as anti-gay marriage this year. I’m sure many of them would like to get re-elected in another 2 years. If you think any gay legislation is automatically guaranteed under a Democrat Congress, you are sadly mistaken.

  27. says

    “as someone who has lived almost ten years in smaller conservative cities, I’ve learned that most Americans are at their core decent people who value freedom and fairness for their family, friends, and neighbors.”

    Wait, so decent, freedom-loving and fair people can only be found in conservative smaller cities? I’m a little confused…

  28. patrick nyc says

    While I vote Democrat, I hold my nose when doing so. They still are far better than the Republican party, who outside of the homophobia, brought us the idiot in chief, who brought us the Iraq War.

  29. Kermit says

    I don’t understand what the fuck this Log Cabin Republican leader is talking about??? I truly don’t!!! But to be fair, I have a question: How do we reverse the widely accepted and often accurate presumption that Log Cabin Republicans are, in secret, still a bunch of Self-loathing gay men–attempting to be members of a Church that persistently makes it clear they are not wanted as members?? Geez…it’s weird…and it still feels like the analogy of a black man being grand wizard of the KKK! Someone should tell this guy that “conservatism” is basically the opposite of “gay”–especially in George Bush’s America.

  30. Kermit says

    “Why can’t they at least call themselves something else, like, oh, I don’t know, Conservative Who Suck Dick But Want To Be Accepted By Christians?” –Bobby


  31. Br!on says

    YEAH! Robert in WeHo. Articulate stunning reverb and a dusting of the powder!

    Lightninglad! Back to your corner and quit your snivelling!

    Bobby! Let’s PRETEND (haha) we’re married and go all night!

  32. RB says

    And just when I thought there would never be any agreeing with Lightinglad I am proven wrong. You do not have to be self loathing to be a gay repub.

    And there is very little “diversity” amongst gays. God forbid you leave the dem party and be gay; you must hate yourself or something of the that nature! Amazing!

    However, I have said it before, I am anxiously awaiting my gay rights from our newly elected “dem” congress. I will try not to hold my breath…

  33. mark m says

    RB and other conservatives here…

    There’s no doubt that many Democrats give us lip service. There’s no doubt that some moderate Republicans are quite gay friendly.

    This isn’t in question.

    What I take issue with is the way you spin this debate about Parties into “They aren’t really your friends.”

    If I have to choose between a Party that stands for my values even if many in that Party are not my friends… OR a Party that stands for values that are more about my enemies and therefore, contains much INSTITUTIONALIZED hate towards me…

    I’m gonna go with the lesser of the two evils.

    Or I could be a Libertarian (which I kinda am) and never get to see my candidates working for me.

    Honestly, you guys have NEVER explained why Republicans are better for the gay community than the Dems.

    And I feel it’s because you and other conservatives relate to other issues that the Republicans stand for. I just wish you guys would admit to such.

  34. RB says

    Mark M,

    I have never said that repubs were better for gays than dems! You, however among others insist that Dems are better for gays than repubs. I have asked how that to be true as I have said many times I feel no more alienated from one party than another. What rights do we have at the hands of the dems? What about the “moderate” dems that helped to gain control of the congress and their stand on gay marriage? Which national prominant dem is standing up for gay marriage?

    I maintain an open mind and vote the person. I never voted for W. My problem is that I cannot change my mind on important social positions that I hold important. I am extremely anti-abortion unless the life of the mother is in danger and will not go back on that. I am NOT a supporter of needle exchange programs. These two issues alone bar me from supporting Pelosi or Clinton! I am for state rights, low taxes, right to own property without the fear of eminant domain and a strong military. I would consider myself a libetarian as well except I cannot get past the whole legalization of drugs!

    Conservative, yes! I simply cannot agree with far too many of the social positions of the dem party. I will not turn my back on abortion and needle exchange for a “maybe” we will give you some rights. I do not see one party any closer than the other ready to step up to the plate and provide me rights.

    I know what I stand for. I know what I believe in and will not blindly follow the
    “gay” majority that by the way do not even vote in sufficient numbers to make a difference! 2% of us make it to the polls…pathetic!

    Hope this answers your questions. If you have anything else hit me up…I am open to an intelligent exchange on the subject.

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