Patrick Sammon Named New President of Log Cabin Republicans

Sammon_1Rumors that Rick Santorum’s communications director Robert Traynham was to be named president of the Log Cabin Republicans were just that. Patrick Sammon has been named to succeed outgoing pres. Patrick Guerriero, who held the post for nearly four years. Sammon was formerly executive vice president of the Liberty Education Forum, a non-profit arm of the Log Cabin organization.

Said Sammon: “I’m humbled and honored to be leading Log Cabin Republicans during this important time. Log Cabin’s mission is more important than ever before. I will provide a strong voice for those in our Party who believe the GOP can return to power by pursuing a unifying and inclusive conservative agenda that attracts voters from both the center and the right…As someone who has lived almost ten years in smaller conservative cities, I’ve learned that most Americans are at their core decent people who value freedom and fairness for their family, friends, and neighbors. We need to continue seeking more allies for equality among conservatives and people of faith. Our side is winning the fight for equality, but we must do more in the years ahead to unify all Americans, particularly conservatives, around our common values of freedom and fairness.”

Former president Guerriero has taken a job with the Gill Action Fund.