Alan Turing: The Tributes Keep Coming

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post featuring a wintry homage to Alan Turing, persecuted gay and creator of the Turing Bombe which broke the World War II enigma code, I was sent notice for this exhibit up until January 6 at the Gulf & Western Gallery (rear of lobby) located at 721 Broadway in New York. Artist Cody Trepte has used paper and textiles to explore the technology and theory Turing produced during his lifetime of fascinating achievement and personal tragedy. Here’s some background to the work.

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  1. anon says

    ‘enigma code “breaker”‘, not ‘creator’. The Germans created the code. The English broke it.

  2. Brian Killen says

    The current issue of the French language magazine, Les Génies de la Science (29, Nov07-Jan07) has an extensive section continaing many articles on Turing, some biographical.

  3. David Robison says

    And then there’s the brilliant book by Janna Levin: “A madman dreams of Turing machines,” which is a fictional account of Turing’s work and thought contrasted with that of Kurt Godel.