Archbishop Desmond Tutu Blasts Anglican Church Over Gay Rift

TutuArchbishop Desmond Tutu blasted the African Anglican Church on Friday over its rift with the Episcopal branch and its positions on gay clergy. The African Anglicans are reportedly refusing to sit at a table with Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori at a global Anglican meeting in Tanzania next month.

Said Tutu: “I am deeply disturbed that in the face of some of the most horrendous problems facing Africa, we concentrate on ‘what do I do in bed with whom’. For one to penalise someone for their sexual orientation is the same as penalising someone for something they can do nothing about, like ethnicity or race. I cannot imagine persecuting a minority group which is already being persecuted. The God I worship would not consider that [gay clergy] to be a priority concern.”

Tutu added that “churches should instead be thinking about poverty, HIV/AIDS and conflict resolution.”


  1. Leland says

    The sometimes wise, sometimes cracked Rev. Irene Monroe recently opined in the “Washington Blade” that Bishop Gene Robinson is the gay Martin Luther King, Jr.
    I’ve met Robinson and admire him tremendously, but Bishop Tutu is closer to the mark as he is, once again, courageously defending and affirming a group with whom he is not identified, at the cost of condemnation of many of his race, his country, and his church.

    I say let those in the denomination, any denomination, for whom their homohatred is more important to them than following the teachings of Jesus walk, run, convert, form new denominations. Recalictrant racists regularly did it as larger Christianity finally saw the error, the sin, of having taught that people of color are inferior, and like the human body which is healthier without cancer, so is “the body of Christ” without them.

  2. Zeke says

    I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting Archbishop Tutu last year. Truly an AMAZING man and an EXCEPTIONAL Christian.

    Meeting and talking with him in person was one of the all-time greatest moments of my life.

  3. Ben says

    With all due respect to Archbishop Tutu, the reasoning behind the refusal concerning members of ECUSA is not only about Robinson and his gayness. It is about refusing to obey the orders that all Anglicans abide by when it is so ordered at a Lambeth Conference concerning many issues. Robinson is open violating many areas of duty that he vowed to uphold in his daily life. But, that is not even a start to why there is such a rift with ECUSA. Before all jump to conclusions ignorantly, better really study what you are addressing throughly.

  4. Stephen says

    “I say let those in the denomination, any denomination, for whom their homohatred is more important to them than following the teachings of Jesus walk, run, convert, form new denominations”.

    It is possible to hate the sin but love the sinner (and the sin is not exclusively of a sexual nature). I believe this was a message Christ spread while he walked the earth. …just my opinion.

  5. Mike says

    For someone calling on Archbishop Tutu to “study what you are addressing throughly”, Ben, you are demonstrating an amazing lack of understanding about Anglican polity. The Lambeth Conferences hold no authority in the churches of the Anglican Communion; they are advisory only. The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson was duly elected according to the practice and law of the Episcopal Church; the rite for the ordination of a bishop begins on page 512 of the Book of Common Prayer – which of the “many areas of duty” is Bishop Robinson “open violating”?

  6. Leland says

    Oh, horseshit, Ben. You have a right to be an anal-retentive thie-ass if you want, but spare me the excuses of ecclesiastic legalisms, duties, rules, mumbo jumbo ad nauseum that are mere excuses, and dishonest ones at that, being put forth by the homophobic dinosaurs who don’t want the church to change. Unless you have attained the level in the church that Tutu has, I submit you’re talking through your ass about what should trump what. Such a skill might make you a star in a John Waters movie, but you bore here; simply bore. Some of the very same people used the same stall tactics to advance clergy of color—or were the victims of it themselves but have short term memories. Whether wearing official, gold-embroidered church vestments or a hood made out of a white sheet, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot.

    And, please Stephen, spare me the religious phony propaganda of “hate the sin, love the sinner.” BTW: while “Christ” has indeed become colloquially synonymous with Jesus, it was never actually a part of his name. Had there been a phone book at the time, you would never have found him listed: Christ, Jesus. “Christ” was his title, as it were, Greek for “the annointed one” and synonymous with the Hebrew word for “Messiah.” It’s Jesus “the Christ.” Related ignorance involves all those peasants who apparently gave their brains as well as their hearts to their Lord & Savior as indicated by their hissy fits over “Xmas” as “taking the Christ out of Christmas” when, in fact, “X” is used in many ways, including on those dumb fish doohickeys they themselves attach to their cars, trucks, trailers, to mean “Christ” because it’s the transliteration of the first letter in the original Greek word Christos.

  7. Stephen says

    You can call it phony propaganda (hate the sin, love the sinner) but that is exactly what millions of Christians (and others belonging to different religions, and non-religiois folk) practice with their family, siblings, friends, acquaintances, etc.
    What you seem to imply is that you practice associating and be-friending ONLY those who agree with you 100%, 24/7, A to Z, no matter the topic: Same-sex marriage, belief in God, abortion, taxes, global-warming, and who bakes the best cookies.
    I think if you were to inquire of your friends, et al., on their true feelings on these and other important topics (and get honest answers), your circle of friends would diminish vastly because you’d readily cast out anyone who disagrees with you, saying, EX: “You cannot be my friend, you believe Jesus was the son of God and that’s a fallacy.” That’s acceptance and love?

  8. Zeke says

    Thank God there are NO Christians who only want to associate with and befriend those who agree with them 100%, 24/7, A to Z, no matter what the topic: Same-sex marriage, belief in God, abortion, taxes, global warming, and who bakes the best cookies.

    We should ALL look to Christians to learn how to be accepting of the other person’s point of view. Christians are the ULTIMATE live and let live practitioners.

    Stephen, I don’t know if you’re gay or not; I suspect not, but I am 100% positive that you are a delussional hypocrite AND a compassion troll.


  9. Zeke says

    And Ben, I am honestly embarrassed for you bubba. Coming here telling people that they are “ignorant” about ECUSA legalities and then proceeding to spew mistatements and misinformation;

    I really am embarrassed FOR you.

    Many of us here are, or used to be, Episcopals or Anglicans (the two ARE NOT synonymous) and we are very knowledgable about the church, its theology and its ecclesiastical laws/edicts/suggestions.

    I suggest that you, and anyone else who wants to come here and call people ignorant about a certain topic, make damn well sure that you know what you’re pontificating about lest you make fools of yourselves again in the future.

  10. mark m says

    I think many of these trolls are closet cases who come to this site to “Know thy enemy” and most likely end up distracted by the DNA and Real Jock models.

  11. Robert In WeHo says

    Archbishop Tutu is a wise, thoughtful, empathic, compassionate genius who represents the perfect model what religion could be as tool to bring people together rather than as a justification for prejudice, bigotry and hate-mongering. While I no longer have any personal belief in God, I respect Archbishop Tutu as a person of virtue and principal, ideals which the world could use much more of in these troubled days…

  12. waldon says

    I always knew Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a brilliant man, and I, as a 67 year old gay man,am so pleased that we have so many more important things on this planet to attend to,and yes, please stay out of our bedrooms,for goodness sake. And who really cares what’s going on at the Vatican.

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