Australian Drought Forces Gay Cowboy to Dance

A gay Australian cowboy who became well known when he participated in that country’s version of the TV show Big Brother, is headed back to reality TV in order to save his farm in the northern territory of Queensland, which has suffered due to a prolonged drought.

DavidgrahamDavid Graham told The Daily Telegraph he thought he had been relegated to “last season’s TV trash” when he got the call asking him to participate in a new season of Dancing with the Stars. Said Graham: “Being on the farm is where I want to be – it is paradise up there, but when you have starving sheep you have got to do something. I woke up a couple of days ago and looked out the window and thought ‘What the hell am I going to do?’ but by the end of the day I had got the call and things had totally turned around. It is a godsend. It is almost as good as rain…To be asked to do a show like this is nuts, but to find out you get paid for it and I am going to be able to buy some feed for my stock – I still have not got over it.”

Graham outed himself while participating on Big Brother after a female contestant expressed interest in him. He also revealed that he had been the victim of a brutal gay bashing by a gang of men outside a Brisbane nightclub earlier the same year.


  1. Jack! says

    He is so incredibly hot. Just like J.P. and Brad from last season of Survivor. Hot gay men are the greatest!

    Will he be dancing with a man? I hope so, that would be so sexy.

  2. Rad says

    It’s a toss up between him and Josh Bernstein (“Digging the Truth” on The History Channel) for hottness. But that smile… I’m ready to move Down Under!


  3. patrick nyc says

    I do not watch reality TV but it’s nice to see some good coming from it. He seems like a nice enough guy, good role model for the kids growing up on farms and ranches.

  4. mark says

    The defintion of a “star” or a “celebrity” is so strained these days its become a joke.

    Why even bother anymore?

    Dancing with the Cash-Strapped Gay Guy Next Door

    Simple Life starring Whore-ish Heiress

    Culture is becoming so dumb.

    In fact, culture is just become non-culture.

  5. brainiac_amour says

    Although I sympathise with Mr Graham’s plight, I heartily agree with your sentiments Mark…reality tv is low-culture at its absolute lowest. Pure drivel.

  6. says

    c’mon, dont’ be so hard on the guy. Unlike some (the majority) of irreality TV “stars,” he seems pretty sincere about not milking every last milisecond from his 15 minutes. Plus, I applaud anyone who, in this fast increasing service oriented world, brings the plight of the farm family back into public discourse.

  7. says

    “dancing with the cash strapped guy next door” lol!

    I live in Brisbane – He is often in a local gay bar, he seems nice enough, he is a little holier than thou though……..

  8. Paul says

    It’s true that BB is a symptom of a tacky, dumbed-down society, but it was a sweet moment of television in 2006 when David’s eviction showed him hugging and kissing his (cute) boyfriend. A picture’s worth a 1000 words, and for modern gay rights that was priceless.

  9. Mark says

    Hmmm…. the guy hands over $20k to PFLAG and now no money for his livestock. Under ordinary circumstances I’d say his priorities were in the wrong order.

    However, I live in North Texas and we have also just been through a very nasty drought. The dried up creek across my property fed Lake Lavon just south of me. The lake is down 20 feet, all parks and boat ramps are closed. The crops that surround me dried up. There wasn’t much harvest. Add to it the numerous grass fires that took life and property.

    It’s an overwhelming situation. No rain. No grass to graze. And there ain’t a damned thing anyone can do about it, other than beg for help.

    I’m willing to lend a hand. He doesn’t say how many head he is tending, but the costs can be enormous. Besides, there ain’t a one of us that would kick him off a bar stool. And you can bet that because he is gay…he won’t get much from the straight community for help. Thirty five bucks ain’t even a tank of gas anymore.

    I’m in. And I will sponsor a couple of them there sheeps!

  10. Pedantic Aussie says

    Australia has two types of land divisions: states (such as New South Wales and Victoria) and Territories (such as the Northern Territory.) Queensland is a state, and calling it a territory is incorrect.

    And David is a very sexy guy, and very down to earth. He’s one of those romantic types that seems all too rare these days, and I wish him all the best. He’s warm and genuine in person.

  11. TrueBlue says

    Re Fangirlhater’s comment about the $20k going to PFLAG… David won the TV show Australia’s Brainiest Housemate after Big Brother ended and was required to donate that $20k prizemoney to his chosen charity, the very worthy PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays). David has made many appearances and raised funds for charity since Big Brother without benefiting financially or asking for anything in return. The least anyone can do is give him a small helping hand to get through one of Australia’s toughest ever droughts.

  12. steve says

    Hey Tom

    since you see him at the local gay bar and all…is he still with his boyfriend Shariff???

    You know towards the end of our Aussie Big Brother…he was picked on and laughed at alot for his emotional outbursts of which i myself sometimes cringed at, BUT…he is insanely hot. I’d ride that farmer’s tractor anyday ;D

  13. JT says

    I’m ashamed of all you guys who read this post about a dire situation and can only think about hopping in the hay with a cute guy when, for cryin’ out loud, there’s SHEEP!

    I sponsored five.

  14. bboy says

    Hate to break it everyone, but Australia’s “drought” is not temporary. This “drought” is the first stages of ecological collapse for a country that has depleted its acquifers and destroyed its natural habitat trying to recreate the habitat of a country with a vastly different typography and climate. Sorry to say it, but sheep are not supposed to be grazing in Australia–read “Collapse” by Jared Diamond for a more thorough understanding of what is going on.

    Given the ecological reality of Australia, I find it odd that people are willing to donate money to someone who is trying to maintain an unsustainable lifestyle. While I appreciate that David Graham is attractive and his choice of profession is “romantic,” let’s be realistic–would not that money be better spent feeding people rather than sheep?

  15. Tim Baker says

    I’d agree with BBOY if I thought all Australians were idiots and had no thought to the future.

    While a number of mistakes were made during early colonisation, most Australian farmers these days consider themselves caretakers of the land. Considerable progress has been made in sustainable dry land farming.

    However, even the best planning has no effect when mother nature decides to be capricious. We are enduring the “worst drought in a 100 years”. The dry spell has more to do with the Pacific Ocean currents than farming practices.

    I’m guessing that even the 1930’s Kansas Dust Bowl has returned to productive use when the weather patterns changed.

    And as for feeding people – what are the people going to eat in the future if the core breeding stock perish before the rains come.

    Most authoritative weather forecasters are predicting sustainable rain in March as the El Nino effect diminishes.

    I just hope the worst effected Aussie Farmers can hang on that long.

  16. says

    BBOY’s quote: “Given the ecological reality of Australia, I find it odd that people are willing to donate money to someone who is trying to maintain an unsustainable lifestyle. While I appreciate that David Graham is attractive and his choice of profession is “romantic,” let’s be realistic–would not that money be better spent feeding people rather than sheep?”

    What do you think the farmers here are doing? They ARE feeding people! We rely on them for our meat, milk, eggs, bread, grains, vegetables, fruit, etc etc. There’s nothing romantic about farming, it’s all bloody hard work, long hours and dedication. Given that, of course we’re going to support our farmers through the drought. Doomsdayers are always with us and droughts work in cycles in this country. Like many other farmers David has been destocking, but needs to retain his breeding stock and their offspring. Good on him for having the courage to ask for help.

  17. says

    Also worth noting that as a small country many urban Aussies have relatives and/or friends living off the land.. so we’re nothing but supportive of their heroic efforts to get through the drought.

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