David Beckham Plays Prince Charming for Walt Disney


David Beckham plays Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty in this image that was released by Disney today. It’s a promo for Disney Park’s Year of a Million Dreams celebration.

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Annie Leibowitz shot the image at Burguillo Lake in Spain, near Madrid in mid-December.


It’s not the first time Beckham has worked with Leibowitz. She also shot the moody campaign for his fragrance, Instinct.

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I think he plays the part quite well. But is there a part for Victoria in all this?

See the other shots from the campaign here.


  1. rich says

    I don’t get it. What’s he endorsing? A new movie? The disney brand? The newest in fashion capes? I’m lost. :-(

  2. Chris says

    Theres a whole ad campaign with celebrities as disney characters..I was just on another site and Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland popped up.

  3. Chris says

    Theres a whole ad campaign with celebrities as disney characters..I was just on another site and Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland popped up.

  4. ggreen says

    Disney in damage control. They have been exposed as a hydra for the right-wing and they are trying to get celebrities images to hide the true nature of the Disney brand. If evil was ugly would anyone go near it?

  5. Desideratum says

    It must be interesting to go through life looking at everything as a conspiracy or cover up.

  6. Jason says

    Ggreen, like I posted earlier in a different thread, I find it interesting that Disney is now considered a puppet/tool of the right wing, when it used to be considered horrifyingly liberal in the 90’s for its positions on domestic partner benefits and other pro-glbt policies.

  7. MikeinSanJose says

    In light of all the crap that Disney and ABC have been pulling lately –
    1) Getting Spocko’s Brain blog removed because he showed their advertisers at KSFO what sociopaths ABC Radio is promoting in San Francisco,
    2) Glenn Beck on GMA
    3) Letting Faux News run scenes from the ‘Path to 9/11′ “Docudrama” and tout it as factual, refusing to enforce their copyrights as they did with Spocko (Spocko made the mistake of targetting repubs. Path to 9/11 only smears Patriotic Democratic Americans.)
    4) Isaiah Washington (ABC didn’t step in until it was clear they faced a financial hit from the gay and other civilly-minded communities

    …it’s gonna be real tough for me to give any more money or other support to these folks.

    I don’t know if even offering free rides ON Beckham would help…

  8. Chris says

    I cannot for the life of me figure out where I just saw the Beyonce one..Id really like to see the full version of the Beyonce one and the Scarlett one too.

  9. Jake says

    Its the main ad on Yahoo.com right now – It looks like Lyle Lovett is sitting next to Beyonce in a teacup – there is another picture of Scarlett Johansson in a gown running down a flight of stairs.

  10. Chris says

    Yeah, they lost me there…Beckham, Beyonce and Scarlett Johanson..and then they have Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt in the Beyonce one..How did those 2 sneak on the set? I thought they said international celebrities..

  11. jimmyboyo says

    Have any of you heard him speak?

    I saw him in an interview and the illusion was BUSTED. His voice is so high pitched and fem that drag queens have butcher voices.

  12. jimmyboyo says


    he actualy does LISP…..so sad….

    hunt up some of his old interviews on You tube…You will loose all respect for him being a man

  13. Ben says

    I think he’s one of the handsomest (and peaceful–do you ever hear him speak?) celebrities we have. I can’t wait to see what becomes of him over here.

    As for his wife, she’s just not pretty enough (by America’s standards of beauty). Her pig nose, that attitude and that sulky face are not going to cut it here in the states.

  14. Tyler says

    Posh and Becks are great…so looking forward to Becks first season here in LA…I think that he is super hot and I think she is very pretty…if you don’t like some media version of her that’s fine, but attacking her looks is kind of cheap

  15. says

    Are you fuckin’ kidding me about this? Usually I don’t bitch like a queen about anything Disney Parks does but this is just too over the top for me.

  16. Giovanni says

    “he actualy does LISP…..so sad….”

    Actually on the right dude a little lisp can be pretty sexy. Beckham used to take a lot of abuse from english soccer hooligans because of his pretty boy looks/likes which is something most ‘mos can relate to on some level.

    He’s probably going to get a lot of crap this side of the pond as well but personally I dig that he is a kick ass player AND a total fashion whore (Posh is just theater to me) but then I am a city boy who hasn’t been eaten by the bears so…

  17. John C says

    Yike! Is it really necessary to subject Annie Liebowitz to such ham-fisted Photoshop shading? If Disney is reading this, I’ll do the job next time for half the price. ūüėČ

  18. ggreen says

    ABC/Disney has been trying to buy influence in American politics and has been largely successful. Disney and its subsidiaries spent over one billion dollars from 1992 to the present to ensure that Mickey Mouse NEVER becomes a public domain character. The have spent lots more on influencing elections at Federal, State and local levels to ensure its continued profits.

  19. Je says

    Jimmy, why would we lose all respect for him as a man? Because he talks with a lisp (one which I don’t really hear, btw)?!? Lame.

  20. tc says

    when I was a boy in school…they all diagnosed me with having a speech impairment and on they sent me to speech therapy..they tortured me in that school!!….I had to learn how to put the tip of my tongue on the pallet of my mouth..ok what I’m getting at it…..I’m willing(volunteeer my time) to give lessons to Becks….except I’ll probably be sticking my tongue down his throat….I’ve never heard him speak & that’s probably the reason they don’t let him speak

  21. jimmyboyo says

    Becks WAS a kick ass player, he is coming to america as all the experts are saying because he is a little long in the tooth to compete anymore on the world market. Thus the turn to the american soccer market which is nothing compared to the rest of the world.

    Hey, on the lisp fem and SUPER high pitched voice of his….hey, shouldn’t be trying to make him a sex symbol. The moment his high pitched, nasaly, lispy, fem voice speaks…the illusion is broken.

    He is attractive for a blonde, I prefer dark haired guys, but the vopice ruins it all

  22. steve says

    I WANT TO SEX HIM!!!!!!!!

    all of you who are complaining about his voice are delusional.

    I don’t find his voice high pitched at all, i find it very peaceful…a little mumbly but that’s fine with me. I also LOVE his british accent

    He needs to leave Victoria and let me be his little woman cheering him on from the side lines.

  23. JT says

    David Beckham Contributes to Global Warming

    Scientists at North Dakota State University have discovered that the Greenland ice cap and portions of Glacier National Park are melting. They have traced the cause to David Beckham’s smile. His smile is also being blamed for lighting up the northern hemisphere.

  24. jimmyboyo says

    get over him already

    My goodness

    He isn’t that great anymore as a soccer player, there are many younger soccer players on the world stage much better than he.

    His voice is high pitched, nasaly, lispy, and fem which destroys the illusion created by PR people to make him a sex symbol

    Oh yeah, as a possible scientoligist (tom and katie are trying to convert there best friends) he will view all of us as deranged. Scientology sees us gays as a having a mental abnormality that they can cure.

    To lust after a guy who is best friends of a notorious scientologist who thinks we are all deranged, seen in public reading (there are tons of pics of him and vic) L. Ron Hubbard’s book (L. Ron said gays are all mentaly sick), and quite possibly a convert very soon to a wacky religion that thinks it can cure us makes all of you beckam lusters out to be foolish.

    Get over the now too old to compete in the world soccer market possible homophobe with the lispy high pitched voice.

  25. patrick says

    I thought Becks and Tom were an item and had the Mrs’ as hags for the media. God knows Katie and Vic wouldn’t be smart enough to catch on to that plot. There’s something rotten in Denmark….it just looks too good to be true. And what is with Scientologists fight against psychiatry? If anyone needs a good shrink it’s Tom Cruise! He acts much stranger than I ever do off my meds…which is pretty damn bad.

  26. Joe says

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    Thank you so much, he deserves to WIN!

  27. steve says

    OH HUSH jimmyboyo!!!!

    He is sexy

    and he is not going the scientologist route. He also likes gay people, he posed on the cover of a gay mens magazine and is best friends with Elton John so take that!!

  28. jimmyboyo says

    Steve, why do you hate yoursef?

    Tell vic to stope getting her picture taken in public while carrying around a Dianetics book.

    Oh I forgot, you always give the generic conservative view so that explains why you are a self hating gay guy who lusts after those who support the idea that we are ,mentaly deranged. L.Ron Hubbard taught that we had a mental sickness and Vic carries his book around in public alot.