Donatella Versace Gets Her ‘Priest Chic’ Direct from the Vatican


Donatella Versace says that Father “Gorgeous Georg” Gänswein, who serves as Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, is the inspiration behind the “priest chic” look of Versace’s fall collection, recently displayed on the runways in Milan. The press compares Gänswein, an amateur pilot, tennis instructor, and former ski instructor, to American movie stars because of his dashing looks, and some high-profile gay Italian TV stars claim that he is the Pope’s boyfriend.

“I was certainly inspired by him. I find his austerity very elegant. It is the right moment to show an ethical and spiritual man, free from all those pointless details. I also like Gregorian garb,” Versace told the Telegraph UK. She added that the “ideal man has biceps but ‘looks for his inside quality and trains it up, the muscles of the soul.'”

Yes, the Pope wears Prada, but his companion is more a Versace kind of guy.

Gorgeous Georg’s priestly chic inspires a new Versace show [telegraph uk]
Versace Fall 2007 Men’s collection []

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  1. says

    the versace brand was always cheap and desperado, and the cartoon sister has tailspun it to oblivion.
    perhaps this will be the juncture for the mafia backers to finally throw out the trash.

  2. Andrew says

    Who knows if he is queer or not?! He does seem to be very self-effacing. Supposedly he was gay ‘before’, and found the Church, and became an ex-gay.

    However, he still loves his expensive ‘free’ gay shoes.

  3. Andrew says

    To Derrick,

    You and I probably would not find the Pope to be a hot ass to pursue, however, he is one of the most powerful men in the world. In the very small circle that is the Vatican, to be next to him, or even have the ability to speak to him is a life altering experience. So to be his ‘concubine’ is a much heralded and wanted position (so to speak). It has been known for hundreds of years that celibacy amongst Priests only included women-not men.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Said Versace: “I was certainly inspired by him. I find his austerity very elegant. It is the right moment to show an ethical and spiritual man”

    I think Donatella has done one line of coke too many. Show me how anyone in the Vatican can have any ethics and I’ll show you the same in the Bush White House. Her brother must be rolling in his grave.

  5. resurrect says

    swish! looks like the new look is long on the maxi w/ a smart cumberbund sashshayed across the mid-riff. A.J. – you nailed it. a total virgin/whore complex peeks once again at the runway. you can’t dress that tramp up no mo’, Miss Donna-tell-ah!

  6. JOE 2 says

    Hey, let’s dress like hypocritical, child-molesting, self-loathing, homophobic, misogynistic, materialistic fucktards! Yeah! What a FANTASTIC idea. I’m there!

    Do another line and have another operation, DONATELLA.