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Donnie Davies: Has Bobby Conn Pulled a Con?


Blog Good As You may have uncovered the man behind the "ex-gay" 'The Bible Says' video. One of the bands listed on the LoveGodsWay.org site as a "gay band" is Bobby Conn. Their website features the above photo of a band called The Glass Gypsies, featuring a man who looks very much like Donnie Davies.

Dan Savage at Slog did some further investigation and discovered that blog Newspeak found a review revealing the Glass Gypsies to be a band that does political satire. Savage also discovered some suspicious videos.

I think those that voted "The Bible Says" video an elaborate ruse may have something.

"Ex-Gay" Donnie Davies Speaks about "The Bible Says" Video [tr]
A Special Message from a Self-Loathing Closet Case [tr]

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  1. "Cards" are for poker. People can't help how they are raised and if someone is evangelical Christian by background and they see this it only brings up pain and anguish for them. If you are not Christian or moved beyond your pain or never felt pain from religious castigators don't hate on those who haven't found a way to create their own happiness. It is indeed a process, sometimes life long.

    Posted by: Chatterly's Lover | Jan 28, 2007 2:23:56 PM

  2. Mathew, is it redundant or redundent?

    Posted by: Alden Figg | Jan 28, 2007 11:08:11 PM

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