Dreamgirls, Ugly Betty, Babel, Among Winners at Golden Globes

But by far my favorite moment of last night’s Golden Globes was Sacha Baron Cohen‘s acceptance speech for Borat, referencing perhaps the most repulsively hilarious scene of the year:

Borat_1“This movie was a life-changing experience. I saw some amazing, beautiful, invigorating parts of America but I saw some dark parts of America, an ugly side of America, a side of America that rarely sees the light of day. I refer ofcourse to the anus and testicles of my co-star Ken Davitian. Ken, when I was in that scene and I stared down and saw your two wrinkled golden globes on my chin, I thought to myself, ‘I’d better win a bloody award for this.’ And then, when my 300 pound co-star decided to sit on my face and squeeze the oxygen from my lungs, I was faced with a choice death or to breathe in the air that had been trapped in a small pocket between his buttocks for 30 years. Kenneth, if it was not for that rancid bubble, I would not be here today.”

Well-deserved nods for Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty. It was also great to see newcomers Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera win. The full winner list can be found here

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  1. burnssuit says

    When have the Golden Globes not been a total joke? There are some pretty worthless nominations in there for movies that were supposed to be well-received but turned out to be crap (ie Bobby). The HFP tries to predict what will be popular at the time of the awards – there’s some great criteria.
    That said, Sacha Baron Cohen cleans up real nice. Wearing a suit instead of a crotch sling can work wonders.

  2. says

    I used to fawn over Sacha as Ali G, but he looks pretty cute there as well. I’m glad he won. It was a good performance and seeing that The Academy rarely awards comedic turns, it’s nice to see him rewarded for it. I don’t get the “Ugly Betty” win, however. That show should win for being terrible yet irresistable. That is, if “Desperate Housewives” doesn’t win that instead. Good to see America and Jennifer win. Eddie as well. As long as he’s been in business, he’s actually never really been rewarded. Despite the fact most every black comedian now rips off his schtick. Too bad for Beyonce though, but I’m sure she knew she wasn’t going to win.

  3. says

    One wonders if Maria Menounous wasn’t a bit jealous of America winning and wanted to put her back in her place with ignoring her first and then such nasty questions. After all she’s allways seemed a bit like a mean girl keeping the minions in their place…I hope they can her for the downer moment in the golden globes…

  4. hoya86 says

    Overall, the show was a bit boring (shocker! I know!). The Warren Beatty acceptance speech was just awful, he looked befuddled and incapable of complete thoughts and sentences.

    Glad Eddie Murphy was recognized, however, was a bit surprised by his very subdued acceptance speech. Did not expect a repeat of Jamie Foxx’s preacher routine from his “Ray” run, but a little more enthusiasm would have been nice.

    Can’t understand all the buzz and praise for Grey’s Anatomy. For me, that show, like Desperate Housewives, is virtually unwatchable.

    Good for Kyra, America, Jennifer, Sacha and the Babel director and producer team.

  5. Leonard says

    Thought Sasha’s speach was tastelessly dull. He didn’t shock as much as disgust.If he had been in character it would have been well-received in the “gross out” manner it was meant to be. Instead, it made Sasha come across as the asshole he was talking about.

    Brad Pitt was super handsome last night. His bitch looked angry. As if to say that she rather be off buying a baby in some 3rd world counry than wearing $6,432.23 dresses. That all said, The dude from “Thank you for smoking” is by far the handsomest actor working in movies today. Smoking doesn’t come close to what he looks like. Don’t know why he isn’t a bigger star. Certainly has the mega-watt looks and talent to go the distance. Maybe that’s his focus, going the distance. Not getting caught up in the bullshit of “Sexiest Man Alive.”

    As for that awkward Maria vs. America moment, what more can be said. True Mean Girls moment with the pretty girl actually going after the less attractive girl on TV. Such mean-spirited questions. Can only say that America was beautifully composed and shows her talent for being truly beautiful.

    Finally, did anyone else sense Tom Hanks obnoxious “elder statesmen” stance. He went from being a sweet, star struck actor to a snide, insuferable jerk in the course of only a few short years. After that last movie of his he should be begging for invites to anything.

    P.S.- Warren Beatty receiving any type of reward was a joke. He is a joke. He made two, maybe three good movies. Big deal. He looked old, somewhat drunk and in need of explaining why he hasn’t been in movies lately. The reason is: who wants to see a Warren Beatty movie? Answer: No one.

    That’s all

  6. Charlie says

    Did Forest Whitaker have a mild stroke in the middle of his acceptance speech? Or am the only person in the world that didn’t realize that he’s “mentally challenged”? What a bizarre moment.

  7. J.C. says

    Oh, lay off Forest Whitaker. He’s extremely shy and soft-spoken in real life and not particularly eloquent. I’d rather see a stumbling, emotional speech than another dutiful recital of the names of lawyers and studio executives.

  8. LightningLad says

    Baron Cohen’s acceptance speech was tasteless, although only less so than Tom Hanks’ “balls” speech introducing Warren Beatty’s achievement award.

    Thankfully, Helen Mirren’s and America Ferrara’s acceptance speeches classed the night up.

  9. peterparker says


    I have a clue for your question about why Aaron Eckhart isn’t doing more roles in Hollywood (and, by the way, I enjoy looking at him too!). Mr. Eckhart works out in the same gym I do. I’m told by my trainer that he’s an absolute insufferable jerk and a pompous asshole to boot. According to my trainer, whenever he enters the gym the staff knows it’s going to be a difficult day because he will not only be totally demanding but he’ll also take every opportunity available to condescend to the staff. I can only imagine he carries that persona everywhere he goes. That sort of attitude won’t win you any friends in Hollywood…or anywhere else for that matter.


  10. says

    sasha’s asshole speech was just that.

    JLo’s still trying to rock the jacqueline susann thing… she’s toast.
    and her skivvy husband looks like he shared the same trailer with the arquettes.
    meanwhile, was vanessa williams channeling chaka khan ??
    queen helen (I+II) is a royal snore, beyonce got dethroned, and brad/angelina ruled !!

  11. Brad says

    Peter Parker-

    I find it funny that someone going to a gym should be able to hold that gym “hostage” while he is on site. Seems a bit much to me. My guess is that your friend’s friend’s friend who happens to know a gym trainer who knows another gym trainer at a gym where his other trainer friend works tried to pick up Mr. Eckard and was told to bugger off. That seems more plausable.

  12. el polacko says

    my my .. who are all these prissy commenters who were horrified by cohen’s little scatological story ? it had the well-lubricated party-goers in stitches and brought the proceedings back to life after beatty’s mind-numbing comments had brought the show to a seemingly endless stall. what the heck does annette bening see in him ?
    gotta love the comments here about stupid americans though since it was the stupid europeans who did the voting… wa wa wee wah !

  13. Brucie says

    Aaron Eckhart is the only person I’ve ever heard seriously say “Don’t you know who I am?” When he was refused star treatment at a restaurant here in LA.

  14. JOE 2 says

    Re Warren Beatty: A friend who is a flight attendant reported that she worked a flight graced with Warren and Annette as passengers, and that Warren wore dark glasses and farted loudly, odoriferously, and unapologetically for the duration of the trip.

  15. Da says

    I didn’t think Meryl’s acceptance speech was anything different than all the others “I can’t believe they made me win again! therefore I’m gonna act like I’ve gone cukoo so all of these other witches won’t resent me forever for it!” speeches she’s given in the past. It was alright :)

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