“Ex-Gay” Donnie Davies Unmasked as Actor Joey Oglesby

JoeyoglesbyMore developments in the tale of purported “ex-gay” Donnie Davies, whose “God hates a f*g” video sent folks on a quest to discover his true identity. Late Friday, another video from Davies showed up (below) in which he claims he’s being attacked for being overweight.

And although it appears he’s denying the charge, Donnie Davies was unmasked on Saturday as actor Joey Oglesby. One of blogger JoeMyGod’s readers alerted him to the comedian who is the spitting image of Pastor Donnie Davies.

According to his resume, “Joey Oglesby recently appeared in a production of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical. Joey Oglesby is a former member of the Chicken & Pickle Guys sketch comedy duo.”

Oglesby denies he’s Davies, according to Joe.

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  1. says

    What still puzzles me though, is how in the so called ‘land of the free’ the video was removed from all the major video sites. Yet the real godhatesfags.com lot have many of the videos online and untouched byt eh hand of YouTubian justice. Very suspect behavior of you ask me.

  2. sean says

    what’s the point of all this? a hoax, a spoof, whatever. the point is this guy is making a name for himself on the backs of gays everywhere. we are well aware that discrimination is alive and well in this country starting with our executive. the point is to ferret it out of the dark crevices of our society and expose it into the light for the ugliness that it is. i have a sense of humor as much as the next guy. this is not funny at all.

  3. Nikko says

    Exactly, Sean. It was obscene and for what purpose? The actor, if that’s what he really is, just added more hate fuel to the anti-gay fire. Completely revolting, regardless of intent, cause frankly, I don’t get it, nor is it funny.

  4. Bob Stoller says

    satire: noun: witty language used to convey insults or scorn (Example: “Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own–Johathan Swift”).
    parody: noun: humorous or satirical mimicry.

  5. says

    Thanks so much for the support, everybody. I tell you what, mysterious electronic attacks, phone calls from untracable numbers that claim to be the U.S. Postal Service offering to deliver lost packages and an enormous amount of hate mail is enough to make any Minister shrink from God’s mission. But I tell you friends, we cant let ourselves be intimidated by the influence of a few well placed psychopaths. Liberty is the foundation of this Nation Under God and the people have the right to chose their own messages and have the right to read them as well.

    Some people might think this is some kind of this is some kind of organized conspiracy against the message of the Westboro Baptist Church. I didn’t realize when I wrote my song that it might compete with their message. I mean, I was utterly clueless to that. Now that the DJs keep asking me about it I had to think about it and I think people in America have a right to chose their own message. Thats not the same thing as censorship. No one has a right to utterly control what you see, what you hear and what you think. Thats fundamentally anti-American and you should fight it with a resolve that strikes to the very core of your being even if it risks everything you have, otherwise America risks losing everything it is and should be.

    First MySpace deleted my account and now they have deleted the account of our band. First they censored me and now they’ve censored people I’m connected to. If you are a MySpace user, dont allow this. Every one of you who believes in the Freedom of Expression, whether you like our song or not, needs to step up to bat. This is the time. Now.

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