German Chopped Up in Egypt After Refusing to Pay for Gay Sex

CairoAn Egyptian pharmaceutical company employee confessed to murdering and chopping up a German drama teacher after he allegedly refused to pay the man for sex.

Mustapha Maher left the remains of the teacher, an expat instructing drama students in Cairo, in a suitcase on a rocky plateau overlooking Cairo.

“Police were able to identify the victim and the alleged perpetrator because the dead man, who taught at a German school in Cairo, had been packed into the case along with his cellphone.”


  1. Andrew says

    Andy, even though these issues are VERY relevant-why be so exact? This happens every day-and I appreciate you for bringing our attention to it. However, no need for the graphic pose.

  2. Bart says

    Andrew, I find your fear of the graphic-ness of the discussion puzzling. It is the truth after all, and its better that people know the truth than being ignorant of consequences.

    Its like eating a steak – you should know that the cow got slaughtered in a gruesome way. Makes you appreciate what goes into your daily life and factor them into your decision (i.e. be a vegetarian, or eat less beef, or eat it with understanding that you’ve killed something in the process).

  3. rich says

    Andy, PLEASE DON”T LIGHTEN UP. It does us NO good to hide our heads in the sand. Please keep it up. Your blog is a service to the entire community. Thank you!!!!

  4. rudy says

    Bart, It is highly unlikely that you or most people have ever eaten a steak cut from a cow, unless you are a dairy farmer that butchered one of your old milking cows. Steaks in the U.S. and most other Western countries are cut from steers (neutered bulls) not from cows. Moreover, your characteriztion of modern butchering methods as “gruesome” is a subjective judgment. Beef cattle are killed almost instantaneously because it is in the processing plants economic interest to do so, otherwise the quality of the meat is compromised. Choose to become a vegetarian for whatever reason appeals to you but do not continue to spread inaccuracies, if not downright lies. Such nonsense and proaganda are spread by silly little PETA people who care more about animals than people.

  5. Jonathon says

    How very brutal and sad… but Andy, thanks for telling us about this.

    I don’t buy the “I killed him because he wouldn’t pay me for sex” argument impossible to believe. More likely it is that Maher is mentally ill – and then compound that with Arab/Muslim social view on homosexuality. Would it even be possible to prove that Maher and his victim actually had sex?

    One wonders how/if Maher will be punished. Will he be punished more for the murder or for allegedly having gay sex?

  6. Bart says

    Rudy: A couple of things…
    1) You are just mincing words re: cow.
    2) I am with someone who was raised on a farm with beef cattles, so I am rather familiar with the slaughtering process.
    3) I eat beef every other day and not a vegetarian and definitely NOT a PETA supporter.
    4)I am merely pointing out a point that Andrew was being a bit of a whimp by shying away from facts, like if you travel to Egypt, you probably should abstain from activities that you would regret. Or the fact eating meat from any source will result in killing something.

    I am making the point that American public is unwilling to face up to truths that are uncomfortable, and that fact is largely reflected by the kid-glove media portrayals of news.

  7. mark says

    this is a joke right? complaints about graphic?

    what was graphic? the words “Chopped Up”?

    Seen the ads for SawIII, Zodiac, Black Dahlia, etc?

    What’s amazing is how stupid the guy is – chops him up to (apparently) hide the crime, then puts him (well, the pieces of him) all together in a suitcase WITH his cell phone!!!

    That’s dumb! Spread the wealth and ditch the phone elsewhere!

  8. hadassah says

    What we westeners view as a shakedown or “prostitution” was quite probably a “baksheesh” request that was spurned. The man felt insulted and, as is common in that culture, performed an “honor killing”.

    Too bad the deceased didn’t understand that fucked up mentality.

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