Paul Rudd’s Man Crush Revealed

RuddActor Paul Rudd tells Brandon Voss in The Advocate that while he played Cher’s stepbrother in Clueless, the role he really wanted was that of “friend of Dorothy” Christian. Said Rudd: “…I think I was too old. That was my favorite part in the movie, because I thought it was so cool that there was this really cool character who was completely into all the Rat Pack–type stuff and is gay, but it wasn’t really a big thing. At that point that was something you didn’t really see.”

Rudd also reveals he’s something of a Bear man, at least in the “man-crush” sense: “I have so many [man-crushes]! Like Zach Galifianakis (far right). In fact, my wife always says that I have the biggest crush on him. He’s a comic who usually has this big beard, but he’s so freakin’ funny…I like depth. Anyone can just jump in the sack with Colin Farrell, but you spend your life with Zach Galifianakis.”

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  1. jeff says

    take this with a grain of salt, but I’ve been told by numerous folks both here in LA and in NYC that Paul’s been liking the boys for quite a while…… like always.

  2. Martin says

    yeah, I heard Paul was gay too. but it seems like there is a story on EVERY celebrity. But that pic of him in bed in Rolling Stone was so hot, I tore it out….now I can gaze at his hot hairy body whenever I want.

  3. Scott says

    He’s sexy. If he’s gay, great. If he’s straight, fine. If he chooses to keep his personal life private, bravo. Why does everyone in hollywood have to declare their sexuality? Does everyone have to declare their political party? It’s nobody’s business except the person who’s sucking your cock, even then I might not choose to share, unless he’s a truly gifted cock sucker.

  4. Joseph says

    Not only did he play gay in “The Object of My Affection,” he subsequently appeared (scantily clad) for “Affection” director (and openly gay) Nicholas Hytner in a Shakespeare play. So, that, and the fact that he’s utterly adorable, moved those gay rumors.

    I wish! But, as long as he’s totally cool–as this interview indicates–and I know that he’s on our side, I’m fine with that.

  5. Br!on says

    Regular client of mine at the store and was the sweetest person I dealt with. He always was up for chatter whether about a movie I had seen with him in it, or indie rock. Charming beyond the level of most non celebrity people you meet on a daily basis.

    He told me great stories about being on the Friends set that would blow my mind and his actually. The level of wealth and so forth.

    Radical human.

  6. says

    I just don’t get the appeal of “bears”. They’re just guys who are fat, hairy, and don’t feel like doing anything about it. That’s not the epitome of masculinity(what is?), that’s just guys who are fat, hairy, and too lazy to do something about it. Yucky!

  7. Damon2 says

    Well Fan

    It beats aneroxic androgenous tweaking clubbers or beautiful gay “straight acting” jocks who for some strange reason can’t get an ltr partner even if it killed them if they didn’t.

    Both of which are even more adored by the “gay community” than bears.

  8. marc says

    tell it like it is damon! too skinny, too tweaked, or too “roided and ripped” seems to be the only way you can be with the beautiful gay men it seems, normal, regular guys not wanted! i for one have never even heard of paul rudd, and just don’t see where the “hot” fits into the equation! just another cocky straight guy, who will play with his gay fans.


  9. jacknasty says

    What a stupid thing to say for attention. Like any actor would turn down the romantic lead in a film to play a one-note character who only had about 5 lines. I liked Cher’s shopping buddy as much as the next guy, but come on nobody would have prefered that role over Paul’s.

  10. jmg says

    I am no body fascist, but there is something to be said for the viewpoint that the bear scene is just an elaborate support group for people who don’t want to lose weight.

  11. anon says

    While to a certain extent bears need to be careful with their health, it’s obvious a lot of guys like the look, so for every lock there’s a key, or something.

  12. Da says

    I vaguely have an idea of who he is..

    But I like how the Advocate interviews have turned into the official “gay confessional” for the hetero actors! can make for a few corky confessions :)

    Next step: Celine Dion confessing to engaging in shoe fetish fantasies with none other than diva rival Mariah Carey.

  13. sam says

    “I am no body fascist, but there is something to be said for the viewpoint that the bear scene is just an elaborate support group for people who don’t want to lose weight.”

    No, there’s is no point, and yes, you are a body fascist. It amazes me all the gay men out there on roids, on tina, and in the gym all day long being looked at as role models…If someone is comfortable with there weight, then more power to them. You don’t have to like it. Still, work out non-stop so you can attend circuit parties on weekends and get fucked bareback by an endless stream of guys, and your on a magazine cover!

  14. RP says

    You’re not alone Ninja.

    I’m a fan of Zach Galifianakis, too… even if he does look like fat Jesus. <– and before anyone jumps on me for that, watch his act.

    By-the-way, he’ll be on the Sarah Silverman Show next week (Feb. 8th).

  15. biatchhh says

    its funny that sme gay men are shutting down men liking bears i say to each his own and dont even try to tell me that justifying skinny anorexic guys that dismiss the regular guys is right because thats just plain wrong. I feel thats just being vain and stupid then i wonder why a lot of gay anorexic guys end up alone in life. you were too damn picky .

  16. says

    “If someone is comfortable with there weight, then more power to them.”

    They won’t have the power to do much if their health is put at risk by their weight. Fat is not a good thing, not aesthecally(to most people anyways) and not health-wise. People need to stop with this “fat pride, big is beautiful” shit.

  17. parker says

    And thank you, ‘fangirlhater’ for proving yet, once again, that we in the gay community are not happy unless we are tearing someone else down. Personally, I enjoy men who look more on the bear side as opposed ot the little boy twinks and adrogynous queens so prevalent here in Los Angeles. But, as my momma said: “Looks are subjective.” Sounds like someone’s jealous of the attention he thinks he deserves….Bitter, party of one!

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