Sheffield, England Man Beaten in Homophobic Attack

Sadly, another report from Britain about a disturbing gay bashing…

KevinfaulknerAccording to Sheffield Today, Kevin Faulkner, a shop assistant in Sheffield, England sustained facial and head injuries after a gang attacked him. Faulkner was drinking at a pub with a female colleague when, upon leaving, he noted a “group of youths” being discourteous to the staff. Faulkner exchanged words with the group over their behavior, and the group followed him out of the pub:

“I am in a lot of pain and quite shaken up by it all. It was an unprovoked attack…There was a group of youths in there, about five or six of them, all in their late teens or early 20s. They were being really rude to the staff so I told them a ‘please’ wouldn’t go amiss. They seemed fine with it and we left to get a taxi. Then we saw some of them come running down the street and one of them came up and started asking if I was gay. He kept saying it over and over again. When I said ‘Yes’ one of them punched me in the face and pushed me over. He kicked me up against the wall and at least three of them started kicking me. The next thing I can remember is being inside the ambulance…I was in a good mood and I wasn’t being aggressive. There were lots of people around at the time but nobody did anything to stop it. If anyone saw what happened I would urge them to come forward.”

Three men were arrested in the attack, and released on bail pending further investigation, according to the South Yorkshire Police: “We are treating this very seriously and a full investigation is underway into this nasty assault, which appears to have a homophobic element.”

News also came out today regarding an incident from 2004. Jamie Pearce, a British builder, was sentenced to three years and six months for beating a gay man on a Brighton beach that summer. Pearce saw the man kissing his boyfriend, approached him and said “You don’t do this kind of stuff here, you faggot,” and then proceeded to stomp on the man’s head and face, according to The Argus. Though he was given a sentence, the paper says Pearce is likely to be released right away as he has been in police custody on remand since February 2005.

Gang of youths attack gay man [sheffield today]
Gay kiss sparked attack by builder [the argus]

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  1. Jack! says

    I’m not surprised it happened again in England. In a recent survey only 1/3 of Londoners believed gay people deserved equal rights.

    It’s because of Muslims and African immigrants that this type of violence is occuring. They never say what the attackers are but they are always Muslims or African immigrants (in England). And native England residents particularly young males take on their aggressive attitude in order to feel powerful at an age when they don’t feel powerful.

    Something needs to be done to curtail immigration. These immigrants are disrepectful and completely run amok.

  2. says

    I have just returned from the UK (my home country). I didn’t notice any homophobia, and this is coming from an Oxford-born, Buckinghamshire-raised guy that was bashed when I was young and scared to death about coming out.

    Now, years later, my Aunt Millicent has just celebrated her 20th year together with her spouse Ann, my cousin Phillip just married his partner Mark, and even my cousin Stephen has come out in my small hometown. There is a lot more tolerance, even in the Midlands.

    HOWEVER…that being said there has been a dramatic rise in violent attacks against all sorts of people, regardless of their orientation, race, or creed, by ASBO yobs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders) that are emboldened by the fact that if you try to defend yourself they can subsequently press charges for assault on a minor. There are many ‘Vicki Pollards’ and their sort running rampant in many parts of the UK.

    From Kevin’s own testimony I would tend to believe that this gang was most likely looking for a fight, and his sexuality was just an additional excuse for them to throw down their attacks against him. Everything is not as rosy back home as one would hope.

  3. jmg says

    Although I love Europe and have lots of friends in England, let these incidents give us pause when we rush to praise Europe for being so “progressive.”

  4. moto says

    Well I live in Sheffield at the moment and I am gay. I haven’t come across any homophobic behaviour but I have to admit that the Wellington Street area is a bit rough, I have to walk past it every day to get home so I know what I am talking about.

    I hope this poor fellow will feel better soon!

    By the way “Jacki” : “It’s because of Muslims and African immigrants that this type of violence is occuring.”

    Thank god that you are not prejudiced!

  5. moto says

    Well I live in Sheffield at the moment and I am gay. I haven’t come across any homophobic behaviour but I have to admit that the Wellington Street area is a bit rough, I have to walk past it every day to get home so I know what I am talking about.

    I hope this poor fellow will feel better soon!

    By the way “Jacki” : “It’s because of Muslims and African immigrants that this type of violence is occuring.”

    Thank god that you are not prejudiced!

  6. Joe T. says

    Moto : I wouldn’t call Jack “prejudiced”. That word, of course, means pre-judge, and maybe he’s not prejudging at all but stating a fact that the latest homophobic assaults in the UK have been committed largely by those immigrants. (Maybe somebody else here can verify that, or otherwise?)

  7. says

    I also happen to be gay and live in Sheffield, I know Moto. Being British I might actually have a bit of insight into the matter, something I am sure that Jack and Joe.T are not (this is not to silence their comment but to just state that they maybe ignorant on aspects of British life). You see, if they were, the first thing that would have come to mind is ‘Chavs’. Chavs are basically your underclass, they tend to be white and British, badly educated and responsible for a great deal of general thuggery. That may also be a prejudge and with out all the facts, it is. But given the reported nature of the assaults, it would be logical.

    Jack is being prejudice, and Joe.T. there is no evidence, unless prejudice is evidence? In the UK it is not. That is not to say that homophobias, like gays and lesbians, dont come from different racial and religious backgrounds, it is more likely to be poverty than ethnicity if you are looking for any connection.

    While religiously based prejudice and homophobia does exist in the UK, we have a long way to catch up with say Iran or the USA.

  8. Jack! says

    I read reports everyday about gay issues and I know for a fact that African and Muslim immigrants are anti-gay in England and across much of Europe. Where they come from being gay is the ultimate act of evil. They don’t leave it in their home countries instead they bring it with them.

  9. Joe T. says

    Jack: Yes, it’s not politically correct to mention it but those immigrants are ferociously homophobic and they do bring their attitudes with them because we’ve seen it in every country in Europe. Both Jack and Evil European: re. this case, and last week’s case, still no one is saying who, precisely, committed this homophobic attack in question. Were they these “chavs” or were they African or Muslim immigrants? Do we have any news photos of the attackers?

  10. Joe T. says

    P.S. to Jack: I’ve also never been able to find out a good description of the guys who killed Martin Salinas outside that gay club in Manchester (he was, if you recall, the Texas man visiting the UK who was beaten in 2003 and died from his injuries in ’06). they could, of course, have been Caucasian, but if you really want to catch someone it should be mentioned.

  11. says

    Whoah, Jack, you read about incedents, you must know SO much more about Briton, British culture, gay life in Britian and what Sheffield is like than me.
    You ventured an opinion, one that, from my experince of being gay in Britian and living in Sheffield (though I am not from Sheffield, I am just a student here) felt ‘informed’ to challenge. Maybe I am wrong….but based on my experince of being in the UK, this, and the other attack sound ‘chav’ related. I might be wrong, but until they are caught, we wont know.

    Jack and Joe, I cant also help to think that you are trying to interpret these attacks through a particular understanding of these issue in your home country…I am guessing you are American? We tend to less hung up (not totally free of prejudice) about race. Race is far less a factor on whom you know and hang out with…poverty is a more defining factor. We dont have the same issue of ghettos and gang lands as the USA does (that does not mean we dont have dangerous places, but the issues are different). People tend to have more interaction with each other when crammed on a small island of 601 million people. Even if you dont agree with someones beliefs values etc, you tend to just let people get on with it. Not so much acceptance as tolerance.

    I guess I am guilty of my own prejudice (though my own prejudice also makes me think displacement is going on…”America is not hat bad…see they have gay bashing in the UK”). I tend to think gay people are more open minded and less prejudical on such issues, given the prejudice gay people face (poofs, wimps, diseased, immoral etc). My close friends are gay, straight, black, Asian, white, muslim, Shik, Buddist, Hindu, Jewish, born-again Chrisitan…whatever, and in all cases, people have accepted me for who I am, as I have accepted the. I have never faced one incedence of homophobia in my life (maybe I am lucky).
    That does not mean I cant acknowledge homophobia, it exists, you onlt have to look at Pamshouse to see the vile spew that comes forth mostly from white, male middle class Christians. That does not mean all white male middle class chritians are homophobic. Take people for who they are not what they are. Challenge your own prejudice Jack.
    It may not be ‘poltically correct’, but its the only way to make things better.

  12. Joe T. says

    Evil European: (I’m American, yes, in NYC)You are certainly welcome to your own life philosophy. But still no one has given me any hard facts. I’d still like to know if the Sheffield queer-bashers were Caucasian or Muslim or African immigrants. You might see it as insignificant, but I see such data as relevant as what race/nationality/religion the London subway bombers were. Also, I’m not convinced your ideas on race/poverty/gays etc represent every person in the U.K. I know several Englishmen well, and they seem to be a varied lot (some very liberal, and others so hardcore right-wing anti-foreigner that they shock even me).