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Sportrait: Ellis Hobbs


The New England Patriots cornerback pulls off his best Marky Mark look for New England nightlife guide Stuff@Night.

"Probably [the best compliment I've ever received is] when somebody bumps into me or grabs me to get my attention and they realize how solid I am. It's funny because they don't expect it...My best body part is where my torso and legs meet. My brother says that it looks like you can take my legs off like a doll, but I like it because of the definition."

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  1. Yet another "dumb as a bag of rocks" sports figures discusses his plan for world peace.

    His body isn't as hot as Mary Mark's. Prefer the rip vs. the roid bloat his shows.

    Posted by: John | Jan 26, 2007 1:30:48 PM

  2. John, he's got a football player build and last time I checked, guys on roids are the ones who are suspiciously cut up.

    Posted by: HUGO | Jan 26, 2007 1:57:41 PM

  3. Well, since he's deconstructing himself - Nice eyes, great mouth, hot-ish bod (he seems short?) but I'm a Will Demps or Chris Leak kind of guy.

    Posted by: Giovanni | Jan 26, 2007 2:02:06 PM

  4. Eeew. I agree with John. When someone is going to shamelessly compliment themselves they'd better have the goods to back it up. For a professional athlete I would say that's a fairly average body. He's no L.L.


    Posted by: jack | Jan 26, 2007 2:08:44 PM

  5. I think he's gorge, like. And I reckon he knows it too but even so he's some nasty pouting slapper with a face that could sour milk.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Jan 26, 2007 2:50:49 PM

  6. he's not, that is

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Jan 26, 2007 2:57:02 PM

  7. ...his brother has comments on where his TORSO and his LEGS meet...?

    NOTHING GAY, WHATSOEVER about that comment. Nope.

    Posted by: Rad | Jan 26, 2007 3:00:46 PM

  8. Well, whatever, I'd get on my knees for him!!!

    Posted by: Kermit | Jan 26, 2007 3:33:27 PM

  9. Ya, what he said.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Jan 26, 2007 4:03:36 PM

  10. Holy crow! I thought I had clicked on to the wrong site!!
    Though IMHO he ain't the cutest toy in the toybox, I want to thank Andy for giving us some truly diverse beekcake! Hallelujah!

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Jan 26, 2007 4:03:49 PM

  11. He may not be the cutest toy in the toy box, but i'll play with him. Thanks for this one.

    Posted by: Sean | Jan 26, 2007 4:31:57 PM

  12. Not quite as hot, in my opinion, as Gabe Kapler of the Red Sox, on the front cover of the magazine: http://stuffatnight.com/

    Posted by: Boston | Jan 26, 2007 4:40:22 PM

  13. The guy's hot, end of discussion. Anyone trying to argue to the contrary is just plain jealous...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Jan 26, 2007 5:03:22 PM

  14. Thanks for increasing the diversity of Sportraits.....I also thought that Chris Leak deserved one. This'll do, tho.....

    Posted by: Chris | Jan 26, 2007 5:10:33 PM

  15. Whatever. I'd suck it. :-)

    Posted by: Brian | Jan 26, 2007 5:59:43 PM

  16. There are non-white athletes? who'd have thunk? ;>

    Posted by: mw | Jan 26, 2007 6:03:10 PM

  17. Oh yea...I'd hit it. A Chris Leak Sportrait wouldn't be unwelcome, too ;-)

    Posted by: Je | Jan 26, 2007 8:51:12 PM

  18. He has a nice gentle stare, yet masculine body. I think that's hot.

    Posted by: Da | Jan 26, 2007 9:19:46 PM

  19. Thank goodness I'm a black man who's not color-stuck... Thank Goodness I see the hotness in all shades of men... what purpose are the back-handed slights against this man? He's hot, I'd hit it...good enough. And GREAT for you, Andy, for recognizing talent. Stupid queens will never learn. Correction: stupid, lonely queens.

    Posted by: CaliNexus | Jan 27, 2007 11:09:38 AM

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