Sportrait: Ellis Hobbs


The New England Patriots cornerback pulls off his best Marky Mark look for New England nightlife guide Stuff@Night.

“Probably [the best compliment I’ve ever received is] when somebody bumps into me or grabs me to get my attention and they realize how solid I am. It’s funny because they don’t expect it…My best body part is where my torso and legs meet. My brother says that it looks like you can take my legs off like a doll, but I like it because of the definition.”

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  1. John says

    Yet another “dumb as a bag of rocks” sports figures discusses his plan for world peace.

    His body isn’t as hot as Mary Mark’s. Prefer the rip vs. the roid bloat his shows.

  2. HUGO says

    John, he’s got a football player build and last time I checked, guys on roids are the ones who are suspiciously cut up.

  3. Giovanni says

    Well, since he’s deconstructing himself – Nice eyes, great mouth, hot-ish bod (he seems short?) but I’m a Will Demps or Chris Leak kind of guy.

  4. jack says

    Eeew. I agree with John. When someone is going to shamelessly compliment themselves they’d better have the goods to back it up. For a professional athlete I would say that’s a fairly average body. He’s no L.L.


  5. says

    I think he’s gorge, like. And I reckon he knows it too but even so he’s some nasty pouting slapper with a face that could sour milk.

  6. Rad says

    …his brother has comments on where his TORSO and his LEGS meet…?

    NOTHING GAY, WHATSOEVER about that comment. Nope.

  7. soulbrotha says

    Holy crow! I thought I had clicked on to the wrong site!!
    Though IMHO he ain’t the cutest toy in the toybox, I want to thank Andy for giving us some truly diverse beekcake! Hallelujah!

  8. Robert In WeHo says

    The guy’s hot, end of discussion. Anyone trying to argue to the contrary is just plain jealous…

  9. Chris says

    Thanks for increasing the diversity of Sportraits…..I also thought that Chris Leak deserved one. This’ll do, tho…..

  10. CaliNexus says

    Thank goodness I’m a black man who’s not color-stuck… Thank Goodness I see the hotness in all shades of men… what purpose are the back-handed slights against this man? He’s hot, I’d hit it…good enough. And GREAT for you, Andy, for recognizing talent. Stupid queens will never learn. Correction: stupid, lonely queens.