T.R. Knight to leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Believe it when you see it, but MSNBC’s Jeanette Walls is reporting that T.R. Knight may be leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

TrisaiahAccording to Walls’ source, Knight “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled” that he’s ready to go. “He was told not to say anything about the whole incident. He kept his word, but then the whole thing blew up again at the Golden Globes, and when he was asked about it, he basically called Isaiah a liar. He feels that the atmosphere there is so toxic and unhealthy. I suppose things could change and we would stay, but for now, he’s planning to leave the show.”

After refusing to comment on the rumor, Knight’s rep called Walls to say the story was “completely, one thousand percent false.”

What a shame it would be to see Knight leave the show when it’s Washington who should be shown the door.

Below, actress Chandra Wilson and the cast of Grey’s note Washington’s absence as they accept trophies over the weekend at the Screen Actors Guild awards.

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  1. noah says

    ABC needs a new PR team. How the hell can you explain “rehab” for being a bigot? Stupid, condescending move…

    That said, it would be nice if the gay community showed equal outrage over the vile racism presented by “Shirley Q. Liquor.” That minstrel act is as 1000 times as offensive as any thing said or done by Washington put there’s no massive outrage. This makes it seem that there’s a double standard. (And please, who the hell cares what RuPaul thinks. He is not the speaker for all gay men of color.)

  2. Bobby says

    Good riddance, he is a awful actor, and those “romantic” scenes with women are just painful to watch, not at all real.

    Maybe they should just get rid of the whole show since he’s just too sensitve to deal with the real world, which contains homophobic people, and even Glaad won’t be able to change whats in the hearts of the majority of the world with their threats and blowhard rethoric. TR is a wee bit of a drama queen it seems who really needs a clue.

  3. Gregoire says

    I love what Chandra Wilson said in her Best Actress speech — “It’s all about those 10 people over there in my cast … and that other one in rehab.”

  4. noah says


    I disagree. Knight has been very effective in his role as George O’Malley. His relationships with women have been realistic. O’Malley is a shy, nerdy guy who’s never had much luck with women. He’s finally breaking out of his shell. Knight has done a great job of growing the character.

    I think it’s sad when gay folks start knocking an actor’s ability to play a heterosexual character because of the actor’s personal life. “Acting” should not allow an actor to be anything or anyone.

    Prior to the revelations of Rock Hudson’s homosexuality, women fawned over Hudson. The same for a lot of other secretly gay men. They were actors who played their parts convincingly.

    Actors have often spoken of how fans confuse the characters they play with themselves. An actor who plays a doctor on TV is not a doctor in real life but fans ask medical questions. It’s the same with Knight and his George O’Malley character.

  5. Stephen says

    ….Knight “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled” that he’s ready to go. ”

    TR Knight was the target here and Washington the poison arrow. If the situation could have been handled differently, in a less disgusting manner, then CERTAINLY TR should have shown some ‘cohones’ (that’s balls) on his Ellen appearance rather than yammer and stutter and wimper (I mean, truly!). TR should find the fortitude to bring himself up to a mature, manly persona, release a statement, go on another talk show, etc. and put this behind him. I hope he does, but I’m skeptical given what’s NOT happened yet.

    As for Washington, let’s judge him by his future actions.

  6. Brian says

    I agree with Stephen and Noah. However, I do take exception to the Shirley Q Liquor character. It’s in poor taste, to be sure… what memorable drag show isn’t… but I think I can tell the difference between actual racism and a drag queen making a parody out of a stereotype. The guy who does Shirley Q Liquor also does another character named Betty Butterfield, and I don’t see poor white folks getting offended by it…

  7. Bill says

    Since I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy and didn’t see TR’s interview on Ellen, I cannot say much about TR’s Anatomy role or his demeanor during the Ellen interview. What is apparent in all of this is the lack of clarity and outrage in the response to the “faggot” attack. It shows that society is still trying to determine if protecting us homos is the right thing to do. To many of our fellow Americans, “faggot” remains an okay term to use. The ABC response of first trying to keep the whole issue under wraps, and then later sending Washington to his corner is evidence of how America is still confused about how they feel about us and should treat us. Obviously, it’s up to us to remain vocal and to continue pointing out how ubiquitous and entrenched hatred and prejudice of gays is an everyday event in our society.

  8. ExGrifter says

    first off, never seen the show – but have followed this odious bruhaha from the ‘git – that said:

    this smacks more than a little as P.R. DAMAGE CONTROL – PHASE II straight out of the Washington camp – it’s an oft-used
    Bush/Neo-Con tactic – the song goes like this:

    Spin the facts just a little to blame the victim, garnering sympathy for the perp.

    Knight feels awful for his insensitivity in bringing it up and the toxic environment he’s created must be attoned for by his leaving the show.

    ah, yeah.

  9. noah says


    I assume you’re not black. The Shirley Q. Liquor IS damned so offensive and racist!! It’s not up to white people to tell people of color what they should believe is offensive any more than it is for heterosexuals to tell gay people what’s offended. The Liquor character is not “satire,” it a minstrel act, which have long been categorized for the same despicable caricatures of African Americans. This kind of hipster, postmodern racism is just as grotesque as it was in 1930 and 1940s. Dressing it up as “satire” is just hypocritical bullshit.

    Gay people have talked about some of the Queer Eye guys being minstrels, well kiss Shirley and you’re seeing the ugliest revival of the minstrel acts seen in modern times.

    As for Knipp performing a caricature of a poor white woman, wasn’t that character created in response to charges of racism? The character in itself is repulsive for its use of classicism to denigrate the poor. So, no, I don’t find “white trash” character funny. They’re just as hateful.

    Finally, what the hell kind of statement chastises TR Knight for lacking “a mature, manly persona”? That’s utter homophobic bullshit. What the hell? The guy stammers and that makes him immature? And this “manly” crap is ridiculous sexism. Hello, not all gay men are “manly” or want to be “manly.” It’s that whole “gay” part that makes gay’s different: Remember how pre-determined gender behavior and rules have crushed the spirits of many a gay or lesbian child for not conforming. Little gay boys wanting to play with dolls and little lesbian girls wanting to play soldiers.

  10. tommy says

    Andy, I understand the need to let advertisers be on the site here but can they be restricted to the top or bottom of the article? It gets annoying to read through the commercials during the comments. It also seems to slow down the computers even more than the side ads. Thanks .p.s. Knight is a sweetheart and Washington is an ahole!

  11. Rey says

    Thanks for all of the talk about Shirley Q. Liquor! For some reason I had never heard of her, but after hearing her mentioned here so many times, I figured it’d have to be good.

    You guys were right. She’s hysterical! And much more entertaining than Grey’s Anatomy.

  12. anon says

    I heard these rumors over a week ago. The producers want him gone for causing problems. The remaining stars now also want more money, making the show too expensive. This is always a big problem with hit shows.

  13. Brian says

    No, I’m not black. But I am very offended when people of any stripe are discriminated against, and I just don’t agree with your assessment of the Shirley/Betty characters. I think we should try not to be too reactionary when it comes to performance art, which is exactly what this is. It does skirt the edge of acceptability, which is what all performance art does. It makes us uncomfortable, makes us think. But try to hear the artist’s explanation of the motivation behind the characters before condemning them superficially as a minstrel show. People of color don’t all agree on this issue, which makes the discussion of stereotypes and artistic motivation even more interesting. But for people who steadfastly condemn Shirley Q Liquor and Betty Butterfield… do they REALLY see no grain of truth in those performances? I don’t know what the truths are in the Shirley pieces, but Betty? That is half of my family, spot on.

  14. expedito says

    It’s hard to imagine any gay person never having been called “faggot.” In fact, it’s hard to imagine anyone – gay or straight – never having been called “faggot” at some point in their life. (I once heard a pre-teen boy call his mother a faggot!) Unfortunately, it’s a derrogatory term that’s used pretty indiscriminately nowadays – like “stupid,” “fatso,” or “asshole.” The usage definitely demonstrates societiy’s underlying homophobia, but it’s often used without really commenting on a person’s sexual preference.

    Of course, it’s obviously more painful to be called a “faggot” if you’re actually gay. It’s good to call someone on using this term and let people know it’s unacceptable; but it’s also good to be a little less thin skinned, get over it, and move on with your life. It doesn’t really do you any good to keep thinking of yourself as the victim.

  15. Mike says

    To those (Bobby) who want to blame or criticize TR for this, get real. You do not know what is really going on in his workplace. He could be pressured to leave, ignored or treating worse by certain members of the cast and crew. It is obvious that some people think that this is a joke ie, Chandra Wilson. (She is the reason that I don’t watch this show anyhow, can’t stand her character.)

    I think he should stay and fight but I am not in his shoes and neither is anyone else.

  16. M says

    Shirley Q. Liquor is hilarious check it out on youtube… Black people have always been funny… Thats why they are in comedies as an ensemble. “Whatcha you talkn bout willis” “Dyno-mite”
    “Im gonna get you sucka” and Shirl is know exception.
    “Hay HAY Hay!”

    Amen Chris

  17. D. Colin says

    I’m confused, why does it seem that many of you are upset (annoyed, hostile) with T.R. Knight. I like and watch the show every week. I like T.R’s role– though George pisses me off at times– but I thinkk he is a good actor. Anyways, what I get annoyed by this whole situation, is that the cast makes light of it (except one or two), the creater/producer/writer of the show (who is so open with the viewers about so much on the shows blog) said nothing about the situation until late last week. And if T.R. was told to keep quiet about the subect, that is sad cause he did nothing wrong.
    I just hope that things can move on whether Isaiah leaves, or not– I hope that T.R. stays. I found him on Ellen very moving. I’ve worked with people who have been asses about me being gay. One was moved to a different store ,another we actually became friends after a while (some forgiveness on my part, some learning to be more open on theirs)

  18. mark m says

    “But try to hear the artist’s explanation of the motivation behind the characters before condemning them superficially as a minstrel show.”

    I can’t comment on Shirley Q’s intention. All I can say is that the gay whites I know who listen to and laugh at Shirley Q tend to have racist views anyway. I doubt any of them ever gave a shit about what the “artist’s” intention was.

    And judging by the racist trolls on this thread, that point is clear here too.

  19. Brian says

    My experience has been different from Mark’s, in that people I know who have been entertained by Shirley Q didn’t necessarily have racist views… I don’t hang with people like that as a rule. But I’ll agree with him that the comments on this site show a disturbing tendency for people (not gay men, but PEOPLE) tend to go right for the racism card when they can’t justify their beliefs logically. It’s very sad.

  20. noah says


    You’re ridiculous. “Racism card”? Fuck that. Shirley Q. Liquor is just another racist caricature in a long line twisted images created to laugh at perceptions of people of color. Whether or not it’s the mammy caricature or Wong the houseboy, people like you just can’t understand why the colored folk just don’t get that it’s all in fun (at the colored folks’ expense). Hello! Remember how Asian Americans were outraged by Rosie O’Donnell’s “ching-chong” schtick? Asian-Americans were pissed. The shit is not funny.

    Here we are responding to a posting about a gay white man being called a “faggot.” For the last three weeks, everyone and his brother has condemned Washington. But compare Washington’s sin with Charles Knipp’s disgusting, racist caricature and the brown folks are being too sensitive and unable to understand satire or are using the “racism card.” Fuck you!

    People of color are no more here on Earth to be made fun for your amusement than are gay white men who are effeminate are here for to delight heterosexual audience’s with their “freakish” differences. Do you honestly think the Tonight Show audience is laughing with or at “Ross the Intern”? Newsflash, Ross is only funny because he’s effeminate and girlie, not because he’s witty. The heterosexual audience is laughing at Ross because he is so different, high pitched voiced, afraid to get dirty: stereotypically gay.

    Until idiots like Brian understand how racist and utterly twisted Charles Knipp’s characters are, then racism and classicism are here to stay. There’s nothing satirical at all about Shirley Q. Liquor. It’s no different than the minstrel shows of yore. Do some fucking home work. And for God’s sake, stop telling people of color what should or should not offend us!!

    Go read a fucking book on racist humor in American culture instead of sitting on your ass in from of the TV, celebrating your ignorant, self-centered world-view.

  21. jmg says

    I suppose Brian will stop telling you what should or should not offend you as soon as you stop telling him what he should or should not find funny.

    By the way, as to why the outrage over Washington has been greater than the outrage over Shirley Q., maybe it’s because about 1% of the gay population (let alone the straights) of the US even knows who the hell she is! Washington is on a hit show on a major TV network, you nitwit.

  22. noah says


    Fuck you, “nitwit.” It’s not a question of who’s more famous. It’s a question of rejecting equally abhorrent behavior. The fact that people like yourself and M can defend Liquor so easily just explains your acceptance of racist humor and your own ethnic narcissism. The fact that you find this funny says a lot about you that should embarrass you.

    Hell, at least the audience at Michael Richards’ show got up and walked out Richard en masse. But you lack that basic sense of decency expressed by that audience.

  23. Jack! says

    I don’t buy the argument that gay people are more racist. Nope, not buying it. Never will.

    The argument is used to divide two minority communities.

    Gay Americans are more likely to live near or be friends with someone of another race. Gay parents are much more likely to adopt a child of a different race too. Those facts counter what is used to divide.

  24. jmg says

    I am not defending Shirley Q. Liquor (I have never seen her act), but I do think that you have ZERO right to tell anyone what is funny.

    Do you have a sense of humor?

    Ashamedly racistly yours,


  25. noah says


    It’s not a question of telling anyone what is funny. I’m sure that the Rev. Fred Phelps would found Matthew Sheppard’s death funny. However, I sure as hell have a right to say that I find something offensive and that people who find that offensive humor are insensitive jerks.

    Laughing at people because of their disabilities, gender, ‘race,’ religion, or sexual orientation in the negative just isn’t funny. Strangely, I just don’t burst out laughing when I read about a victim of gay bashing or rape. I’m sure there are people who find that really humorous. Me, I think those people are fucked up in the head. Similarly, I think people who give economic support to an asshole who makes his money by enforcing racist stereotypes are ass-wipes.

    Remember Dave Chappelle quit his show when he realized that his audience wasn’t laughing with him but at him.

    “…Set to perform during Black History Month in West Hollywood, this self-described comic has built an entire career of promoting the most negative and vicious stereotypes of Blacks, in particular Black women. In broken English, Liquor makes comments like “axe your mamma how she durrin” and misuses words like “ignunt.” Knipp mocks the Black American holiday Kwanzaa and makes fun of stereotypical Black names in a music video entitled, “Who Is My Baby’s Daddy?,” even going as far as to use sexually transmitted diseases as names of Black children. Knipp’s characterizations of Black woman played out on stage in city after city are ones that portray Black women as being on welfare, living in the projects, illiterate, sexually promiscuous mothers who don’t know who their children’s fathers are, alcoholics, and drug addicts.”

    Knipp’s audience is white gay men. He doesn’t take his humor to black gay men because knows he’d be booed offstage.

    “…Knipp doesn’t bring his shows to the people he’s degrading. No, he books his shows in White gay Mecca’s like L.A.’s West Hollywood, New York’s Chelsea District, San Francisco’s Castro District.

    So let me get this straight, no pun intended, it’s not ok for the Black guy to use the f-word, but it is ok for the White gay guy to dress up in blackface and perform parodies that mock Blacks.”


    I’m disappointed that you haven’t covered Jasmyne Cannick’s comments on this affair.

  26. yeahisaidit says

    …Noah, I can see your point, and can respect your opinion…but the fact is, as JMG pointed out, (aside from calling you nitwit), does have some bearing on the situation…Grey’s Anatomy is seen by week in and out by 10’s of millions of people on a major network, hence GLADD’s attention, (being concerned with gay’s portrayal’s in MAINSTREAM MEDIA…) Shirley Q Liquor has not reached a fraction of that many people and is not ever been featured or popularized in the mainstream media, folks don’t know anything about her comparatively…no, I’m not defending SQL, and no, I’m not a racist… and while many can agree that there does need to be more open and honest dialogue about race and homophobia in all communities…to tie these two instances together to largely and inflammatorily accuse the gay white community of not reacting accordingly is overeaching a bit…this is not to belittle your anger and frustration over things but to hope for greater perspective in sensitive areas like these…

  27. jmg says

    “Laughing at people because of their disabilities, gender, ‘race,’ religion, or sexual orientation in the negative just isn’t funny.”

    Again, please stop telling us what is or isn’t funny. You are not an authority on this matter, nor is anyone.

    How about making fun of someone’s weight? Hair color? Eyewear? Clothes? Age? No?
    Wow, we’ve really run out of sources of humor.

    You must be HILARIOUS at parties, Noah.

  28. Ugh says

    Noah, I LIVE in West Hollywood and I’ve never heard of Knipp or Shirley. I wouldn’t care if Isaiah Washington was a purple transgendered eskimo. The point is that he shouldn’t be allowed to keep his job if he’s created such a hostile environment and blown his second chance. Is there some reason why every post about him has to be hijacked in favor of a discussion about some drag performer 99% of us have never heard of?

  29. Brian says

    Gosh, Noah. I seem to have hit a nerve. I tried to discuss this rationally, but you don’t seem to be able to.

    The more you holler at people and call them names, the less likely they are to listen to and consider what you have to say. But I’m sure we’d all be better off if drag queens everywhere took your lead and ignored their talents for parody and satire. Instead, they could host brightly lit, caffeine-fueled rap sessions during which the audience would discuss Camille Paglia and read Maya Angelou poems to each other. Now that’s a drag show worth seeing.

    Joe’s right. I won’t tell you what’s racist (assuming there is something in the world that ISN’T racist in your view), and you can stop telling me what to find funny. K? K.

  30. yeahisaidit says

    …also Noah, as you pointed out “who cares what RuPaul thinks, he doesn’t speak for all gay people of color” the same thing can be said of Jasmyne Cannick’s comments…yes, I read her blog, and can respect both her, and Ru’s right to their opinions as I will then expect others to respect mine, (even if they don’t agree…)

  31. jmg says

    “But I’m sure we’d all be better off if drag queens everywhere took your lead and ignored their talents for parody and satire. Instead, they could host brightly lit, caffeine-fueled rap sessions during which the audience would discuss Camille Paglia and read Maya Angelou poems to each other. Now that’s a drag show worth seeing.”


  32. Bobby says

    yeahisaidit, spamming boards with the same nonsense? We get it, you don’t agree with her, now, can’t you find something else to post about?

    and, no racism in the glbt communities, amazing, i hadn’t heard that one!

  33. noah says

    Kettle meet pot. It’s okay to call Isaiah Washington a homophobe and deserves to be fired but Charles Knipp is off limits.

    Ridiculous. People on this site are always willing to go for the jugular for anyone they perceive as homophobic. However, turn the perspective to racism and it’s a different story: Why do those people always have to use the “racism card”? Why can’t we continue to denigrate the colored folks for our amusement even though they tell us they find it offensive?! Why should the opinions of colored people mean any thing to us?

    (Yeah, so why should Dobson, Fallwell, Romney, Phelps, and the other right-wing nutjobs show any respect to the wishes of white gay men. After all, when they make fag jokes what right does anyone have to tell them what’s funny? When they say that there are no need for anti-discrimination laws to prevent bias in hiring or housing, why should anyone have a right to tell another person what or how they should think and act? Freedom of speech! Freedom of religion! Freedom of association!)

    Reality check, it’s simply a question of there being equal refutation of both Washington and Knipp. Instead of condemning Charles Knipp, you’re defending his racism because it’s comedy. Yeah, how about some funny jokes about gay white guys suffering from AIDS? Or how about another funny one about the victims of gay-bashings?

    What’s sad is that you refuse to understand how people of color would find Knipp offensive and continue to defend him with no regard to those who find his humor hurtful. It’s an old story. “Who cares what the darkies think, it’s funny to us white folks, that’s what really matters! We should be able to laugh at whatever we want! How dare someone tell us differently!”

    Nice try but no cigar in trying to connect anything I had to say about Knipp’s racism and drag queens in general. My displeasure is with Knipp’s minstrel show. He could be dressed as man doing this same shit and I’d be just as angered.

    And it’s just not Jasmyne Cannick or me who finds Knipp unfunny.

    Here’s what Keith Boykin had to say about this in 2002:
    t’s that time of year again. At the end of each year I put together a list of the most intriguing people of the year. This year I decided to do it differently. Here now are my 20 awards for the best and worst of 2002 (starting with the worst).

    1. The Gay Racism Award — For outstanding performance as an oppressed white gay man, Charles Knipp (aka Shirley Q. Liquor) wins hands down. Knipp’s nationwide drag minstrel tour was briefly shut down in New York and Boston, but Knipp said his Ebonic-speaking stereotype was simply paying homage to black women.

    2. The Uncle Tom Award — Finally wresting the award away from six-time champion Clarence Thomas, RuPaul wins for his ridiculously misinformed defense of Shirley Q. Liquor. RuPaul compared the Liquor protests to the “Salem witch trials” and said the protesters don’t understand Liquor’s act in “the same way a small child who accidentally overhears sex games coming from her parents’ bedroom may not be able (to) comprehend that mommy is not really hurting daddy and that daddy really enjoys it when mommy behaves that way.” In other words, screw us all you want. We love it!

    Boykin in 2005:

    “This is absolutely not a free speech issue. Part of the legacy of Dr. King is understanding that just because something is legal, that doesn’t make it right slavery? segregation? poverty? homophobia?” said Colin Robinson, Executive Director of the New York State Black Gay Network. “The right to say some things doesn�t change the way those words and images inflict violence on Black women.”

    “Somebody’s got to hold Chuck Knipp and these businesses accountable,” said Kris Hayashi, Executive Director of the Audre Lorde Project. “Housing, employment, police violence, immigration rights, the governments war on terrorism � these are the issues facing LGBTST People of Color, while others in our own community inflict additional violence on us.”

    Activists plan to present the “Jesse Helms Award for Profiting from Racism and Misogyny on Martin Luther King Jr. Day” to Chuck Knipp, Junior Vasquez and Club Spirit at a press conference on Monday. The press conference will take place a 1 p.m. at Club Spirit, 530 West 27th, between 10th and 11th Avenue.”

    And don’t worry, JMG, I’d never want to be at any party that you attended. My friends have triple-digit IQ’s and have fun without having to tear down others for a laugh. I’m sure you and your fellows can feel comfortable knowing that some gay kid or guy will go to school/work tomorrow and be forced to listen fag jokes. After all, it’s just humor. Those gay guys just need to learn that an occasional fag joke is just humor and they should get bent out of shape over it. What do you call the gay guy on skates? “Roll-AIDS” Get it? It’s just a joke.

    Grow up!

  34. jmg says

    The problem is, if I ever DID see Shirley Q. Liquor’s performance, I would not really have the choice to like it or not.

    Automatically, if I thought it were funny, I would be called a racist. So, I guess I don’t even need to see her act, then, right? I’ll just have the Black Gay Authority tell me what to like and dislike.

    By the way, am I allowed to like Rupaul now that the Black Gay Authority has awarded her an Uncle Tom award? Do I have to burn the CDs I have (casingle actually!!)?

    Could I also have

  35. Brian says

    Noah, you’re going to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome and a myocardial infarction all at the same time. Maybe some of your triple-digit-IQ friends can suggest some relaxation exercises and ergonomic adjustments to your computer desk.

    I would, however, love to see what Betty Butterfield would do about “housing, employment, police violence, immigration rights, [and] the governments [sic] war on terrorism”.

  36. yeahisaidit says

    ….Hey Bobby, please don’t act like you know me, I didn’t bring this “non-sense” up, Noah did in his earlier comments…I SAID I respect different opinions, and feel that people can come together on sensitive issues, but I guess that falls on deaf ears, whatever…also, I didn’t know Jasmyne had any “stans”, awwww, Bobby, that’s so cute…

  37. yeahisaidit says

    Noah, not everyone is stating SQL is off limits or is above criticism, many are just not aware of Knipp as much as Isiah because of different levels of exposure…PLEASE QUIT ASSUMING EVERYONE IS AGAINST YOU, I’m not…besides, you’re not a martyr…so stop suicide bombing…

  38. Graig says

    Geesh, it seems like when a black person does something wrong(Washington), blame a whitey(Shirley Q.of all people). How sad and pathetic. You can’t even compare the two. One is a comic and the other is harrassing co-workers. There is no comparison.

  39. Bobby says

    LMAO at Oscar, who I guess is a Mexican with that name, sorry, boo, not black,and neither is a Hispanic white, no matter what your mama tells you, but, maybe yeahisaidit will will agree with you and your racial slur, racist troll.

  40. Andrew says

    Racial slurs spewed and its allowed to stay up on this site? I wonder if the advertisers are aware of this? Its a shame that cowards hide behind computers and throw out this racist, homophobic crap, and others never say a thing. Shame on you Andy for allowing it, and I for one will be emailing this to the advertisers of this site. Bigotry of any sort, sexual or racial is to be CONDEMED, not allowed.

  41. James says


    How old are you baby? I hear that type of rhetoric from children. Grow up or at least be a man and say that type of trash to the face of a black person.

    As for Shirley Q, I was under the impression minstrel was dead. It is at the very least strange that a white performer would make a choice to use black face and could find an audience.

    That weirdness, of course, does not give Washington a pass for his actions and words.

    Maybe at some point it would be prudent for us to acknowledge that there is really no such thing as the gay community. There are a bunch of folk who have same sex desire, but love of homo booty does not translate into a community.


  42. James says


    Cut Andy some slack please. When people inform him of racist language, he takes it off. So before you talk to an advertiser, drop Andy an email. We can agree on this much: Towleroad is a damn good site (put that check in the mail Andy baby…..grin)


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