72-Year-Old Detroit Man Paralyzed After Brutal Anti-Gay Attack

A disgusting story out of Detroit — a 72-year-old man pursued and beaten in a sick attack that appears to have been motivated by the man’s perceived sexual orientation.

WDIV reports:

Anthos“The victim, Andrew Anthos (right), was riding a city bus back to his residence at Detroit’s Windsor Tower apartments on Feb. 13 when another male passenger asked him if he was gay, Anthos’s niece, Athena Fedenis said. Anthos was followed by the man from the bus and beaten with a pipe in front of his apartment, Fedenis said.”

Due to the repeated beating, Anthos is now paralyzed from the neck down and cannot speak above a whisper.

Said the victim’s aunt: “It just doesn’t make any sense. Why do people have to hurt each other?”

This is what you get in America for being perceived as gay.

Detroit police are investigating the attack and asking for anyone with information to come forward. Unfortunately, sexual orientation is not covered under Michigan’s hate crime statutes.

Man Left Paralyzed In Brutal Beating [WDIV]


  1. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Absolutely horrible. I was sure change wouldn’t come to Michigan until after tragedy. It still may not. Justice better come to his assailants, though at this point it’s hard to define.

  2. Will says

    Hell is other people, and I’m glad I no longer live in the good ol’ US of A. Crap like this happens everywhere, but to a significantly less extent in Germany. As a gay man, I feel infinitely safer here than even in Manhattan, where there have been numerous gay bashings in the past year.

  3. Da says

    This is really unbelievable, a 72 y old man interrogated about his orientation and beated down to near death?..If there was any doubt we’re under attack in the US let this come to rest right now.

    Who in Michigan do we write to get this story out and make sure it doesn’t happen again?

  4. yoshi says

    while truly tragic and wish that the attacker is sent to the gallows – i have two issues with your comments:

    “This is what you get in America for being perceived as gay.”

    Really? So if I walk out to the bus stop right now, get on, I am going to be pummelled with a pipe? I don’t know what america you live in – but I live in a america where this doesn’t happen often enough that you can state that….

    “Unfortunately, sexual orientation is not covered under Michigan’s hate crime statutes.”

    You may not know this – beating someone up is against the law. What the hell does hate crime statutes have anything to do with this?

  5. Da says

    Yoshi, I understand if you’d rather have your head burried in the sand and pick apart Andy’s post instead..

    But the facts speak for themselves:

    1)The man was ASKED if he was gay by his attacker, so it’s the clear and only motive for this crime. His apparent gayness. Hence “this is what you get in America for being perceived as gay.” – This happened to Kim Aviance, the Yale Students, and now it happened to this old man.

    2) Hate crime statutes are indeed a crucial part of the story, because such laws are the most efficient way to counter the attackers’s tactics : By targetting a victim they aim to send a message to that particular group that they are not safe, and can beaten/offed at any time. Therefore there needs a law to send a message back to them that using such tactics will not work, and in fact will give them the toughest of punishments under the law.

    From [Symposium – analysis of hate crime laws and their social effects]

    “Hate crimes, whether directed against one person or many, are particularly destructive in the way they spread feelings of hurt, anxiety and fear. A hate crime is more than an attack on an individual. It is an assault on an entire community. And for this reason alone it is important to send a message that criminals who commit bias crimes will pay the price.”

  6. JJ says

    In response to Yoshi:

    I feel the tone of your comments is one of anger. Not anger toward a truly horrible situation, but anger toward statements which are truth. The fact is that gay bashings and attacks of that nature based on sexual orientation are common. Accept it or not. It happens daily all over the countery. Some are reported and get media attention, while most tend to be unheard of. As someone who lives in Brooklyn, one would think Id be insulated from that world. I hear the word “faggot” on a daily basis toward someone. I have known people who have been approached because they were viewed as gay, therefore weak.

    Secondly, the hate crime factor does have alot to do with this story. The man was clearly singled out because he was gay. I dont see how it could be any clearer than that. Hate crime rulings tend to have more severe consequences as well as gain more media exposure. It is a very crucial part of this case. Assault seems a bit minor for someone who is now paralyzed.

    If you are a gay man, Yoshi, I truly feel sorry for you and the viewpoints you have. If you are straight, piss off!

  7. David M says

    This is another instance in which I will plead with my gay counterparts and say PLEASE BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOURSELVES! I’m so sick and tired of reading about gay victims. I would rather read about changing trends in which gays were the ones surviving and persevering while anti-gay attackers die and get mutilated.

    Americans are allowed to carry guns, right? And if you’re not comfortable with that, at least carry a papermate pen! You can stab with that.

  8. says

    Well somebody please tell Andrew Sullivan, our self-appointed spokesmodel on all matters gay, about this incident. Maybe this will make him stop his opposition to Hate Crime laws.

    But then maybe the Bluebird of Happiness will fly out of his tstosterone-engorged neck.

    In any even somebody please bitch-slap the creep. My hands are tired.

  9. bambambam says

    Credit must be given to the Log KKKabin Republikkkans and Dick and Mary Cheney and every racist homophobe Republikkkan for spreading hate through the mass media and every election, in order to pander to the un-Christian religious right wing.

    This is the result of the hate they spew forth every day, and then deny there is any such thing as a hate crime.

  10. CF says

    David M,

    While I understand where you are coming from, the VICTIM in this instance WAS A 72 YEAR OLD MAN. I think a man or woman who has lived 72 years on this planet deserves to NOT be beaten senseless witha pipe NOR have to carry a weapon to protect themselves.

    It’s despicable for the homophobia and elder abuse combined.

    But man, being far away from 72, I’m going to brush up on my fighting skills for sure.

    Thanks to phobes in America, gays will now move towards the Law of the Talon even more.

  11. Evan says

    Jack!, how can you say that an entire city hates gays and supports hate crimes directed towards them. Do you live in Detroit? I do, and I can say that this isn’t true. I have been a student at Wayne State for 3 years, and I know openly gay students of both WSU andthe College for Creative Studies that feel perfectly safe here in Detroit.

    And Andy, why so much emphasis on Detroit and Michigan? Sure, Michigan doesn’t have laws under hate crimes defining sexual orientation as a cause, but why not mention that 18 other states don’t either?

    I’m probably taking this too personally, but as a Michigan citizen, I’m very sick of people emphasizing the fact that crimes take place in Detroit. Like somehow those crimes are just so much worse b/c they happened in here.

  12. Bill says

    That there is such a miserable fuck out there who feels compelled to beat a 72-year old man with an iron pipe says a great deal about this society. That anyone can say we are not victims of hate crimes is one with his head stuck up his ass.

  13. Jack! says

    Evan, why are you so apprehensive about people talking about a crime being committed in Detroit?

    What I said was directed at Detroit as well as almost every else in the country even San Francisco. I didn’t mention that. Don’t you think that police and citizens take crimes against LGBT people far less serious than those against other citizens? I can tell you they do.

    I second what Joe T. said.

  14. Jared says

    The only reason the people on THIS site would want to know the race of the suspect is so you could spout your tired lines (if the perp is a person of color): “This just proves that homophobia is more prevalant in minority cultures, blah, blah.” How is knowing the race of the perp important to ANYONE on this site unless you live in Detroit and could actually help the investigation? Typical Towleroad…

  15. Jack! says

    Jared, reread what Joe T. said. He clearly stated that it is important to know the attackers characteristics to catch them. The article gave NONE. The media always give characteristics out when a crime has been committed, why not now?

  16. Jeff Lambert says

    I would be first in line to shove a “God Hates Fags” protest sign up some republican or “christians” ass. If anyone witnesses and attack on a gay or lesbian person and doesn’t jump in and kick the attackers ass then you should not be on here ranting. Let’s get even and not be targets for hate anymore.

  17. Joe T. says

    Give me a break Jeff Lambert. I’m a Republican/Independent and I was the attempted victim of a queer-bashing by a gang on the subway (NYC). I’m satisfied to say I kicked the ass of the head one, stopped the train myself, and they all fled before the cops could get there and bust them. I have one scar on my face from it, but it was worth it. And I’ll bet you any amount of money those thug “peeps” were not Republicans. (This latest attack in Detroit can probably more safely be attributed to Hardaway’s comments).

  18. says

    I agree with JE. I can feel the troll-like sentiments just bubbling under the surface. And we don’t even know the race of the guy! But since it’s Detroit…must be a black guy, right? And if it is, so what? Are we gonna lynch him?

  19. JakeT says

    I say, “Act Up, Fight Back!” I’m a senior citizen (ol’ troll) and was beaten senseless in Atlanta in 1980. I would not survive a similar beating today, at my current age. So I am on guard and prepared. I (legally) carry a handgun, am a very good shot and prepared to use it. I can be a dangerous pl’ troll if I have to. I plan to survive a little while longer.

  20. JakeT says

    I say, “Act Up, Fight Back!” I’m a senior citizen (ol’ troll) and was beaten senseless in Atlanta in 1980. I would not survive a similar beating today, at my current age. So I am on guard and prepared. I (legally) carry a handgun, am a very good shot and prepared to use it. I can be a dangerous ol’ troll if I have to. I plan to survive a little while longer.

  21. says

    I just want to say “not so fast” to those pushing the notion that you’re safer from gay-bashing in glorious Europe. You might want to read Bruce Bawer’s “While Europe Slept”. Violent gay-bashing incidents and other hate-crimes are not uncommon Europe, and it’s getting worse.

  22. Jack! says

    The last post was by me not Jaket.

    TheThinMan is right. Europe is getting worse because of Muslims. I know some of you will jump on me because of that but IT’S TRUE. They are bring their hatred to other countries. I wouldn’t be surprised if the attacker in this case was Muslim since Detroit has the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East and South East Asia.

  23. Mike J. says

    We’ll see, Jack, when they (hopefully) catch the culprit. But let’s not jump the gun. It’s 100 percent true what you say about Europe though. Most old gays are so politically-correct though that they won’t admit to that. They still only want it to be white Christian men who attack them. This divorced-from-reality attitude of so many gays is what will ultimately cause their demise. (Let’s hope younger gay guys are more rational, more in tune with reality, then these old coots who are still trying to hold on to the ideas that gays should be united with every non-white group).

  24. Antaeus says

    Have the utterly hear-no-see-no race-blind shrieks forgotten that this teen thug attack follows on the heels of Tim Hardaway’s proud proclamation, “I HATE GAY PEOPLE”? Of course, race is relevant. Perhaps Oprah can lead the reconciliation rites.

  25. Joe T. says

    Antaeus: In fairness, though, we don’t know the race of the attacker, yet. I usually blame the person himself for his own psychotic nature rather than the influence of a public figure’s statements. But, if one WAS to attribute this homophobic attack to the influence of a public figure, I’d go with the two most publicized recent ones: that of Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway.

  26. Mark says

    I’m homosexual. I’m a trained amateur boxer and trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Any “man” tries to bash me and he’s in some serious shit. Got a knife in my car and registered weapon and won’t think twice to use both. I only need half a reason to go ape shit on your ass…and I will enjoy it. AND there won’t be a court in this land that will convict me because it’ll be self-defense.

    Think about that straight motherfuckers.

  27. Michael McCarthy says

    As a resident of the area, I can tell you there is a goos reason for wanting to know the race of the perp. African-Americans are increasingly becoming vehemently or publically homophobic. Detroit’s mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, has publically stated the he “doesn’t want his boys growing up next to gays.” his mother, Carolyn Kilpatrick, the newly elected head of the Congressional Black Caucus, has gone from a 100% HRC Congressional Scorecard rating, to a 55% ratiing.

  28. Pugzz says

    God bless Andrew Anthos and his friends and family. Poor soul. I’ve heard now he has died. Probably better than being left so broken. How can people be so heartless. We have to keep up our vigilance and fight.

  29. Lukey says

    The police often don’t even investigate antigay crimes in Michigan. Mid Michigan and northern Michigan are among the most dangerous places in the USA if you are gay. Gays are often abused by the police, and the justice system here (including judges and prosecutors) target gay men as often as criminals do. There are a few places that are safe for gays (Saugatuck, Douglas, Ann Arbor, and Ferndale), but for the most part Michigan is homophobic (and racist -racial profiling is also common here).

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