Brad “Don’t Forget I’m a Sex Symbol” Pitt in Interview


Brad Pitt sheds the Angelina (and the shirt) and reminds us he’s still got it in this month’s Interview magazine.

“Once you get older, you get a little closer to yourself, intimate. Certainly this last half a decade I’ve been very aware of that, more conscious of who I am, how I fit in the thing as opposed to trying to emulate someone else. Though I try to emulate De Niro all the time, who is someone I could never be.”

More at Dlisted, interview at JustJared

Brad_pitt_2 Brad_pitt_shirtless_2

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  1. griffin1573 says

    Hey A.J.,
    If you think Brad is a loser for smoking…what do you think of the selfrightous who feel perfectly legitimate in calling anyone else a loser?
    And commenting on what is really none of their business.
    I guess all his personal and professional success is dwarfed because “he decides” to have a smoke.

  2. ggreen says

    If there is something that is more white trash than smoking it’s having children and smoking around them or in the same house as the children. Nicotine is, I am told, more addictive than heroin. Just think how much more beautiful Brad would look if he quit smoking. Smoother skin, clear eyes, fresh breath and whiter teeth not to mention non-stinking cloths.

  3. griffin1573 says

    Ah..more selfrightous dribble.

    “god protect us” from the “trash” who feel its their right to tell everyone else how to live.


  4. says

    I see the ‘born-again’ ex-smokers are checking in. You guys may no longer smoke but I’d bet you would smoke his pole without a second thought or comment. But get in line. Us smokers get to go to the ‘head’ of the line… pun intended.

  5. Da says

    so to each their own.
    Posted by: gay is the new straight |

    haha, this expression does it for me every time…cause it’s supposed to be understanding, yet it seems loaded with quiet judgement at the same time.

  6. Dr. Pat says

    What has smoking got to do with the most pefectly built man in the world? The smile the eyes, did you all see the photos’ of him in Playgirl Magazine, yes my children perfect man. His choices might be questionable but hell haven’t we all f’d up our choices. (partners)

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