News: Damien Hirst, Jake Shears, Gaydar, Steve Irwin, Woodpecker

road.jpg British bachelor gets dream date with Anderson Cooper — for $21,000.

Greer_irwin_portraitroad.jpg In ironic hanging, Steve Irwin portrait replaces Germaine Greer’s at Australia’s National Portrait Gallery. At the time of Irwin’s death, Greer had slammed the animal lover, saying “The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin, but probably not before a whole generation of kids in shorts seven sizes too small has learned to shout in the ears of animals with hearing 10 times more acute than theirs, determined to become millionaire animal-loving zoo-owners in their turn.”

road.jpg Britney Spears’ rat nest goes up for sale for a cool million. But she wastes no time replacing it.

road.jpg Scientists: May be too late to save polar ice caps.

road.jpg The Guardian reflects on gay “dating” site Gaydar and its founder Gary Frisch, who plunged eight floors to his death from his apartment balcony in south London last week: “”Some people are uncomfortable with Gaydar because it encourages a culture, almost through peer pressure, which kind of obliges users to reference themselves by their sexual preferences and the size of their equipment. You won’t generally find that someone will call themselves, say, librarian3. It’s going to be cocklover72 or something. You feel obliged to be that way because it’s part of the culture. If you were to step outside that culture you would just look odd.”

road.jpg Gay Jamaican who appeared on TV anonymously has attempted suicide after residents in his community recognized his pendant and IDed him.

road.jpg Damien Hirst offers up butterflies to Hollywood: “Indicative of how important his attack on Hollywood is for him, Hirst is flying more than 100 members of his staff into LA for the event and the Oscar parties. His first Hollywood show is not just about those tired old warhorses, money and celebrity. It’s also about credibility.”

Shears_tennantroad.jpg Love Comes Quickly for Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant and Jake Shears.

road.jpg Shame: How the Bush administration honor’s America’s troops: “Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan’s room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses.”

road.jpg Judy Garland (aka Rufus Wainwright) brings Carnegie Hall to London.

road.jpg Robotic birdwatcher to search for ivory-billed woodpecker thought extinct.


  1. Jack! says

    I ♥ Anderson.

    Steve Irwin did a horrible thing for wildlife. I was a big fan of his until recently. I’ve been watching animal shows almost all my life and I have realized that people are more daring in how they approach animals. The last couple weeks all the shows I’ve watched every animal expert purposefully came in contact with the animals.

    Gay men are just as blunt as straight men. That Gaydar peice was idiotic.

    I hope for the best for that Jamaican. He’s in a really bad situation.

    Congrats to Jake, Neil, and Rufus!

  2. Rad says

    I, for one, do not miss Steve Irwin. The guy totally nauseated me with his “This is the most deadly snake in the world, and I am going to kiss it!” crud. Anyhow.

  3. Cory says

    So much anger from people these days. The man has died, how bout a little bit of respect and peace. In the least, Steve Irwin brought attention to the animal kingdom, and donated a lot of time and money to animal rights, more than the average person has ever done…

    As for global warming, we’re all screwed. Humanity has known for a very long time that our way of life has been killing this planet, and yet we care more about what the latest celebrity fad or getting that new promotion. I find it so amusing and yet incredibly frustrating that there are people who denounce global warming as a “liberal concoction”. Apathy is our enemy, WE are our own worst enemy, In the end, who gives a shit about the latest fad or even about the economy or war or peace when there IS NO PLANET TO HAVE THESE THINGS. I’m shocked and dumbfounded that more people aren’t making this a priority, it just proves that people are dumb.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Cory you are preaching to the already converted on global warming where I am concerned.

    Interesting side note, the Washington post just did an article on Diesel Jeans new advertising campaign that utilizes global warming….i.e. a jeans only clad beefcake lounging on a tropical beach with only the top (noses on up)faces of the 4 presidents on mount rushmore sticking up out of the water. It is interesting to think about. One day there will be kids who will be like “The East and West coasts were where once upon a time?”

    The article talked about how Global Warming has reached such a proven fact (world wide temp rise of almost 2 degrees within 100 years where as it took 6,000+ years to do such when a natural phenomenon)that it has hit the tipping point that embraces sarcasm and such

  5. says

    Icecaps are melting, polar bears are drowning, hottest Januar….. OMG! BRITNEY SHAVED HER HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

    Cory: Too true. Trivia rules and people won’t be prised out of their air-conditioned SUVs in a hurry. Après moi, le déluge, as Louis XV said.

  6. Jack! says

    Cory, Giovanni, I think Steve Irwin and people like him have created a horrible situation. When I was a kid animal experts kept their distance from animals while observing them. Now they track them down and try to hold them. They invade their space for thrills etc. totally disregarding the animal. Wild animals are not THEIR pets, respect them.

  7. Cory says

    Then JACK!, those people are at fault, NOT Steve Irwin. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, blaming a man whose career was exploring the wild kingdom is ludicrous. I’m not exactly certain of these people you are referencing, however I know there aren’t hundreds of Steve Irwins running around in the wild and disrespecting animals. If there are, then that is their reckless behavior and not the fault of Steve Irwin. One man is not responsible for the actions of others, and blaming him for a “trend” or indirectly causing the actions of another human being is preposterous.

  8. Jack! says

    Look at any documentary on The Discovery Channel or Animal Planet and then compare them to PBS. Most PBS documentaries are in the old style of letting the animal be while cameras film them. Documentaries on The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have changed from the old style to the new style of interacting with wild animals. It gives the impression that humans are in control of humans.

  9. just sayin' says

    As someone who really values his personal space, I am SO with the animals. Anyone who makes a fortune out of harrassing these creatures has it coming, and not a second too soon.

  10. moi says

    Re: Steve Irwin and his fellow Australians. From Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”:

    I don’t think you will require neckties. Uncle Jack is sending you to Australia.

    Australia! I’d sooner die.

    Well, he said at dinner on Wednesday night, that you would have to choose between this world, the next world, and Australia.

  11. says

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    Please check it out.

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