Financial Guru Suze Orman: I’m Gay

Suze_ormanAmericablog reports that financial guru Suze Orman comes out of the closet in the New York Times magazine this Sunday:

"Orman says she ‘has a relationship with life,’ so [Deborah] Solomon presses her, and Suze then reveals that her ‘life partner’ is Kathy Travis and, ‘We’re going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I’m still a 55-year-old virgin.’ Orman says they’d like to get married, and both ‘have millions of dollars in our name. It’s killing me that upon my death, K.T. is going to lose 50 percent of everything I have to estate taxes. Or vice versa.’"

UPDATE: Here’s the interview.


  1. Marco says

    Good for Suzie. Her show drives me nuts and now I know why.

    (just kidding. I love my lesbian gurls)

    This is good news. If she can come out….um, Anderson, are we ret yet?

  2. bmac says

    i fuckin knew it. she always danced around the issue of her personal life on that show. next up & out, her email reader, Jeff.

  3. jackmax says

    Rock on! This sounds so cliched but I read her book and watched her show and followed all her advice. I got myself out of 25K of debt and purchased an apartment in the city last year. Suze RULES!

  4. says

    Oh, there must be a god [still with a little g, though] for Suze [and her _courage_ to be rich] to lose the thing most precious to her when her lover dies: Half of her estate. Precious, precious money. Notice she couldn’t say anything warm or human but completely fuckin’ obsessed with money. Oh, I really hate this shrew.

  5. Rey says

    RSL, there’s no need to be a Meow Meow Kitty.

    It reads to me that Suze was merely trying to illustrate the 1 inequity people would accept her as an authority on. And that is money, like it or not.

  6. MT says

    Is there honestly anyone who didn’t know this already. She’s openly been with her partner for YEARS.

  7. Don says

    All you need to do now is immigrate to Canada, where there are no estate taxes and where you can leave your estate to your partner, whether you’re married or common-law.

  8. MiLoPDXer says

    Uh, has she ever heard of a Revocable Living Trust or even bothered to talk to an estate planning attorney??

  9. Rickie says

    I LOVE SUZE!!!! I kinda knew she was gay the first time I heard call his male guests or callers, “boyfriend”. I DVR her every Saturday and really enjoy her show.
    I’ve been watching her for years and even when she gets on my nerves, I know she’s giving good advice… ‘kinda’ like that friend who doesn’t tell you what you wanna hear but what you NEED to hear.
    In case she’s reading this: Congratulations Suze! Be proud of yourself (I know you already are, but just wanted to say it again). I know many people admire you and look up to you! I sure do. I don’t know why this piece of news in particular makes me feel so proud and happy. Thanks to you too, Andy.
    YAY!! We’re gay!
    (I really hope the negative and self loathing ppl leave this one alone. I don’t want anyone to rain on this parade)

  10. anon says

    Well, this is a surprise! She’s quite sensible, unlike many other self-help gurus. I usually recommend her books for kids getting out of college and starting on their own.

    Canada doesn’t have an estate tax because there would be nothing to tax.

  11. Krishnan says

    Why is Suze necessarily a virgin then? Does this mean she has NEVER had sex with her life partner?

    I think Suze coming out is GREAT, though.


    I will continue to watch your show on CNBC every evening!

  12. dave says

    a revocable living trust would not let her get around the federal estate tax. but estate planning doesnt work nearly as well (or at all) for “non-married” people.

  13. Dema says

    Good for her! I love her show. Not all gay man are rich. Because of her now I know how to save a little bit after paying all the bills. I wish there’ll be more like her in our community.
    Thanks Suze!

  14. says

    I knew there was reason for all those giant collared shirts! She’s so awesome. She tells it like it is without being a complete bitch about it. She’s to the financial world what Simon Cowell is to the would be singers of the world. Except, again, she’s not a bitch about it.

  15. Robert In WeHo says

    Huh? What did she say? I have to admit, she caught me off guard with this one. Good for her, good for the gay community! There aren’t many non-entertainment related people in this world dripping with the professional respectability that Suze Orman does…

  16. Michael D. Fein says

    I’m fortunate to live in Canada where I can leave all of my many tens of thousands of dollars in debt to my life-partner of 25 years. :-)

  17. mikey23 says

    That explains a lot about her outfits [and perhaps the chuncky shoes]…

    Love her… Welcome Suze!

  18. Lord says

    Standard estate planning is to buy life insurance to pay the tax, or establish a charitable foundation and appoint your favorites as trustees. No one pays half.

  19. Nick says

    Wow… I got to agree with Rikkie on this one it is so awesome that Suze came and joined the rest of us!! I am proud to know that there are more then just entertainers who are openly gay like that (hmm that doesnt sound right but you get my drift :P)

    I love Suze. I read all her books and even though im still broke i think that when i finally get out of college i will know what to do with all the thousands of dollars will be making!