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Gay Senior Citizen Patriot Clings to Life After Attack

A sad update on the recent Detroit hate attack:

Andrew Anthos, the 72-year-old Detroit man I reported on Wednesday was brutally beaten with a pipe outside his apartment after a stranger approached him on a bus and asked him if he was gay, now clings to life in a coma and is not expected to live through the weekend, according to the Detroit News.

Anthos2The beating left Anthos paralyzed from the neck down and unable to speak above a whisper. Doctors reportedly performed emergency spinal surgery but were not able to reverse the paralysis. His niece, Athena Fedenis, 45, told the paper that Anthos is gay: "There's nothing else they can do but keep him comfortable. He wasn't robbed. It strictly was a hate crime. This monster gave Andrew a slow, painful death...Our family is just sick. We can't understand why someone would do something like this."

The only lead police have of the perpetrators is a vague description Anthos gave them before he slipped into a coma.

Anthos is apparently well-known in Detroit for his 18-year-campaign to light the Capitol Dome, according to the Landing State Journal (see photo):

"Anthos, who lived in Lansing at the time, often stopped in to get copies of the copious leaflets he created in the course of his 18-year-long Quixotic campaign to convince state officials to illuminate the Capitol dome with red, white and blue lights at least once a year, on Independence Day.

With typical Anthos flair, he told one of several State Journal reporters who interviewed him over the years: '(Lighting the dome was) ... a noble, fair, inexpensive and very patriotic proposal - a symbol of what liberty, democracy and freedom espouse.'

Anthos_1Anthos collected endorsements for his idea the way some people collect autographs. He got letters of support from Detroit Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, actress Ava Gardner, Detroit radio personality J.P. McCarthy - even recent GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos.

If there's anyone on earth who would appreciate letters and cards from well-wishers, it's Anthos. They may be sent to him at:

Andrew Anthos, Detroit Receiving Hospital, 4201 Saint Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201."

Here's a touching article about Anthos from the State News from five years ago: "The 67-year-old Detroit resident, who collects 'Titanic' movie paraphernalia and idolizes the late actress Ava Gardner, says his biggest passion is his 15-year-old dream to light the outside of the Capitol 'with the soft colors of red, white and blue' on special occasions and holidays."

Anthos was obviously a true patriot who loved his country. If this is not enough to get Michigan to wake up and realize that sexual orientation needs to be part of the hate crime laws, I don't know what is.

While the Lansing State Journal reports Anthos' condition as conscious, the Detroit News obviously reports a more grim situation. I pray that Anthos will come out of it and the police catch the sad, pathetic excuse for a human being who committed this crime.

Our thoughts go out to Anthos and his family.

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  1. Matt, honestly, you need to spend some time becoming better informed about what's going on in the real world around you. Right now, you're dangerously out of touch. Just wait until the day comes when your denied renting an apartment because you're gay or because you've been legally fired from your job for no other reason than you're a homosexual or that you're denied health insurance simply because you're gay. Those constitutional anti-gay marriage amendments you're so apathetic about are doing a great deal more to take away your constitutionally guaranteed civil rights (which you presently seem to take for granted) than you understand. Time to wake up from your passive denial and apathy towards your life Matt, or sadly, one day soon you're likely to wake up one morning wondering what happened and how can people get away with doing this to me or treating me like this? Unfortunately, by the time you have that epiphany it will be too late to do anything about it...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Feb 23, 2007 2:45:10 PM

  2. I agree with Robert in Weho. Though I understand that Matt, myself, and many others feel no tangible negative effects from our sexuality on a daily basis, Robert is right that our rights always have to be looked after in the poltical world. (Otherwise, I still say blaming a queer-bashing like this case on Republicans is pretty far-fetched. And of course the U.S. is better than Iran. In the U.S. the culprit will be arrested, prosecuted, and go to prison for years or for life).

    Posted by: Joe T. | Feb 23, 2007 3:16:15 PM

  3. Wow, I wasn't going to say anything, but after reading Matt's last comment "Bambambam, I really don't feel like my rights are being stripped away. Besides the gay marriage ban, I'm fairly happy with how my life is and the rights I enjoy."

    You know the saying, if ignorance is bliss...

    Um, Matt, how about some facts for you. Statistically, it has been shown, that since the Bush administrations office, hate crimes against homosexuals have doubled. In the days after Bush's State of the Union Address and other public political speeches in which he addresses the issue concerning gay marriage, hate crimes have almost TRIPLED. In fact, reading Andy's blog over the past fours years, you can definitely see the pattern. Research the topics of hate crimes (examples are the San Diego attacks, New Mexico, Texas, Atlanta, Massachuessetts in which a man went into a gay bar and sliced someone in the face, etc). Hate crimes against homosexuals have significantly increased (and this isn't a misnomer due to more public attention or news, it's fact)...

    Honestly, I am bewildered when I come across a gay Republican these days. That's like meeting a Republican African-American handicap lesbian.

    Posted by: Cory | Feb 23, 2007 3:27:55 PM

  4. But Cory, Republicans are for law and order, and against violent crime. All of those crimes were committed by definitively non-Republican types.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Feb 23, 2007 3:37:02 PM

  5. JOE T.: Are you f'ing kidding me??? Seriously? First, the logic that "all Republicans are for law and order, and against violent crime" is erroneous at best. Does this mean that all moderates and Democrats are FOR anarchy and crime? (which is precisely the problem with bi-partisan politcs, throwing ridiculous claims at one another). If anything, Republicans HAVE show they are more prone to war as well as abuse of power. Let's just examine the Bush's, Senior and Junior, and wasn't it Dwight D. Eisenhower that started U.S. interests in Vietnam? Oh, let's not forget Jefferson Davis, the conservative president of The Confederate States of America that prompted the Civil War (Civil War started as conservatives wanted to nullify federal laws that they deemed harmful to their economies, and as the champions of states' rights it was their primary agenda that started the Civil War that wasn't entirely about slavery), and wasn't it a Democrat who ended WWII? But Democrats, not conservative Republicans are all about anarchy and violence because, again, "Republicans are for law and order". LMAO WHAT EVER.

    Posted by: Cory | Feb 23, 2007 4:24:43 PM

  6. I'm republican but I disagree with Joe. I'm for more money in my pocket and a better 401(k). If I have to choose between lower taxes and state funded programs like health care for the poor, I'm choosing lower taxes every time.

    Posted by: Matt | Feb 23, 2007 6:31:48 PM

  7. Cory: I'm not sue what you're getting at. Yes, I believe the majority of registered Republicans are for law and order. So are the majority of registered Democrats. The only difference here is that I'm not blaming Democrats for the attack on Anthos, as so many gays are trying to desperately blame it on Republicans.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Feb 23, 2007 7:03:40 PM

  8. Joe, that is because the Democratic Party hasn't been trying to ban gay marriage through proposing Constitutional Amendments, as has the Bush administration, Mitt Romney, etc. etc., all registered Republicans. In fact, the majority of Republicans are conservative, and find homosexuality and you repugnant. Fact.

    Posted by: Cory | Feb 23, 2007 7:40:38 PM

  9. I think that's far-fetched to see banning gay marriage by Republicans connected with physical queer-bashings. In fact, queer-bashings went up in Europe everytime a country legalized gay marriage. Was Bush the president when Matthew Shepard was killed? What about all the black Democrat clergymen screaming that homosexuality is evil? Etc. I can't say you're wrong, but the banning-of-gay-marriage somehow causing criminal assaults on gay men is just a theory, and it's one I'm unconvinced of.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Feb 23, 2007 10:55:52 PM

  10. It's fact. Look it up.

    Let's put that aside and talk about "the bigger picture". As someone who apparently is a conservative Republican, you are arguing for a party in which the majority of it's "members" views homosexuality and its "practioners" as unworthy of the same rights as heterosexual Americans. More importantly, you can not see any connection betweem Republican politicians actively seeking to take away our rights, a striking similarity most people have commented on with the early Nazi party (fact). Now, let's say their isn't a connection between the factual increase in hate crimes against homosexuals and the Bush administrations public campaigning on constitutionally amending marriage as between a man and a woman, what positive effects have the Republic party's actions had on the gay community? Name a couple, I'm waiting with bated breath...

    Posted by: Cory | Feb 24, 2007 1:06:12 AM

  11. Well.....if I were to think the Republicans have done everything better as far as economically, national security-wise, etc., then I'm going to think they've done well for the U.S. citizenry, a percentage of that citizenry being homosexual. So that would be my "positive effect." Just as I might believe that a political party who would legalize gay marriage, but destroy the country otherwise, would be bad for the U.S. gay community. (Because...what would marriage matter if the country we could be married in was a shambles?) But everything above you list as "fact" is not a fact. Just theories. I see similarities between some gay rights activists and the mass murdering ideas of Stalin, but those are just my own theories. It's impossible for me to argue they are facts.

    Posted by: Joe T. | Feb 24, 2007 4:01:07 AM

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