New Life Church Holds ‘Day of Hope’ for Ted Haggard

Ted_haggardTed Haggard’s New Life Church held what they billed a ‘Day of Hope’ yesterday for the disgraced pastor.

At the Sunday service, Pastor Larry Stockstill, part of the church’s board of overseers, told the 14,000-member congregation: “Concerning Ted and his family, we have done extensive fact-finding into his lifelong battle with a ‘dark side’ which he said in his confession letter has been a struggle for years. We have verified the reality of that struggle through numerous individuals who reported to us firsthand knowledge of everything from sordid conversation to overt suggestions to improper activities to improper relationships. These findings established a pattern of behavior that culminated in the final relationship in which Ted was, as a matter of grace, caught.”

Or as a matter of humiliation, depending on how you look at it.


  1. Jack! says

    I am AMAZED that they haven’t forgotten about him. Apparently they have had a huge exodus since Ted was caught. Evilgenicals don’t want to be associated with homosexuality, big surprise.

  2. Myron says

    Wow. They’ve really researched his past. Imagine the lineup to hear the details…all in the interest of being able to pray for him, of course…

  3. Wayne says

    Honestly, I could do without ever hearing about Haggard or his flock ever again. They’re ignorant, intolerant and I pray for them every day.

  4. john says

    Haggard’s hypocrisy discredits the Religious right and undermines their political influence. I’m glad for that. I want to hear all about him.

    Keeping this “deceiver” in the public eye reminds people of how phony and potentially harmful his “New Life” church and its ilk can be. We need help reinforcing separation of church and state.

  5. says

    The dark side huh? I assume that is his gay affairs… they wouldn’t be talking about his infidelity, drug abuse and paying for sex.

  6. Blue says

    “… the final relationship in which Ted was, as a matter of grace, caught.”

    Ah: straight, but for the grace of God! Now we’re talking!

  7. Antaeus says

    Enough of the lame jokes already. New Life Church (NLC) obviously conducted a witch hunt. Remember that NLC associate pastor who, though married, was let go? It was implied that he had a premarital relationship with Ted H. Anyone have that link? Dan Savage directed people to their site which solicited informants.

  8. atheist says

    This guy makes me wanna puke. Preaching hate! Loathsome hypocritical piece of scum. I hope he rots in his hell.

  9. vstill says

    I predict made for TV movie(s), possibly this spring or summer and everybody involved (Ted, his wife, and the prostitute) will write a book. Will Rupert Murdoch have his cake and eat it too, when he airs it on Fox, and to hell with the religious right all for the mighty dollar? Better yet, can’t wait for the porn version.

  10. Da says

    I still don’t understand the fascination with this man.

    Why is his every move documented? why is he given so much room to speak? his fall came and went I believed, and now he’s in the midst of being turned into some kind of icon for the gay community, which I find quite ironic..

  11. parker says

    There won’t be any kiss and tell from Mr. & Mrs. Haggard. Apparently, they were paid very handsomely for their silence (and the homeless and hungry can go f*ck themselves).

    As a former Evangelical, Mr. Haggard’s fall was bittersweet for me. When these people learn that there are/have been/always will be homos in their midst perhaps, just perhaps, they will see the human cost of their tragic and empty theology (But don’t count on it. After all, the last person who challenged legalism was nailed to a tree.

    Folks, face it, Haggard is one of us. He just can’t admit it to himself (or anyone else, for that matter).

    I would be tempted to say ‘let the man be, he’s suffered enough’ but after thinking of all the suffering he’s inflicted on gay men and women, I think ‘maybe not.’ As my momma used to say: “What goes around, comes around.” And, in this case, Ted–Karma was a real bitch.

  12. Jack! says

    For those that think his fall from grace was a solely good thing are wrong. In many people it reinforced the idea that gay people are involved in bad things and his removal showed that being gay is bad. Those things are not things gay people want. With him proclaiming that he is heterosexual it only made things worse. This whole situation will probably end badly. When you are a gay person and you go through these “conversions” and try to have a sexual relation with some of the opposite sex they usually end up far worse off.

  13. Chadd says

    I’m amazed at how much the public likes to kick the wounded. Sure, this guy screwed up royally, but give him a break already. He’s lost pretty much everything over bad decisions and struggles in his personal life.

    What I’d like to know is how many people on this board are struggling with something THEY haven’t been caught for yet? Maybe you should drop those stones you’re throwing and see if YOU’RE without sin first.

  14. jvwalt says

    And brothers and sisters, the full, unexpurgated details can be yours for a love offering of $100 to our fellowship. Yes, just think how valuable this document will be as a teaching aid — a complete catalog of the most heinous kinds of sin! You and your loved ones will be fully aware of all the temptations this sordid world has to offer. And for only a gift of $100. Or more. Here’s the number to call…

  15. mark m says

    It’s over? Really.

    Aside from how far he’s fallen, exactly what in this story leads you to believe this is over?

    He has proclaimed himself “cured” of his homosexuality. Looks to me as if he’s still spreading lies and deceit. No, if he was dead, or had embraced his homosexuality while making amends of his past hypocrisy, maybe then it would be over.

    As it stands, this pathetic soul is still trying to spread a message of lies and intolerance.

    Fair game.

  16. justin says

    He should do himself and his church a favor and kill himself. Something public and gruesome would be nice to get people’s mind off Britney shaving her head. Then those pathetic church-goers could all feel self-satisfied because it happened due to his “dark side”. Then they could all have a “prayer meeting” or whatever they do (sacrifice a chicken?) to see that he gets to heaven.