1. sam says

    Anderson Cooper and Daniel Craig together makes me think bad thoughts. I may have to go home now, I think I need to be alone.

  2. Da says

    ^^ What you guys said.

    And I never thought Elton John was cute till now, but he really looks adorable there (and happy for a change!).

  3. Sheba baby says

    What? No pictures of Gael Garcia Benal and Diego Luna? They did the red carpet together and went to the VF Party!!

  4. just sayin' says

    Not to be uncouth, but who do you think is the top in the Cooper-Craig coupling? Or do they take turns?

  5. Kit says

    Anderson is such a cutie. He’s probably asking Daniel if he got to keep the bathing suit from the Bond film. I could do without the Simon Cowell though.

  6. says


    Craig throws Cooper over the back of the sofa and boomshackalakas him from behind until both pass out.

    Elton strangles Simon from behind until he passes out….and he never wakes up.

  7. paul says

    fantasy – anderson cooper actually comes out of the closet and not in a coy way therby dispelling once and for all all the rumors and becoming a role model for young gays whether on the same career path or not.

  8. baophac says

    Daniel Craig:
    So, do you think I should stay in the closet a little longer?
    Andersoon Cooper:
    Well ya it’s not like they don’t know and you get to pull in the extra $ from the ladies.

  9. GB says

    Eye trick:If you take a quick glance at the Cooper/Craig pic it seems like Craig is giving Cooper a hand job.Follow Craigs right arm.

  10. Ben says

    Anderson Cooper and Daniel Craig! Wow! All we need is a video of that night they spent together leaked onto the internet. Daniel Craig please be gay!

  11. cd says

    kind of looks like they’re reenacting the scene from Casino Royale with the rope around the testicles. Pull, coop, baby.