Pete Wentz’s Deviant Caveman Lips are Ready for You

FobFall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who also rates anal sex a “10”, recently told Blender magazine he’s not averse to a little man-on-man action. That is, as long as it’s above the waist:

“I tend to be a bit prudish. I’m a make-out king–I’ll kiss anybody–but as far as going further than that, I wanna keep my number down. I don’t wanna tell my future wife, ‘Yeah, I’ve been with, like, 50 people.’ But when I’m with somebody, the caveman in me wants it to be completely deviant. Like, “Oh this isn’t supposed to go in there? Then that’s where it has to go…I have [kissed boys]. Anybody above the waist is fair game.”


  1. says

    Spoken with the calculated non-gender specific targeting of a true rock “I’m eternally available just for you no matter who you are – now buy my record!” star.

    What a hot piece of ass, damn him.

  2. says

    Pete Wentz? Bleh. Fall Out Boy. Double Bleh. What about MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE??? They are as famous, more talented(I like their pre-Black Parade stuff best, though), and as if not more gay-friendly. Gerard Way(vocalist) has said at concerts, “Hey listen up! All you racists, sexists, homophobes, and just plain assholes, we’ve got a message for you…GO THE FUCK HOME! We don’t want you here, don’t buy our merch, and don’t listen to our music. If you have our CD, break it. We don’t want you and we don’t need you here.” And in Rolling Stone: “I don’t want people to be afraid of living, which I think is everybody’s biggest fear. I want people to express themselves how they want. If that means dressing up in women’s clothing, so be it. I’m very opposed to intolerance, racism and sexism. Men are still being called “faggot.” I see women being treated as second-class citizens, even in punk rock. So if it’s happening there, it’s happening everywhere. I’m very much into acceptance.” Many of his fans, except for screeching fangirls, say they know for a fact he’s bi cuz he’s said so several time. I’ve never heard him say this so I don’t know if it’s true. I wouldnt be suprised at all if it was, though, he’s been quite )
    flirty with other guys, especially Frank Iero(guitarist)and Bert Mccracken of The Used and, he’s kissed them and maybe some other guys, so he’s got Wentz beat there(and in so many other ways). Plus he and Frank are pretty hot(most of the time and when Gerard doesn’t have blonde hair). So show MCR some love!!! I’m sick of Fall Out Boy. Sorry for the rant.

  3. Yogi says

    Awesome. How great that people are playing with their sexual id’s. Who the heck’s business is it anyway. If you care, you care for personal reasons. If you don’t, there you go. Let it go. Everyone should open themselves up to simply being sexual beings.

  4. Jack! says

    If he’s not gay or bisexual than he should get the shit kicked out of him. There are guys that struggled and have been killed because of their sexuality. And he is minimizing it. Using gay people for a marketing ploy. Unbelievable!

    I can’t stand straight people that do that and the gay people that believe and follow them.

  5. Marc says

    Oh calm down Jack! When it becomes acceptable and even trendy to play around publicly with your sexual orientation, it just makes it that much easier for people to be open about their sexuality at younger and younger ages and not have to suffer getting “the shit kicked out of [them]” or worry about being “killed because of their sexuality.”

    I’d much rather see people start playing around with their sexuality for publicity purposes and as a result see more kids comfortable with being openly gay in pre-college years than have people continue to be uptight about it and keep people in the closet.

  6. Da says

    I wouldn’t be as extreme as Jack, but I agree with him. I truly don’t see what’s to celebrate about this quote? Someone help me?

    Pete: “I’d kiss a guy….buuut, yuck for everything else”.

    His prerogative of course, but to hail this as a symbol of liberation for gays, or even for young men’s sexuality – I don’t think so. Not even close. But that’s just me.

    And I also feel uncomfy with his reference of being a deviant caveman in relationships (Like, “Oh this isn’t supposed to go in there? Then that’s where it has to go.”). I hope he’s not refering to “anal surprise”, which some dodgy hetero guys pull on girls as a game, because I think it’s misogynistic and a violation of their right to chose.


    And btw, Jack Gyllenhaal never said something like that I think. If anything he recently implied that the job for all men is to find a good woman. which is a delicate way of negating half of his supposed fanbase.

    Jake in GQ magazine: “I’m definitely thinking about it, having a child. Look, the most important job for a man is to find the right woman. It’s the best we can do. I thank my father for choosing my mother. She’s wonderful in so many ways. And she chose well too. I’ve noticed in life that the mother, first, has a primary job and as a father our job is to pick a caring, smart, mindful woman.”

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