Publicist: J.C. Chasez a Cool Guy, Not a Gay Guy

ChasezNew York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe reports that former N’Syncer J.C. Chasez’s publicist has issued a Neil Patrick Harris-style statement following reports that Chasez tried to arrange a date with a male stranger at New York’s fashion week.

Says Widdicombe: “So JC Chasez seemed very interested in meeting a particularly handsome young gentleman during Fashion Week. Of course, the poor bastard had to pick a guy who was friends with a gossip columnist. ‘[His publicist] was like, ‘JC is going to be at such and such a place later, and he’d love to hang out with you,” sez the olive-skinned hunk, who declined to share his phone number. Chasez’s rep says he does not recall that conversation taking place. ‘And if it did, it would just be to hang out in a group, because he’s a cool guy, not like a setup,’ he explained. Snickers bar, anyone?”


  1. Chris says

    I always thought Lance and JC were a couple even back in the Nsync days..You could see something in the way they looked at each other. Still, I dont believe any article that uses the word “sez” instead of “says”

  2. Cory says

    ^^^^ ROFL seriously…

    I’ve heard his next release is tentatively titled “Some boys (Hide in Closets)”…

  3. DTP says

    I’d be happy to have JC join our camp. Unfortunately, that 1st solo album (with those videos of him all over women) will make him a laughing stock. Guess you live and learn. Regardless, he’s a handsome man. Seems to be a nice guy and deserve to be happy (no matter what sexual orientation he is).

  4. david says

    i actually don’t think there is anything even remotely homophobic about this response. JC was just clarifying, via his publicist, that he wasn’t interested in anything other than hanging out with someone. lets not jump down the wrong throat….

  5. tyler says

    Andy can you ban all these commenters that go on here just to plug themselves as genre’s loser of the year?

  6. Barton says


    While I’m not one of those “losers” looking for validation from some magazine, I do think your request is obnoxious. Everyone has dreams, some more important than others. Regardless, let people have their dreams. Simply ignore it if you don’t like it. To think that you should have the editor of this blog make it your own person place for what you like/don’t like is worse than someone asking for attention from a magazine.

  7. Anon says

    Well, this would explain why Lance told JC first… but, I would think there would be more “smoke” by now (trips to clubs, etc., Perez Hilton rumors, etc.). Maybe he just wants to experiment.

    The Neil G. joke is getting tired, you can’t repeat the same joke a 100 times.

  8. says

    Y’all are a bunch of jealous, old Queens!

    Just cause I’m hot and young and everyone loves me y’all are hating on me. At least I have a dream–what do you have, a fridge full of Slim Fast and methadone?

    I’m nominated for Man of the Year and you’re not–get over it!
    I’m better than you.

    And I’m gonna win Mr. Gay Philly next month, so suck it queers!!!

  9. jimmyboyo says

    He dated Eva Longoria…..the best and former #1 hollywood professional beard….

    Eva dated

    Mario Lopez
    Jesse Metcalfe

  10. tc says

    did anyone catch him at NY fashion week on TV?..the after party for Heatherette…he had this fucking beautiful boy placed strategically after him & a girl but he made it a point to mention him in the interview.I said this looks kinda “fishy” to me

  11. says

    tho that overture could be considered the awkward beginning of a pick-up, that’s about the only legs that story has.
    we’re going to need alot more than that non-story before we can start believing J.C. Shasay is on our bus.

  12. jeff says

    Jimmyboyd, I think Penelope Cruz would be upset to learn that you bestowed the “#1 Professional Beard” title on Eva Longoria. Tom and Matthew trump all the JCs, Jesses, and Marios in the world.

  13. zabadak says

    Billy Masters, of “Filth-2-Go”, was alluding to two boys-in-the-band a few years ago; both allegedly “power bttms”.

  14. jimmyboyo says


    Penelope isn’t even bearding for those 2. That is called only lieing to themselves. LOL Even little grandmas in pioria know Tom and Mathew are big old closet cases.

    Thus why Eva was the #1 profesional hollywood beard.


    Neil Grieves

    You have every right in the world to post what you wish…you also have evry right to submit yourself to genre magazine for their contest. Genre is still around? Anyway; BUT get real…Genre didn’t pick you up off the street one day. You or someone you know submited your pic and info. You are more around #3…whle the guy with the goatee is #1 in my opinion and it appears everyobody else’s who is voting. Though both of you and al the other guys need to lay off the tweezers!!!! If guys wanted to date guys with girly thin eyebrows then we would just date girls. All guys need to stop with the over plucking of their eyebrows. YOU are GUYS for crying out loud. Guys have sexy thick man eyebrows.

    There are quite a few guys here on towleroad that genre would have put in their contest if we had even known genre was still around let alone running such a contest so we could send in our pics and info as well.

  15. jimmyboyo says


    Seriosuly genre is still around? LOL who buys magazines anymore?

    This is the digital age, print is out. The editors of Time Magazine admited as much when they said the founder of Time would have opted to do only digital medial if starting the mag up today. Who buys magazines now a days except grandmas in pioria that don’t own computers

  16. Luke says

    How come its never the cute guys like this one that comes out? Always ones like Lance Bass or that basketball player, ugh.

  17. just sayin' says

    I bet that isn’t even Neil Greives spamming the board. Just don’t vote at all!

    Posted by: Je | Feb 12, 2007 7:53:36 PM

    I totally agree. Poor Neil must have offended some bitter queen with too much time on her hand who is now seeking revenge…

  18. Cory says

    I totally agree. Poor Neil must have offended some bitter queen with too much time on her hand who is now seeking revenge…

    Posted by: just sayin’ | Feb 12, 2007 10:12:06 PM

    Yeah, J.C. Chasez lol 😉

  19. Jack! says

    “How come its never the cute guys like this one that comes out? Always ones like Lance Bass or that basketball player, ugh.”

    Are you kidding me? John Amaechi is very good-looking. He also has a great personality.