Robbie Williams Enters Rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction

Robbiewilliams_2Robbie Williams has entered a treatment center in the U.S. because of an addiction to prescription drugs, his representative said today, adding “There will be no further comment on this matter.”

Williams has talked in the past about a reliance on anti-depressants and other substances. According to the Daily Mail the singer talked to Stephen Fry about his addictions in a documentary about bipolar disorder last year: “My first drug of choice was probably fantasy. Fantasising about being an actor or being a singer, going to the moon, whatever. And I don’t know if that was to escape a depression. I was sad that my career went like that (pointing upwards) and my self-esteem went like that (pointing downwards). With me, how my depression manifested itself was that I’d stop going out. I lost the cog to socialise. Having said that, I’d get up in front of 40,000 people and say ‘look at me, I’m ace’. And then as soon as I got off stage, I’d get in the tour coach and go back to my bedroom and pull the duvet over my eyes. Cocaine gave me a twitch, and drink just made me ill. So all the props I had just had to be removed.”

Robbie Williams “Greatest Hits” album debuted on iTunes today.
Robbie Williams - Robbie Williams: Greatest Hits

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  1. noah says

    Bipolar disorder is a very difficult illness to manage. Often people with the disorder use alcohol or drugs to compensate for the illness’ affects. If someone is manic, he might use alcohol subconsciously to bring himself down from his manic high.

  2. DT says

    I wish Robbie well. He’s brought many a smile ot my face with his mishievious look and beautiful voice. All the best one could ever wish for someeone else goes out to him.

  3. Cory says

    Interesting, I never knew that he was suffering from a mental illness. Bipolar disorder is extremely difficult to manage, and a lot of people self medicate with drugs and alcohol. What many individuals do not realize is how wide spread bipolar disorder is in the general population. Any one remember the actress Lise Nicole Carson? She was an up and coming actress who played Renee, Calista Flockharts good friend in “Ally McBeal”, as well as a recurring role in “ER” and a co-starring role in “Eve’s Bayou”? In 2002 she checked herself in for help with bipolar disorder as well, and her struggle was an extreme and tragic one at best. Wishing them ALL the help and courage it takes to find themselves and happiness…

  4. says

    It’s so interesting that this lunk-head has now be en diagnosed. Most of us did that long ago.

    BTW previous poster: If someone is homophobic dickhead, he might use alcohol subconsciously to convince himself he doesn’t crave DICK”

  5. says

    Wow…people LOVE to kick a guy when he’s down. Since when is Robbie homophobic, anyway? Or did I misunderstand you, Lexxicuss? I don’t think the VERY GAY and VERY OUT Pet Shop Boys would have bothered working with Robbie if he were REALLY homophobic. Calm down and give the guy some respect.

  6. Mark says

    In the wake of all the negative press we’ve seen in the past few months I’d like to suggest that the twoleroad community take the lead in turning the tide. If you don’t have something constructive or thoughtful to ad, why not refrain from writing.

    Be witty, just don’t be mean. Big difference. Trust in Karma. Your life will change, I promise.

  7. just sayin' says

    As a fellow sufferer of bi-polar disorder, I could sense that he was heading for a meltdown when the video for ‘She’s Madonna’ premiered about a month ago. His drag persona was so sad, and so forlorn, it made my heart ache for him. Sad to see one’s premonition turned into reality.

    Robster, you’ve kicked it before; and you can do it again. Have faith. Be strong. As you told yourself in the video, “You’re a good lad. You’re a good lad”

  8. says

    Tod – Reading is fundamental. You should try it.
    Mark – you don’t get to Edit my thoughts because you don’t agree with them. This is still America isn’t it.

    Robbie can lay back in rehab with all the others. Ted Haggard, Isaiah Washington, et, al. while Charlie Crist, Mark Foley and their followers do as little as necessary and ignore those who would see us dead or dying based on who we love and how we love.

    there’s no holding off on this one. Glad to see we all wasted our time during the late 70’s and the 80’s “Acting Up”. Glad to see you guys rushing to take up the Mantle before it hits the floor.

  9. CRISTIAN says

    Depression is a really ugly monster, and it’s one of the hardest things for any human being to fight against.
    The scariest part is that it’s spreading all over like crazy among our generation. And specially all of us gay men, we stand right on a sweet spot to get easily caught by it any moment.
    Our mental structure of estimulation and motivation is so much different than that of the rest of the average population. We laugh at different things, what amuses us or we find funny is not usually what amuses the rest, and viceversa. We entertain ourselves differently, we deal with emotions differently, our sense for irony and sarcasm is light years aways from that of the rest; and so on and on.
    All that puts us in a much more vulnerable zone when it comes to dealing with bipolar behaviors or depression patterns.
    May be depression is our new enemy, and we’re sleeping with him every day, but we just haven’t realized.
    Be aware, and be ready to help those around you when you can. Just like Aids, neither does depression discriminate, or ask for permission; it’s not visibly identifyable, and nor does it wear Prada.

  10. sambrown says

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  11. says

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  12. says

    This shows how a man with such caliber and popularity gets the drug addictions and spoils his wonderful career. I wish him to get out of his bipolar disorder and be a ace again.

  13. jennifer456 says

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