1. Kevin says

    you knw what, thats bs. Yes FoxNews is conservativly bias, but every other news source on tv is liberally bias! So shut up! Let there be at least one opposing the othe r6 or 7. Ugh liberals always whining!

  2. James says

    Moderate? How linear of you.
    Fox is biased
    CNN is biased
    ABC, CBS, NBC et al. are biased. You have to accept that as a fact and use what ever innate sense you posses to filter out a version of “the truth” that works for you.

  3. CF says


    You get credit for acknowledging that Fox is BIASED (and therefore not ‘news’ but OpEd) but “shut up” and “at least there be one opposing the other” is completely unacceptable as rhetorical points.

    Go learn things lil guy.

  4. nutso says

    I’m sorry, but two years in the Senate does not qualify Obama to become President. Hillary only has six years in the Senate, but at least she was First Lady for eight years, and also the First Lady of Arkansas for a long time. Not that being First lady qualifies her either. But what else qualifies Obama? Nothing!

  5. joshua says

    Fox is no more bias towards the center and center-right than ABC, NBC,CBS CNN and MSNBC are towards the center and center-left.
    Yes Marco, there are conservative newspapers, but of all the papers you name, only 1 has any real readership, now compare that to the L.A. Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post.
    What bothers you Liberals is the fact that more people watch Fox than all the other cable news groups compbined.
    I’m not a Fox viewer, I watch 1 program on Fox News, and that is the Special Report on every afternoon. It has a pretty balanced take on political news.
    As to Obama, ALL of the network and cable news groups were doing these exact same stories….not just Fox. Obama has a past, I don’t think it disqualifies him from being President, but as each of these little tidbits come out, ALL of the news media jump on them. They have created Obama mania, and now they will begin the process of trying to destroy him. This is what ALL of our media does in this celebraty driven culture we have become.
    They did it with Howard Dean, John Kerry and Al Gore. They did it to McCain, then Guliani. It’s what they do. It’s what bloggers do. Get used to it.

  6. Seann says

    24/7 networks have an inherent bias towards certain cultural leanings but Fox News takes that cake with their unfair reporting.

    The other networks may have jumped on these stories, but only after being spoonfed them by the Faux News machine which is infamous for lying and smearing.

  7. says


    Whether Fox News or ABC or WHO EVER, is bias is not the issue, at least from where I am sitting.
    The issue for me would be how a ‘news’ service can get away with such shabby reporting and not be ripped, and still be taken seriously.

    Don’t you Yanks have ANY basic standards of journalism? If a British News Channel reported the way Fox News does, it would be driven off the air. Sky News (also owned by News Corporation) has more in common with BBC News than its sister channel Fox News when it comes to the high level of reporting and bias!

  8. Ray says

    What scares the hell out of me is that there is going to be four more years of a republican president. The democrats are fighting each other.. The reps are going to sit by while the dems feed on each another until there is nothing left.

  9. Joe T. says

    Count me in as another who prefers Fox news as his source. Like others I know, I’m aware that it leans toward the right and a conservative viewpoint, but- keeping that in mind- I still feel I’m getting the more-balanced and direct overall picture than with the NY Times, etc.

  10. Joe T. says

    RP : Of course, that’s what Fox viewers believe about the “other side”/liberals/the anti-Fox types/liberal sheep, etc., So these kind of debates don’t go anywhere. Everybody should watch every news source on his own and then decide which seems more accurate.

  11. Toto says

    If CNN has been biased it is in the fact that they are actually showing world news. What better way to make the right look bad than present a war. War doesnt look pretty any way you spin it. I once watched only CNN and Fox in a three day period and in the time it took Fox to get through the celebrity bitching, American Idol promotion, and some new ridiculous way to protect your sweet little billy from child predators hidden in his underwear CNN had coverage from journalists on location in Iraq, Israel and England all covering their respective conflicts/developments followed by a helping heap of government dissapproval with the administration which, isnt really news at all its just common knowledge. No, actually covering the news is what HURTS Fox. Who knows maybe if things didnt get soo fucked up with the republicans in charge than the roles would be reversed.

  12. Mike J. says

    Toto- I think the subject of child molestation is important, too, though. (Whether it’s “little Billy” or whatever the child’s name is). But what was “ridiculous” about the method of prevention they were discussing? Which show on Fox was it?

  13. Robert In WeHo says

    Fox News doesn’t report the news, they report Republican agenda biased here-say and opinion. Faux News is staffed and operated with people who are more concerned about spreading their pro-Republican propaganda and promoting the Neo-Conservative ideology than anything else. During the Libby Perjury trial, one thing became very obvious, Fox News is a key element in the conservative ideological media “freak-show.” Fox offers fair and balance journalism? Only in some warped, twisted little Republican alternate reality bubble. In the real world, Fox News is nothing more than a forum for conservative partisan attack poodles to yip and yap without someone being able to get the newspaper to punish them with…

  14. Da says

    I’m not sure I understand the appeal of Fox, it’s not even entertaining as I imagined it could be..the journalists don’t attempt to talk to the viewers, they talk AT them. I literally feel “assaulted” listening to them for more than 30 sec – and it has nothing to do with their leaning to the right,north or south. The product is just not good, period.

    And as far as countering them as this video suggest, I think it should be simple:
    1-Tune out..

    I’ve found that the liberals have started to behave a little like the gay community as it relates to their reaction to the increasing bullying tactics of the conservative camp: they stop and stare in shock. But the problem is they get stuck there, reactionless, and slowly start to believe what the bullies are saying about them while their own voices shrink more and more. “Listen to what Bill O’Reiley has to say about..and about..and about”.

    I think it would be more smart to let the intelligent voices on the left speak more and to speak highly about them. ie Whatecer happened to the Air America Radio business? I hardly ever seen any blog mention them. But Rush Limbaugh?? His every message gets carried everywhere.

  15. says

    “Don’t you Yanks have ANY basic standards of journalism? If a British News Channel reported the way Fox News does, it would be driven off the air.”

    1 – We actually have a complete freedom of the press here. Not bad for some “Yanks.”
    2 – The British (in the home of sensationalist tabloids that kill people) attacking anyone for shoddy or sensationlist journalism is like Tim Hardaway attacking someone for making a homophobic comment.

    Fox News is a refreshing change of pace from the Democrat Party-controlled leviathons of CNN, CBS, NBC and the like.

  16. mark m says

    Bottom line. People watch Faux News to reinforce their own views, not to have them challenged or to (gasp) question their position on an issue.

    Faux News is comfort food for frightened, thumb-sucking conservatives who are intimidated by real “fair” journalism.

    Oh and last thing. The liberal media bias is a myth created by conservatives.

  17. Leo says

    Those who defend Fox claiming that it offers a conservative agenda in a news media that is dominated by “librul” outlets seem to miss the point.

    You could argue that there is a place for a news channel that has a conservative agenda. But there is a difference between a channel that chooses to give prominence to conservative issues and a channel which lies and distorts the truth to avoid presenting its viewers with uncomfortable questions and to smear those who do not agree with the agenda of the channel. At issue, is that Fox does the latter.

  18. RP says

    Joe T, I never claimed to watch one media outlet. I am not that closed minded. However, I refuse to take anything Fox (aka Murdoch’s mouthpiece) details at face value.
    You should go watch Outfoxed.

    Otherwise all I hear coming from you is “BAH!”

    If you really want to keep track of who is “accurate,” there are watch dogs like I think you’ll see though that such watch dogs find a huge disparity of inaccuracy when it comes to Fox comparitively to other outlets.

    Everyone has an agenda, but Fox is just plain untrustworthy.

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