News: Prince Harry, Seattle, Calvin Klein, GLAAD, Sean Penn

road.jpg Lesbian asks court to ban gay adoptions: “Sara Wheeler’s life has become a contradiction. Once a proud lesbian, she’s now a pariah in the gay community. Once in a committed relationship with a female partner, she’s rethinking her sexuality. And now she’s doing something she once would have considered unthinkable — arguing that gays don’t have the legal right to adopt children.”

Gievesroad.jpg London Gieves & Hawkes ad campaign: father and son, or gay silver fox and his younger conquest?

road.jpg Donald Rumsfeld reportedly asked to guest edit L.A. Times opinion page.

road.jpg Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose, says Seminole County police chief.

road.jpg ABC scores high on grade of five major broadcast networks and their gay representation over the years. Meanwhile, gay media watchdog GLAAD continues to face increased scrutiny after a letter from here! networks senior VP Stephen F. Macias was leaked, questioning GLAAD’s continued exclusion of gay media outlets from its awards.

road.jpg Rupert Everett to don drag for Belles of St. Trinian’s sequel: “Rupert is to take on the dual roles of the school’s beleaguered headmistress Millicent Fritton and her brother Clarence – made famous by comic genius Alistair Sim – while Pride And Prejudice star Colin [Firth] will play an MP who plans to turn the school into a respectable institution.”

road.jpg Jesse Metcalfe is undeniably in love.

road.jpg Seattle mayor Greg Nickels under fire for support of gay marriage.

road.jpg SURVEY: 72% of heterosexual adults say their opinion of a favorite male athlete wouldn’t change if the athlete revealed that he was gay.

Harryboozeroad.jpg Prince Harry attacks paparazzi in booze rage.

road.jpg New York’s Royalton hotel issued fraudulent fries to Calvin Klein: “Geoffrey Zakarian , the chef behind the Town and Country restaurants, confessed to Bill Boggs at the Yale Club celebrity chef dinner series that while he was cooking at ’44’ in the Royalton years ago, his regular customer Calvin Klein always wanted French fries with lunch. The kitchen wasn’t equipped to make fries, however – so each day, Zakarian sent out to McDonald’s for a couple of large orders of fries, which he’d doctor up with more salt and reheat and serve to Klein – who never knew. Until now.”

road.jpg LIFE‘s over. Time Inc. to stop printing it.

road.jpg Sean Penn leads Oakland charge against Bush, war: “You and your smarmy pundits — and the smarmy pundits you have in your pocket — can take your war and shove it. Let’s unite not only in stopping this war, but in holding this administration accountable. Let’s make this crystal clear: We do support our troops, but not the exploitation of them and their families. The money that’s spent on this war would be better spent on building levees in New Orleans and health care in Africa and care for our veterans. Iraq is not our toilet. It’s a country of human beings whose lives that were once oppressed by Saddam are now in Dante’s Inferno.”

road.jpg Senate Republicans blocking free Al Gore Global Warming concert from Capitol grounds.

road.jpg Spandex-suited Will Ferrell shows off his “moose knuckles”.


  1. rjp3 says

    Some people have NO shame – espcially that freakin crazy woman. Lesbian Straight – either way as self-centered witch who only cares for she and hers.

    There will be a special spot in hell for her if there is any justice.

  2. Jack! says

    The lesbian mom is self-centered and self-hating.

    The networks could do a better job in showing gay people.

    Congrats to Rupert on another acting role.

    Greg Nikels is doing the right thing.

    I don’t believe the results from the sports survey. People give answers that they believe are acceptable or what others want to hear.

  3. Brian says

    Um, no those aren’t man-boobs on Jesse Metcalfe. Jesse’s a little to plucked and product-laden for my taste, but those are definitely not man-boobs.

    The girl is pretty.

  4. sean says

    sara wheeler is your classic manipulator. she used the dekalb county court system to help her then partner to become an adoptive parent of a boy she gave birth to that was conceived via artificial insemination. now that she has parted with said woman, and let it be known according to this woman who goes by the name of melissa wheeler, that sara was the impetus for said break-up by cheating on melissa with another woman, sara wheeler is once again manipulating the court system to gain full custody of this boy be claiming that the adoption was never legal in the first place and therefore never should have been allowed thereby negating any legal right melissa may have to the raising of their son. sara feels biology should take precedence over any court ruling. she may be determined as a mother, but as a human being, she falls way short of the mark.

  5. Marc says

    Check out the AP headline for the adoption story.

    You can see it in the URL: “AP-Gay-Traitor”

    That just doesn’t sit right with me. Don’t know why.

  6. Leland says

    Having developed, even before its acquisition by Logo, such a large Internet footprint, it’s very frustrating that so much that appears on repeatedly reveals the shallowness of its contributors’ knowledge about what they write.

    There is no excuse for leaving out two especially important made-for-TV movies. In 1978, NBC broadcast “Sergeant Matlovich vs. The U.S. Air Force,” the first dramatization of the military’s dismissal of gays and lesbians regardless of their performance. Matlovich had won a Purple Heart in Vietnam and, rather than having his gayness discovered, decided to create a test case. Unfortunately, the production, while pro-gay, was tame to the point of being boring. Still it informed many nongay Americans and inspired many gays, in and out of the military, at the time.

    Much better dramatically, as evidenced by critical acclaim, was “That Certain Summer” shown on CBS in six years before in 1972. Starring Hal Holbrooke as a divorced father having to come out to his teenage son about his lover, a very young, very hot 31-yr. old Martin Sheen. While imperfect, it was unquestionably groundbreaking for something produced only three years after Stonewall. If that doesn’t adequately place it in time, notice the 8-track cassette music tapes in the several extended clips viewable at:

    Then there is AfterElton’s inadequate evaluations of the shows it mentions, and the damage they often did, particularly many of those that resulted in their awarding ABC a ridiculous grade of A-.

    Billy Crystal’s “Soap” character on ABC was far more negative than positive, belying the claim that homophobic visibility is better than no visibility at all. He didn’t just experiment with drag and become engaged to a woman, he considered a sex-change operation. NGLTF called him a “gay Stepin’ Fetchit.” A major step backward.

    The gay son on ABC’s “Dynasty” never considered having his dick cut off, but his dignity repeatedly was as he twirled in and out of the closet for nine years. When his boyfriends weren’t getting killed, he was marrying women, or catching the bridal bouquet at his father’s wedding to “Crystal.” One of the biggest hits of the ‘80s, even among gays, it reinforced over and over the myth that being gay is a choice, a major contributor to our having to still fight that myth 20 years later. An even greater step backward than “Soap.”

    And while ABC does deserve credit for producing “Ellen” and allowing her character to come out as the performer finally publicly was, there courage was short-lived and there is no mention on AfterElton of their having soon cancelled the show when they were inundated with right wing complaints. In a classic case of “blame the victim,” they claimed it was because the show was simply no longer funny. Some ratings loss aside, it was clear they were buckling to the organized religious fascists.

    The recurring gay character on ABC’s “NYPD Blue” over all those nine years was little more than a eunuch. Sure he was made a hero in one episode, and Dennis Franz crudely homohating character accepted him to a degree, but he got so little dialogue as he was mincing about that they should have written him as a deaf mute. How do you say, “SSSSSSSergeant” in sign language?

    The gay teenage son on “Desperate Housewives” is a borderline sociopath who doesn’t care whom he hurts to further his own ends. From purposely hurting his mother by seducing her bi boyfriend to the hit and run killing of their neighbor’s mother-in-law. THIS is progress???

    Finally, it is totally unrealistic for contrasts of the major TV networks treatment of LGBTs to suggest, by leaving out network news specials, that viewers are only influenced by “reality” and scripted programs. While some could be praised, e.g., the ABC [?] special a couple of years ago on celebrity weddings which included that of Melissa Etheridge, there are some that were so negative, so inflammatory, that it is irresponsible to omit them.

    In 1979 ABC News “Close Up” presented an hour focusing on “promiscuous,” suicidal gays. The next year, thirteen years after a negative “CBS Reports” at least let some gays such as Frank Kameny speak for themselves, CBS presented “Gay Power Gay Politics,” which widely contributed to the mainstream idea of San Francisco as a modern Sodom & Gomorrah, complete with discussions of S&M, giving life still today to such buzz words as “San Francisco Democrat.” It was so outrageous that it was condemned by the National News Council.

    While one imagines that much of the shallowness of the commentary on AfterElton can be blamed on a combination of youth and poor source material, surely Dennis Ayers is old enough to be aware of ABC’s 2004 shameless smear of Matthew Shepard in which they tried to simultaneously blame his death on “gay panic” AND deny that homophobia played any role in his being beaten to death at all. I remember reading letters to the editors of gay papers by gays who swallowed it whole and asked why Shepard is considered a martyr. While condemned by GLAAD, Judy Shepard, and the chief police investigator of the murder, it appeared shortly before the election, and the combination of being eclipsed by Bush vs. Kerry news and GLAAD’s impotence resulted in it not receiving the professional journalist condemnation that “Gay Power Gay Politics” did.

    Nevertheless, it should be included in any evaluation of the networks, and it alone makes ABC’s “A-“ grade totally unjustifiable and ill-informed.

  7. BeeDee says

    All I can say about Leland’s comments is flawed as I’ll agree it is (mainly because they didn’t disclose the formulation for their “grades” – a big mistake on any “study” such as this) at least they’re creating dialog. GLAAD doesn’t do a damn thing except have meeting with each other and the networks where they claim to represent the gay community. GLAAD is absolutely useless. AGLA made a more significant and meaningful contribution in the Entertainment Industry.

    Nice try and do better next time AfterElton. Study results are useless unless you reveal the methodology.

  8. kent says

    so Calvin would throw a fit if he didn’t have fries. Well the rest of the real world would have been thrown out…. Think about it. We all deserve the best treatment… not preferential treatment for the quote “select”.

  9. Julian says

    I agree with you Travis. If my mother had not only been the most famous and photographed woman in the world, but had been hounded, pursued, and basically killed by the world’s press, I would be psychologically scarred; and not to mention having to live in the royal fish bowl. I would be an off-the-hook wild ass hellion (that is more than I am now).

  10. joshua says

    I also agrwee Travis and Julian….this kid is actually pretty well adjusted considering what he’s had to face in his life. From Mom and Dad admitting screwing others, to the hounding and killing of his Mother to all of the other stuff.

    Let Harry alone…as long as he’s not killing anyone(except the occasional papparazzi), just let him be.