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Advertisers Abandon Ann Coulter, as do Some Newspapers

The list of advertisers that have abandoned Ann Coulter's website is growing at a steady rate. Net Bank, Verizon, Washington Mutual, AT&T/Cingular, Dollar Rent-A-Car,, University of Phoenix, Sallie Mae, LasikPlus, Power Chord Academy, Gulf Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau,, and Yellow have all abandoned the right-wing pundit's site following her hateful remarks at the CPAC conference, according to Daily Kos.

CoultergeistSome papers have begun to drop Coulter's column as well. The Lancaster New Era, a daily paper, told readers it "halted publication of Ann Coulter's syndicated column following her crude characterization of presidential candidate John Edwards as a homosexual at a public appearance on Friday. Coulter's use of name-calling, sarcasm, and overstatement in her columns too often detracts from the arguments she seeks to make. ...Lancaster County residents of whatever political view -- conservative, moderate, or liberal -- deserve intelligent discussion of issues. Ann Coulter no longer provides that."

Michigan Liberal reports that the Oakland Press also says they'll no longer carry Coulter's column.

Andrew Sullivan received an email from the American Conservative Union. Sullivan reports that the group won't say they'll disinvite Coulter from speaking at CPAC next year, and won't condemn her comments:

"ACU and CPAC leave it to our audience to determine whether comments are appropriate or not. "Ann Coulter is known for comments that can be both provocative and outrageous. That was certainly the case in her 2007 CPAC appearance and previous ones as well. But as a point of clarification, let me make it clear that ACU and CPAC do not condone or endorse the use of hate speech," said David A. Keene, ACU Chairman."

As Sullivan notes: "Why can he not just say so and disinvite her in the future? The answer: because the base would explode. Coulter is central to a core element of the conservative movement today."

The Human Rights Campaign finally piled on yesterday, calling on folks to "remove Ann Coulter from public discourse" by contacting Universal Press Syndicate, the world's largest independent newspaper syndicate. They've provided a handy webpage to do just that.

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  1. As much as I criticized DA in another thread, and hate to disagree with my brother Ezekiel, I am pleased to agree that this is much to our favor, and see it as, potentially, the top of a "tipping point" we have reached for reasons that are hard to document.

    Nine years after the fact, there is still discussion about why, after years of brutal murders of gays that never got much attention beyond the local news, if at all, the murder of Matthew Shepard reverberated around the world. I don't think the answer can be documented. And while far too little good than we'd hoped came out of the world's attention, I think we are better off than we were, and, peace reside with his sweet soul, the words "Matthew Shepard" carry great power to instantly communicate what the results of irrational hatred can be.

    At the same time, I believe that the TR Knight/Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway stories led less to the reaction to Cuntler's latest horror that benefitted themselves by some intangible shift in general attitudes. Sorry, Paxx, you are sadly wrong about 20 years ago and even 20 MONTHS ago. The same thing and worse SHOULD have happened last year when she "fagged" Al Gore (and, effectively, Bill Clintong) and "dyked" Hillary, but the nongay world (and much of the gay world) yawned in the faces of those who protested.

    Whatever the combination of reasons that people saw THIS time as crossing the line, going too far, whatever, I am grateful for. And, at least as far as I've seen, there has been remarkably less, "what a horrible thing to say about someone"—that is, "yes, faggots are disgusting but this straight person is not." And, I'm unaware of Edwards feeling the need as so many do to add, "I'm not gay but...." (versus Mark Foley, years ago, who not only was but added that it was disgusting to suggest such a thing).

    I am convinced that it all moves us closer to the day when there will be zero tolerance for the F-word and others like it as an epithet AND toward the understanding that the state of being, the people that it refers to are not the subhumans so many still imagine us to be.

    While racism still permeates our society, trust me when I say it is light years better than it was when the average person threw around the word Nigger like rice at a wedding, long after it had disappeared from "official" "public discourse." What changed? SOME people, indeed, had their consciousness raised by the Black civil rights movement. SOME got the message that segregation and open racism was simply bad for business, either day-to-day or, more formally, being denied local, state, and federal contracts if there was any evidence they discriminated. And, the reduction of its public manifestation with impunity changed the way most white kids grew up thinking about people of color.

    There is such a thing as doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Whatever is involved in this case, anything that penetrates Cuntler's force field and hastens the day when she has to resort to blowing sailors for protein bars gets my vote.

    Posted by: Leland | Mar 7, 2007 4:02:58 PM

  2. As much as I criticized DA in another thread, [..] I am pleased to agree that this is much to our favor.
    Posted by: Leland |

    Thank you Leland. And as much I may have disagreed with you in the other thread, you're one of the people on here I have the greatest admiration for (ok, time to cue that cheesy music..but it's true).

    There's nothing more to add to your eloquent post. You summed it all.

    We are the midst of a shift for gay rights, as we're slowly moving from the peripherial discourse to the mainstream one. Sure there are a lots of people who are going to resist it, but it's happening in spite of their misguided efforts, partially thanks to web 2.0 which gives equal opportunity for gay voices to be heard. It'll no longer be tolerated for people like Ann Coulter to spew ignorance unchallenged. And I welcome the opportunity to be placed on an equal field with some of those big shot facists who used to hide behind their advertising-sponsored bibles to spew hate at homosexuals. Ms Coulter is now free to join Towleroad's comment section if she wants to defend herself against what I have to say about her.

    Posted by: Da | Mar 7, 2007 4:28:54 PM

  3. I agree 100% with mark M

    I see the point but i will also gladly not look a gift horse in the mouth

    On HRC....A little late to the party! Anybody surprised on how long it took them to act?

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Mar 7, 2007 4:32:46 PM

  4. Coulter's site is's just running very slowly...maybe that's because advertisers are abandoning her left and right...hehehe!

    And Zeke, Kurt is right...the United Negro College Fund probably did not directly place their ad on Coulter's site, but instead contracted with an advertising company who then turned around and placed it there...but they need to be alerted that their ads are running on the site of an offensive, bigoted harpie.

    Posted by: peterparker | Mar 7, 2007 5:35:02 PM

  5. Hey guys, HRC has sent out another TakeAction email that will be sent to the editors of newspapers still carrying Ann's column.

    I would post the whole email by HRC, but I know how some of you detest long posts :-P

    Long story short, go here if you would like to take the next step with HRC:

    Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 7, 2007 5:35:23 PM

  6. Oh more thing...of all the companies that have abandoned Coulter, Google apparently remains onboard...and remember Google is the company whose motto is "Don't be evil."...if you click on 'photos' on the left side of Coulter's webpage, you'll see at the top of the photos page, in small print, 'Ads by Google'. So I suppose that means Google is still doing business with Ann...but the really funny thing about her photos page is that a ton of photos wouldn't open...instead they just displayed a questiion mark in place of a photo...I'm guessing Ann was forced to remove pictures of her with celebrities.

    Posted by: peterparker | Mar 7, 2007 5:38:46 PM

  7. if you click on 'photos' on the left side of Coulter's webpage, you'll see at the top of the photos page, in small print, 'Ads by Google'. So I suppose that means Google is still doing business with Ann

    Posted by: peterparker | Mar 7, 2007 5:38:46 PM

    Actually, ANYONE can take part in AdSense, Google doesn't monitor these "partners" at all. That is part of the reason why "content sites" such as Ann's (or even Towleroad) don't convert many sales. So, as much as I hate Google, don't blame this one on them.

    Posted by: Gabriel | Mar 7, 2007 5:50:30 PM

  8. Why aren't I surprised about google? Ever since they've aquired youtube, all their gay-themed groups started dissapearing from the main lists in the community section.

    Posted by: Da | Mar 7, 2007 5:56:38 PM

  9. Check the update at

    for the growing list of advertisers dumping her. It's a good idea to e-mail THANK YOUs to them, too.

    Such quick action brings a smile to a crusty old cynic like moi, but now that the tide SEEMS to have turned in our favor regarding our public demonization we must demonstrate ZERO TOLERANCE for the next Washington/Hardaway/Coulter who throws the F-bomb or other words of hate. They CAN think and feel and believe what they want, but they have no right to manifest it without—at least—mass condemnation.

    Posted by: Leland | Mar 7, 2007 6:25:48 PM

  10. ya know leland - you had me until the last sentence. Coulter has every right to think, feel, and SAY what she did. But she has been skating on a thin line for a while and finally crossed it. What happened is what is supposed to happen - condemnation. This is a good thing. Lets not continue to pass laws that suppresses everyone's speech rights when you feel bad when a naughty word is said out loud.

    Posted by: yoshi | Mar 7, 2007 9:42:39 PM

  11. sorry but i think i'll pass on sending a thank-you note/email to any advertisers that have dropped out of the coulter vortex. the fact that they once DID business with her considering her long history of hate/intolerance pretty much sums it up. why should i thank someone who NEVER should have done biz with her in the first place. "uh, verizon,, et al, thanks for no longer doing business with a woman who has peppered her language with hatespeak like i pepper my salad. thanks for finally seeing the light. you're the kinda peeps i really want to continue doing business with. keep up the good work." uh, no. i'd rather chip away at golf balls.

    Posted by: sean | Mar 7, 2007 11:56:03 PM

  12. Let me quess, what companies will get good press by dropping Ann the slam. And how many companies will get on the band wagon now that Ann is getting press (bad or good)it's print that she would never get if she didn't have her gums flapping.

    Just a thought.

    Posted by: Dr. Pat | Mar 8, 2007 3:44:25 AM

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