Amazing Race Winner Chip Arndt Launches AIDS Fund Campaign

Chip Arndt, winner of the Amazing Race 4 with then-partner Reichen Lehmkuhl, has launched an ambitious drive to raise $100,000 for nine HIV/AIDS service organizations in Florida, Washington DC, and New York City in 2007.

Arndt_chipHe’ll do that, he says, by participating in two AIDS rides and two AIDS walks in 2007 that will cover a total of 425 miles. Chip’s Personal Response to AIDS Across America” (“CPR to AAA”) will benefit the LGBT Community Center in New York City, the Whitman-Walker Clinic in Washington, DC, and the following organizations in Florida: the Hug Me Program at The Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families in Orlando; Trinities Charities in Sarasota; the Compass Community Center in West Palm Beach, Broward House in Ft. Lauderdale, Care Resource in Miami, South Beach AIDS Project in Miami Beach, and AIDS Help in Key West.

Arndt explained his reasons for launching the drive on Monday: “It’s simple, do the math. According to the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), there are at least 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The number of women living with HIV has tripled in the last two decades. At least half of all new infections are among people under the age of 25. While Congress renewed the Ryan White CARE Act until 2009, it doesn’t provide near the amount of money organizations serving this growing number of men, women, and children need. This is not about politics; people simply need our help and compassion.”

Arndt, whose work for gay causes has expanded in South Florida since his Amazing Race win (he is also currently the PR Director for GLSEN South Florida and the President of Miami’s Freedom Democrats) has launched a MySpace page to facilitate his fundraising efforts. We’ve covered his AIDS ride efforts here before, and wish him the best on his new endeavor.


  1. jimmyboyo says

    Chip sure has done, is doing, and will do more for gay rights, gay causes, the gay community than reichen’s self promotion/media whorishness ever will. The irony though is that most of our community doesn’t know who this guy is but they all know who reichen is and too many drool over him.

    Anyway; I never watched the Amazing Race….but looking at this pic of Chip and knowing what he does…I wished I had. He isn’t hard on the eyes at all.

  2. Becks07 says

    Wow…an actual “survivor” (bad pun) from the reality TV world. I did not watch the show he appeared on, but the impact he is leveraging his fame to create speaks volumes when you think that the latest thing 3rdReichen did was cut the ribbon at some gay bar opening…or whatever.

    Good for Chip and best wishes to him!

  3. John says

    It is very interesting that Chip is in the news for fundraising for AIDS and Reichen is in Philly as the host for the Mr. Gay Philadelphia Contest. Guess which one is using his fame more wisely?

  4. CLIFF says

    I encourage all of you guys to support Chip in this latest endeavour of his…I have contributed to all of his bike rides and will continue to do so…his efforts in this area are truly worthwhile (he puts his heart and soul into everything he does)…I have never failed to receive a hand-written note of thanks from him for my contributions…for him to take the time out of his busy schedule, to write me a handwritten note, speaks volumes…please help him in this latest fight…thanks, Cliff.

  5. Jack! says

    I think Chip is great. He’s a noble guy. I just wish he would do a better job grooming his eyebrows. It bothers me that a gay man has poorly maintained eyebrows.

  6. Da says

    Chip’s initiative is fantastic, but he and Reichen seem to be on very good terms if we refer to their myspace (they are on each other’s top friends list, and post messages to each other) why does the public always compare them?

    I’m myself a big Reichen fan. I read his blog frequently, and I feel he makes such a huge difference with his talk about gays in the military. A lot of people who would not otherwise hear about this topic are being informed by him, like when he goes on Tyra’s show, and that’s a good thing. I don’t think the only commendable cause for LGBT has to center around AIDS..there are so many other aspects to work on and sensibilize people about..

  7. Leland says

    Well, DA, it’s obvious you need to “sensibilize” (sic) yourself a little bit about the difference between “talk” and “walk.” I did see both him and Arndt on “Amazing Race” and have followed their individual actions since, excited at the possibility of two new photogenic activists. And I can tell you that never have two roads so diverged.

    Yes, Lehmkuhl has informed a lot of people about antigay military policies. But inexplicably and inexcusably in all of his appearances that I’ve seen, including Tyra, and even in his book which was SUPPOSED to be the great missle launched against DADT, he never told people what they could try to DO about it! (Even on his myspace page, his own fans are still asking, “Tell us what we can DO.” (emphasis mine)

    He could have said/written any number of these things: write your local paper; write “Newsweek,” “Time,” et al.; write your Senators; write your Congressperson; write the President; contribute money to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network that not only helps gay soldiers caught by DADT but lobbies Congress for its overturn.
    True, in the past, he has attended some fundraisers for SLDN, but he quickly went Missing In Action once his “career” took off. True, he has plugged the efforts of Soulforce, but apparently can’t be bothered to participate himself, even for a single day (all those hours of playing a mute waiter on soap operas are so draining). And, he recently encouraged participation in a lobby group that has formed in San Diego, with no explanation of why he isn’t emphasizing the better-organized, long-standing, Washington DC-based SLDN.

    I totally agree that “there are so many other aspects (besides AIDS) to work on,” and I guarantee you that when one compares what Lehmkuhl had done to what Arndt has done, your hero is found wanting by any objective measure. Arndt has also done fundraisers for SLDN, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and the Point Foundation. And, as Andy mentioned, he doesn’t just “talk” about issues or simply raise money for them, but WORKS on them. Reichen is the Queen of the Red Carpet, while Chip is the President of Freedom Democrats, an LGBT caucus working to elect gay-friendly candidates. Contrast their myspace pages: Reichen’s is, like his Website, a shrine to his Wonderfulness, with flashing beefcake photos, and the same kind of “with friends” pictures that any myspace page has. There is only one picture related to a charity, whereas the pictures on Arndt’s page almost all are related to his many charity events, and exists soley to raise money.

    To each his own, but don’t give credit to Reichen for more (or less) than he deserves. And ask yourself this: if he had a bag over his head would you care at all?

  8. Da says

    Leland, the only thing I’m getting from your post is that Chip does a loooot, while Reichen does some (the key words here being “doing something”).

    So what’s the point? sorry if I still don’t get it..

    Or let me guess : because Reichen is seen a looot, and Chip remains in relative obscurity, one of the two has to be blamed for cancelling the efforts of the other??

  9. Leland says

    “loooot”? Are you trying to write with a Scottish accent?

    But you’re right—you still don’t get it. In sum: Lehmkuhl TALKS about “Talk” and “do” are both verbs, but only someone intoxicated by Lehmkuhl’s meat puppet looooks would think they MEAN the same.

  10. Leland says

    “loooot”? Are you trying to write with a Scottish accent?

    But you’re right—you still don’t get it. In sum: Lehmkuhl TALKS about doing a loooot. Arndt actually DOES a loooot. “Talk” and “do” are both verbs, but only someone intoxicated by Lehmkuhl’s meat puppet looooks would think they MEAN the same.

  11. jimmyboyo says


    What kind of crack are you smoking?

    Chip’s eyebrows are way too maintaned already. Shaggy THICK THICK THICK eyebrows are what men are supposed to have and are sexy as hell. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who plucks their eyebrows. the only part of an eyebrow on a man that should be plucked is the middle (unibrow)and lightly at that. I personaly can not stand to talk face to face with any man who plucks the tops, the sides, anything more than the middle because it dusrupts eye contact, it makes them look like clowns and or girls and I let them know inbetween my laughs.

    men are supposed to have thick unkepteyebrows except for the middle part Thick eyebrows are what real men/ sexy men have.

    Put away those tweezers unless you are a drag queen

  12. Da says

    Ok Leland, now I get it.

    You’re hating on Reichen because he has the looks and the personality that draws the bigger fanbase to him than your favorite Chip.

  13. Jimmyboyo says


    Reichen has the looks? LOL I personaly do not find him attractive, but for those that do they are only lusting after what a lot of money and a bunch of plastic surgeons created.

    Look again at that pic of reichen back in the day when he was a cadet…and compare it to now….His face has been chisseled, hacked, and implanted with more plastic than it should be. I bet dollars to donoughts that he has a scar in his belly button from liposuction, but don’t quote me on that till someone can get a close up pic of said belly button.

    Reichen is the epitome of fake where as Chip is a truly beautiful human being inwardly

  14. Leland says

    No, Da, as you insist on continuing the pissing match that you insisted on starting in the middle of a discussion of someone’s effort to fight AIDS—you still don’t get it, but at least you’re being more honest, as suggested by my question, “if he had a bag over his head would you care at all?”

    For you, it’s not really about fighting AIDS or DADT or hate crime or for gay kids and for the right to marry and/or adopt and job protection. It’s a beauty pageant. And, just your luck: if you scurry down to the Mask & Wig Theater in Philadelphia this Saturday night with that hard on still in your pants and $60 in your sticky little hands, you can not only drool while Reichen hosts the evening wear and swimsuit and “sexy lingerie” competition at the Mr. Gay Philadelphia contest—but….drumroll….wait for it…..get to meet His Holiness in “a private back stage party after the show.” Notice, I didn’t write “MEAT” him, and none of the money goes to any charity, but what do you—or he—care?

  15. Zlexar says

    I’ve actually known Chip since before he was out, and I’ll say this: he is determined to do good things – perhaps at times a little too determined. He has always been an ambitious guy, and comes with all the pros and cons that ambition brings. Then again, who really cares about that as long as he’s making some type of positive contribution? And there’s no question that he is.

    And heck, let’s give Reichen a break. Sure, maybe seeking the spotlight is a vice, but there’s a way to squeeze some virtue out of that particular stone. He’s doing some good work, and who can blame the boy from enjoying the ‘hot celebrity’ thing? There are likely far more shallow people out there doing a lot less with what they have.

  16. Da says

    Leland you were the first one to bring up Reichen’s looks, not me, so it’s not fair projecting such prejudices on me..

    This said there’s nothing wrong with beauty and the appreciation of fact the world needs more of it. Therefore I’m all for Mr. Gay Philadelphia or any contests celebrating gay beauty, especially when they’re hosted by someone as yummylicious and classy as Reichen!! Love him :)

  17. Jack! says

    Jimmyboyo, I agree that men’s eyebrows should be thick. But I think they should be well-groomed also. Look at Freddie Prince Jr. for well-groomed thick eyebrows.

  18. Dr. Pat says

    Jello people. Thought I would just mention that the funds collected for this event or any don’t go to the programs that they are intended. After paying the star, administration costs, security, permits, and wine and cheese parties that go with it there isn’t much left to give to the huge list of intended. Further more the people that get it all are the Director of each place for their collective salaries. Becareful of the creative accounting that they do and see who walks of with the funds.

    I think that we have to as a community question the intent of all our fund raising. If you donate, donate to the actual people that run the frontline most times they will see the money goes to good use in their collective facilities.

    For years I have questioned the Aids Committee of Ottawa and exactly where the money goes when there is a fund raiser. No one really knows. The Director is sitting pretty with a salary of almost 60,000.00 and the food bank provides the food for the drop in centre. What’s up with that??????????????

  19. just sayin' says

    Chip and Anderson were at Yale at about the same time (I think Chip is class of ’88 and Mr Cooper is ’89). Don’t know if they know each other though.

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