Ann Coulter Defends “Faggot” Joke; Sponsors Pull Ads

Ann Coulter traveled over to FOX News (big surprise) to open her piehole and dignify the disgusting “joke” she made the other day at the CPAC conference. Here’s how Ann feels about the word “faggot”:

“I didn’t use an insulting word. I used a schoolyard word, about a married man with children — for the eight billionth time, and the audience knew that. I mean the joke wouldn’t have worked if I had inserted the name of a gay Democrat. Any other Democrat, the name could have been inserted. It could have been Howard Dean or Hillary Clinton because it’s a schoolyard taunt meaning wuss, meaning nerd, meaning weenie, meaning lame.”

Coulter obviously just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t realize that hundreds of kids are on the receiving end of that “schoolyard taunt” every day and it’s far more charged than words like “wuss, nerd,” or “lame”. Not that I have to explain it to this audience, but the violence that verbal schoolyard aggression can lead to is all too clear. The conservatives who offer her a forum to tell this kind of “joke” are just complicit by proxy.

It’s nice to see that some of the advertisers on Coulter’s website understand that. After complaints, at least three companies — Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank — have pulled their ads from her site.

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  1. Bill says

    What a cunt. I mean that in the schoolyard taunt way of calling a bitch a cunt, you know; it’s a joke.

  2. John C says

    Okay then, so if it’s on the same level as the word “nerd”, we can imagine a Hollywood movie called “Revenge of the Faggots”, right?

  3. sweetjohnny says

    Someone should make “Revenge of the Faggots”. I can already picture the movie poster for it: Ann Coulter and some other well-known neocons running away from a bunch of angry queers.

  4. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    I’ll back “Revenge of the Faggots.”

    This woman is just disgusting. At least her website’s sponsors aren’t so foolish. I read how some claim they weren’t aware they were on her site in the first place though.

  5. johnosahon says

    what i don’t get is why the right wing nut cases are upset? i just don;t get that? maybe it is a plot to say oh, we are not that mean? we don’t hate gays?


  6. atheist says

    What monumental arrogance (the other side of monumental ignorance). I can just see Hilary Clinton (or whoever) casually calling Coulter a ‘stupid whore’ before a press conf and then trying to laugh it all off as ‘not an insult’.

    Is this the level of public debate in the US?? Abysmal.

  7. MCnNYC says

    Pure ANN..TWO WORDS: Whoopi Golderg

    She was scorched for a joke and Kerry was SLAMMED and her career suffered.

  8. Rad says

    …and Coulter got just what she wanted; free publicity. She was all over CNN last night. Even Larry King dedicated his show to a detailed panel discussion on her actions.

    Now that that prostitute was buried in the Bahamas, this is the fall back, next best thing to talk about.

  9. says

    Go to her website, make a list of her sponsors, call them up and tell them that you are appalled they are enabling a hate monger.

    Then call her publisher. Do the same. Trust me, this will finally get her attention.

    It’s not merely a schoolyard taunt. It’s a vicious attempt to rob a person of their humanity.

  10. Matt says

    I live in GA and I’m very happy with Netbanks reaction to pull sponsorship. I am equally proud of verizon but I think it sucks they sponsored her anyway.

  11. Matt says

    Okay Sean Hannity makes me want to gag. I have caught his radio show here in Atlanta a time or two. It makes me gag when people call in and the first thing they say is, “sean your a great american”.

  12. dc-20008 says

    If it is just a school-yard taunt, then why not use “nigger” “spic” kike” or “gook”, Ann??? Because you know you and your saggy ass would be banned from all media for life. Well we refuse to be steamrolled over by bgiots like you any more. Your 15 minutes are up Ann! So go sit down and shut up.

  13. Joe T. says

    Well, why shouldn’t a straight man be called “faggot” for once? In my childhood/teenaged culture it meant wuss, good-goody, sissy, or wimp. And some heterosexuals ARE that.

  14. dc-20008 says

    Someone on AmericaBlog suggested Outing people at CPAC and Amer. Conserv. Union. I say GO FOR IT!

  15. Joe T. says

    Matt: I despise Hannity too. I think he has no logic whatsoever. (The only time I was on his side was when he defended the man arrested for running back into the burning house to rescue his dog). I like Colmes and O’Reilly though.

  16. Matt says


    When I grew up “faggot” meant that too. I even called other boys growing up faggot but in this day and age it has changed and become something different. It’s meaning has changed. You ask anyone today what a “faggot” is and they are going to say a gay male or queer not a pansy.

    I like O’Reilly on occasion. He seemed very educated when I saw him on Oprah.

  17. Joe T. says

    Perhaps, Matt (meaning the meaning of “faggot”). I’m not 100 percent sure though. On “Cops” the other day a mother called the police on her young son who was causing trouble. The cops asked him why and he said, “Because she’s a fag” real surly and defiant. (Was actually pretty funny). I guess I still just relate to my childhood definition. But I see what you’re saying.

  18. Psychedelic Pariah says

    It saddens me to see conservatives turning their collective backs on Coulter. During a time in our political history when it’s perfectly acceptable (indeed, applauded) to make movies depicting the fictional assasination of President Bush or to lament the fact that Cheney didn’t die at gunpoint, to call someone a faggot and have the sky fall down is just embarassing.

    How did we ever get to the point where wallowing in a cesspool of self-pity because someone has called us a mean name can trump calling for the death of a leader?

    Is that not also a form of so-called “hate” speech? And if so, why is it that I don’t recall similar hysterics? If this rises to the level of calling for her entrails to hang in the public square, where is the outrage when actions move beyond mere words?

    Rhetorical, don’t bother.

    Ann Coulter has called someone a faggot. And Rome burns — again. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  19. Patrick Goodnow says

    Honda and Acura still have ads on with direct links to their sites.
    As a Honda owner who will soon be shopping for a replacement, I’ll be making a call tonight.
    I also want to ask about their lack of benefits for Domestic partnerships.
    (800) 999-1009

  20. Mike in the Tundra says

    “In my childhood/teenaged culture it meant wuss, good-goody, sissy, or wimp.”

    I can remember with great clarity the first time I was called a faggot. They weren’t calling me a wuss, they definitely meant a male homosexual. How do I know that? Because cocksucking was the adjective used to describe faggot.

  21. JMM says

    Thank you Pariah. Poor, sweet Ann is being crucified for a innocent little word. I mean it’s not like she has ever suggested violence in her past like those dirty hippies. She never ever suggested poisoning a Supreme Court justice or blowing up the New York Times building or invading all Muslim countries (with violence) and converting those ragheads to sweet Jesus. Ann is the paragon of all things true and virtuous. God bless peaceful Ann

  22. Adam says

    Oh dear Psychedelic Pariah,
    Poor Ann Coulter! How dare people turn their backs on her after she says bigoted things! Her poor little heart must be breaking! I’m sure she is crying RIGHT NOW! Oh the horror!
    And a poor Leader/Decider! We should all be standing behind him because he has done such wonderful things for the gay community and not gotten us into disastrous wars or anything! Dissent is so un-democratic!
    I don’t recall anyone in the Democratic Party ever joking about killing Bush or Cheney, certainly no one that would actually speak about that a Democratic convention in an official capacity. Nope, that’s the kind of bullshit the Republicans do.
    What the hell is wrong with you right wing zombies who come here?
    Everyday its “global warming isn’t real!”, “the Republicans actually like Gay people!”, or “Bill O’Reilly is really a nice man!”.
    If you are so convinced of your ass-backwards candyland that you live in how about staying there and letting the rest of us deal with reality.

  23. Reggie says

    Ann Coulter… spokeswoman for Conservatives, Family Values, Evangelicals, Republicans. Thank God she does NOT belong to my party.

  24. RAD says advertises on Ann Coulter’s website.

    Call and complain at 1-800-330-0485, their number and leave a message explaining why you want them to drop their ads from her website.

  25. RAD says also advertises on Ann Coulter’s Website.

    You can call to complain at AT&T Advertiser: 877-647-6278
    Hours of Operation: 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. (PST) Mon. – Fri.
    Or you can E-mail them at

    This is how to hit her where it hurts Republicans the most… their pocketbooks.

  26. anon says

    Question for you all:

    1) The point of Coulter’s joke was to make fun of Isaiah Washington being sentenced to “rehab” for using the word “faggot” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Her view of the idea of sending someone to “rehab” for this was apparantly that it was so absurd as to be the subject of ridicule;

    2) We discussed the Isaiah Washington incident extensively here. The overwhelming consensus here was that the idea of sending Washington to “rehab” for saying the word “faggot” was so absurd as to be the subject of ridicule.

    THEREFORE: Aren’t we here all, in actuality, in agreement here with Ann Coulter on this?


  27. David says

    I really have been so upset about this. It recalls so many bad memories from my adolsescence. The word carries so much violence and anger and is deeply offensive. Towleroad should really post suggetions on things people can do to speak out against Ann Coulter and the word itself.

  28. Gary says

    Faggot is a slang for twigs used to kindle a fire, hence the derogatory ‘throw a few faggots on the fire’.

  29. Psychelic Pariah says

    Correct me if I’m wrong (or if I’m using too much logic to your emotion), but isn’t there a link along the right side of this page called “The Fagat Guide?”

    Different kind of fagat, I guess. Perfectly acceptable and a really great place to visit, too. So let’s continue to only get our shorts bunched up when the word is spoken by a conservative.

    For those of you who apparantly only took away from my previous posting a woe-is-me message, let me attempt to clarify. Ann is a big girl who can take care of herself. Sher certainly doesn’t need to me to do that for her.

    My point was that we get hysterical over name-calling when there are much more egregious things being said and done in the name of Progressive politics these days.

    And you did NOT mention global warming! Am I the only one old enough around here to remember the dire predictions of the “Coming Ice Age” back in the mid-70s? People, turn to your science and history books while there’s still a chance.

    You know, if a liberal isn’t cowering in a corner somewhere worried about the next outbreak of Nuclear winter or global warming or name calling or (insert your conspiracy theory of choice), I’d venture to say they were damned near to crossing over to the lighter side of life.

    Then again, to be blissfully unfettered by the truth or the facts, is to be a dutiful and obediant lib.

    Chicken Little must have been a liberal. Sometimes an acorn really is just an acorn, no matter how many dire predictions and willing believers you attach to the cause.

  30. tjc says

    Ann may well have meant this as a school yard taunt to mean wuss, lame, etc. But the reason “faggot” has those meanings IN THAT CONTEXT is because the speaker intends it to mean gay men as lame, wusses, etc.

    It’s a tautology.

  31. John C says

    >> “During a time in our political history when it’s perfectly acceptable (indeed, applauded) to make movies depicting the fictional assasination of President Bush”

    That was made by a British TV company so your straining for spurious moral equivalence there doesn’t make sense.

    Fascinating the amount of Americans whose view of politics is solely “If you’re for this, you must be against that” and vice versa. American political debate now seems to have no room for nuance anywhere, everything is characterised by extreme posturing on both (because there are only two) sides. The degree of naked hatred on both sides is extraordinary.

  32. Psychedelic Pariah says

    JP: Now there’s a considered response. Exactly the sort against which I was railing. Thanks for your help.

    I’ll pass on the cock, however. Something tells me that if there’s a vacancy upstairs, the whole place is probably filled with the cobwebs of neglect and disuse.

  33. mark m says

    Pariah, if you are going to come to this site and complain that liberals are whiny emotional hystericals with little concern for logic and reason, then bud…

    You gotta stop sounding like an illogical whiny hysterial.

    Ann has advocated violence MANY times in her jokey, “I’m just kidding you fags” tone. So it’s ok for her to do it but we can’t jokingly say that it’s a shame the suicide bomber “missed” Chenney?

    What’s the difference?

    The reason why it’s ok to get up in arms about a silly word is because she isn’t just focussing on one person. If she wanted to demean Edwards, she could do it in a number of ways that don’t involve slurs against an entire segment of the population.

    IF she had called Obama a “Nigger” would you still be making the same argument? Unlikely.

  34. mark m says

    And Pariah…

    You didn’t just tell us to turn to our science and history books INSTEAD of buying into the hysteria of Global Warming…

    I know you didn’t just play the science card… ’cause dude…

    You’re about to smacked down with a whole lotta logic and reason.

  35. Leland says

    1. Coulter is, once again, simply lying. Even had TR Knight’s sexuality not been publicly confirmed [by Knight AND Washington] as being behind Washington’s use of “faggot” when he physically attacked Dempsey on their set [and he STILL has a job—try attacking someone where YOU work, boys and girls, with or without throwing in the F-word], there is no reason to believe she genuinely meant it any other way. To the best of my knowledge, “dyke” hasn’t yet joined the list of grade school epithets, in any context, yet that’s how Cuntler wrote about Hillary and women around her last year. And, her preface to joking that Al Gore is “a fag” was seriously insisting that Bill Clinton must secretly be gay because of his alleged mistreatment of women [unearthing the canard that gay men are attracted to other men simply because they hate women]. “Maybe not Clinton but Al Gore? Definitely a fag.”

    2. There must be zero tolerance of the use of the word as an epithet, even by children who do not yet understand its sexual connotations, because its power as an epithet stems entirely from the idea that being a faggot is something reprehensible. Again, you don’t hear kids saying, “That’s so Catholic!” “You’re a doctor!” Fill in the blanks.

    3. I recall no such “consensus” that Washington going into “rehab” was a joke. The mocking of it was because of the cliche that rehab has become for those who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. From Mel Gibson’s rabid antiSemitism to Mark Foley’s self-destructive obsession with teenage boys—”don’t blame me—it was the alcohol.” Whether or not they are alcoholics is separate from their unacceptable behaviors. Nor did I ever see a direct connection [another Cuntler distortion] between Washington’s homophobia and the alleged rehab. It was Washington’s violence and public pathological lying about calling Knight a faggot and then the unnecessary reuse of the word in front of millions that was context—a man out of control, who ALSO was homophobic.

    4. Cuntler is psychotic, and we have every right to do whatever we can to drive her off of the airwaves, out of the newspapers, and onto the sidewalk next to Fred Phelps and his incest-spawn waving “Matthew in Hell” and “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for 911″ signs.

  36. Adam says

    Um, yeah, Pariah…Where to start?
    I think a lot of us can attest to the real human damage that is often a result of “name calling” with the climate it encourages. For god’s sake didn’t you read here only last week that a 72-year-old man was beaten to death for being a “faggot”?
    God only knows how we could get hysterical about such a trivial thing! On a gay website too!
    Progressive politics getting us in trouble? Are you kidding?
    The Iraq war, the disappearing middle class, the health care crisis, corporate power out of control, wiretapping private phone calls…yeah those damn liberals must be doing all of that! Those Democrats who have virtually no power and can barely stop our Emperor from escalating his war that the vast majority of Americans want to end are the cause of all our problems in this country!
    Fox news told me so!

  37. Terry F says

    Oh Ann, another blatent example of you failing to check your facts. But I’m afraid I would have to go into rehab if I called you a “skanky hateful media whore”. That’s a schoolyard taunt meaning skanky hateful media whore, by the way.

  38. JoeInSF says

    Ann hit a nerve with me, bringing back memories of the times when I was the target of the f-word. I can feel that pain in my body.

    She loves all this attention…it is part of her publicity machine, and endears her even more to the neo-cons.

    Face it, boys, her message is all about hate. But retaliating with hate is just crazy and brings us down.

    But we can take skillful, constructive action like requesting that advertisers don’t support hateful figures like her or complaining when she appears on CNN or the networks. I just checked her site and most mainstream advertisers have pulled their ads, with the exception of So I am sending them an email next…

  39. Psychedelic Pariah says

    Mark M. wrote: “You’re about to smacked down with a whole lotta logic and reason.”

    Would that it were true, Mark. But alas, unless we’ve pulled up stakes, we’re still in LaLa land.

    What logic and reason are you purposing, Gore’s? If you accept the fact that the Earth is billions of years old, and that we’ve seen the earth warming in what, the last 10, 100, 1000 years, would any rational thinking person honestly draw a scientific conclusion on that?

    Show me a single warming model that takes into account the variable called precipitation. For that matter, show me anyone who has yet to predict next months weather.

    Don’t give me your smackdown boogeyman. Global warming is nothing more than a trendy doomsday pseudo-religion. And when you place this argument into the realm of morality (as in, we have a moral obligation to do something about this “problem” now), then you’ve completly removed the science from the belief.

    For every scientist and study you can produce, there are others stating the opposite of inconclusive theories. That said, what say you regarding the ice age that was bearing down on us back in the 70s? Whatever happened to those well-informed, well-meaning Chicken Littles?

    Seriously “dude,” when you’re talking about an entity billions of years old, don’t try to convince me that the sky is falling down until you’ve got a statistically valid (read: Longevity) trend.

    Now, back to the Ann Coulter show. Can’t we whiney fagats (oops, faggots) just get along?

  40. John says

    People have mentioned several companies advertising on I’ve searched the site and don’t see them anywhere. Even the post before this one says is still on there; I don’t see it, either. Where are you guys seeing these ads?

  41. says

    I can’t believe there are 40+ responses about Coulter and not one about the HOT-BODIED DONKEY-DICKED IVY LEAGUE MARINE.

    Where are you priorities people?!

  42. CTinSF says

    So she’s advocating “schoolyard taunts”? Bullying? Gay, black, fat, nerd, geek, whatever… That’s okay now? She really is out of f’ing mind.

  43. Jack! says

    She is trying to play both sides. This is what she does when she gets into controversy.

    She knows what people mean when they say the F-word. It’s used against gay people not as she described. She then trys to “compliment” gay people by saying she would never insult us by comparing us to John Edwards. She completely loses it when she says that the Republican party is pro-gay. Nobody but the delusional believe that.

  44. mark m says

    “For every scientist and study you can produce, there are others stating the opposite of inconclusive theories.”

    Ah, so before when you asked me to name you one … ONE warming model that takes into account precipitation, you didn’t really want me to produce such a study, of which I was about to prove you wrong.

    In fact, HERE is where your argument double backs and attempts to cover your bases by implying that there are nearly as many contradictory theories against global warming as there are for it, a grossly inaccurate statement if ever there was one.

    But if I do produce studies and facts to back up my claim, all of which come from the MAJORITY of scientists and climatologists, will you pull out an obscure study that refutes their collective findings?

    And where would you find such a study? In the fictional work of Michael Chrichton?

    The earth’s age in billions of years has absolutely NO bearing on the study of climate patterns in the past several hundred thousand years. Your lack of knowledge about the paleoclimatological history of the earth is your embarrassment.

    And as for your ridiculous claim that a call to action is somehow a moral and emotional folly where global warming is concerned…

    It’s actually quite illogical to do nothing in the face of staggering evidence.

    And Pariah, only you and few other stubborn (there’s that word again!) conservatives are refusing to believe in global warming. You’re even becoming a minority in your own political thinktank these days!


  45. Psychedelic Pariah says

    Mark: Why do you continue to sidestep the questions I raised regarding the global cooling fad of the 1970s?

    I really enjoyed the part where you claim a MAJORITY of scientists agree with you. That’s rich. Majority of whom? The Global Warming theorists? The PETA crowd. Who is your majority? Oh, I get it, you mean the majority of all scientists the world over. I see, you’re a well-connected and self-assured thinker.

    But still, there’s that nagging little question in the back of your mind, isn’t there. The one saying, hmm. If this global warming thing is real, and has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, why am I just now hearing about it.

    Is it possible that trends toward warming and cooling are actually normal processes given the age of this planet? If not, why did the frozen Earth of the past recede to the just the poles? What warmed the earth enough for the ice to recede?


    But the real whopper was the the earth’s age in bliions of years has absolutely NO bearing on the study of climate patterns. You’re right of course, because afterall, aren’t we really only interested in the slice of time that proves our point?

    When you speak of embarassement, you would be well advised to look in the mirror, my friend.

    To sum up, your so-called “staggering evidence” is staggering evidence because you’ve applied the moniker. And that you’ve chosen to believe without regard to the whole of time, while (dare I say, embarassing), is certainly your choice. Just as it’s your choice to claim (and believe) the pablum that the media spoon feeds you and your ilk on a daily basis.

    I wonder if you’re aware of the fallacy of invoking the “MAJORITY” when trying to convince others that you’re opinion must be correct because others believe as you do.

    Now that’s embarassing.

    Don’t neglect the proper care and feeding of your personal lib.

  46. little chicken says

    i believe in global warming! in fact, there’s a palm tree growing outside my bedroom window right now… and i live in connecticut!

  47. Rich says

    Look, it’s really simple: if you are one, then you can say the word. If not, you can’t. Since Ann Coulter is not a gay man, she can’t use the word faggot. Given the context, and her well-documented ideology, she was being inflammatory. Her utterance is indefensible, and she deserves to be rebuffed.

    As for the whole global warming tangent among these comments: whether you want to believe global warming is a real threat or not, I think the real point is moving away from fossil fuel dependency. This is necessary for lots of reasons, the main one being that the supply of fossil fuels is running out. Another is political: entangling our nation in the complicated politics of the Middle East. As for global warming, I mean, why take the chance when in addition there are all these other reasons to find clean, safe, renewable energy resources?

  48. says

    Either Edwards is a faggot or he is not a faggot. I hope he is not, because being a sex perverted faggot is a despicable and disgusting thing to be.
    Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
    for even their women did change the natural use into that which is
    against nature:
    :27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the
    woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men
    working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that
    recompence of their error which was meet.
    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

  49. samhraid says

    Rev. Donald spits, he obviously doesn’t swallow. Reflecting, do you think Ms. Coulter has ever been in contact with erswhile Italian parliamentarian Ms.Mussolini. Now there’s a pair. Talk about serious bad hair days.

  50. Brad says

    I look forward to Cuntracula’s early demise from smoking-related illnesses. Preferably one of the slow moving, painful cancers, like bone cancer.

  51. k says

    Someday, somewhere, Ann Coulter will be in a life-threatening situation… and she’ll scream for help… and the only person nearby will be a ‘faggot’. And the only action that person really can take is to walk away. Poor poor Ann, us faggots are too weak and nothing more than ‘wusses’… remember? So long.

  52. Patrick Goodnow says

    Commission Junction, “…a ValueClick company, is a global leader in the online advertising channels of affiliate marketing and managed search” continues to post links to a variety of companies at

    (Refreshing the page will load additional advertisers)

    As I refreshed several times, Ads with ACTIVE links came up for SONY, E-Bay and Circuit City.

    Several other Advertisers have suspended links, but their logo and pitch still appear.

    Checking the client list at reveals a long list of familiar names including:
    Quicken Loans
    The Home Depot
    Best Western
    Net Zero
    Crucial Technology

    Many of these advertisers may have no idea where CJ
    is placing their ad –
    (Naive thought, I know – but I AM a whimsical, trusting thing) They should, however, be made aware that in the future they may lose oodles of faggot moolah.

  53. sean says

    it’s true. the following have advertisements on her web page… ING direct, the wall street journal, USA today, yahoo, sony, circuit city,, boycott ’em.

  54. Dr. Pat says

    Joan Rivers move over we have another mouth piece. Ann, now for your close up.

    Just a thought.

  55. Dr. Pat says

    Boycotting a product for service to me, means, you didn’t need it anyway.

    Just a thought.