Ann Coulter Defends “Faggot” Joke; Sponsors Pull Ads

Ann Coulter traveled over to FOX News (big surprise) to open her piehole and dignify the disgusting “joke” she made the other day at the CPAC conference. Here’s how Ann feels about the word “faggot”:

“I didn’t use an insulting word. I used a schoolyard word, about a married man with children — for the eight billionth time, and the audience knew that. I mean the joke wouldn’t have worked if I had inserted the name of a gay Democrat. Any other Democrat, the name could have been inserted. It could have been Howard Dean or Hillary Clinton because it’s a schoolyard taunt meaning wuss, meaning nerd, meaning weenie, meaning lame.”

Coulter obviously just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t realize that hundreds of kids are on the receiving end of that “schoolyard taunt” every day and it’s far more charged than words like “wuss, nerd,” or “lame”. Not that I have to explain it to this audience, but the violence that verbal schoolyard aggression can lead to is all too clear. The conservatives who offer her a forum to tell this kind of “joke” are just complicit by proxy.

It’s nice to see that some of the advertisers on Coulter’s website understand that. After complaints, at least three companies — Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank — have pulled their ads from her site.

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