News: Bono, Andre Boisclair, Dolly Parton, Texas Triangle

road.jpg Anti-gay group MassResistance taking predatory photos of gay youth? More

Bonoroad.jpg Bono is knighted. Just don’t call him Sir.

road.jpg Saudi King Abdullah publicly condemns “illegitimate foreign occupation” of Iraq. Crooks and Liars: “Wow, talk about Bush really losing his base.”

road.jpg Winner or loser? Kevin Federline to walk away with a cool million in Britney Spears divorce settlement.

road.jpg Daily Kos on the threatened Bush veto: “Bush’s veto sends troops to Iraq without rest, without armor, and without training. No president in American history has ever abandoned troops in the field to die. But George W. Bush is about to show you he’s “man enough” to do it, just to prove he can.”

road.jpg Patti LuPone to headline Gypsy revival in New York. Arthur Laurents to direct.

Boisclairroad.jpg Openly gay Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair criticized after party has worst election showing in decades: “PQ Leader Andre Boisclair is openly gay and his sexuality became an issue during the campaign when a radio host proclaimed the PQ ‘a club of fags’ and said local factory workers wouldn’t vote for a gay leader.” Candidate Rachel Gagnon: “We have to ask ourselves whether Quebecers, generally, are ready to live with homosexuality.”

road.jpg American Family Association pissed that Allegheny College is holding a two-day colloquium that begins today on gay, lesbian and transgender issues.

road.jpg More reasons to love Dolly Parton: “When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite, hot young woman.”

road.jpg Lesbian journalist Kay Longcope, who started the Texas Triangle newspaper when she moved to Austin in 1992, has died of pancreatic cancer.

Tortillaroad.jpg Tortilla artist Joe Bravo is a sensation in Mexico, breaking gallery attendance records.

road.jpg Australia’s first gay cruise hit by drug bust: “Police and sniffer dogs inspected all passengers before boarding and five people were detected with drugs on them. A 38 year-old Surry Hills man was found with 20 tablets and charged with supply, while three others – a 26 year-old from Wantirna in Victoria, 35 year-old from Glenmore, Victoria and a 37 year-old from Darlinghurst – were charged with possession of GHB, speed and LSD. A fifth man, 55 years-old, was cautioned for possessing a gram of cannabis.”

road.jpg Video highlights from the Sampson hearing on the firing of U.S. attorneys.

road.jpg Madonna plans retrospective of her 25 years in show biz: “The singer also mentioned that she would love to throw a party for all of her friends that would, ‘celebrate all the designers’, such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix, who have created famous and groundbreaking designs for Madonna over the years.”

road.jpg Conservative groups in Minnesota fighting gay hospital visitation rights: “What we object to is the creation of these domestic partner statuses, which is really marriage by another name and that’s what we see they are attempting to do.”


  1. Brian says

    Are the Quebecois “ready to live with homosexuality”? Is this dude serious? Has he BEEN to Montreal? If you can’t hook up in Montreal then there’s really no hope for you. It’s the most sexually permissive city in North America. “Ready to live with homosexuality” indeed. Honey, you’ve already BEEN living with it.

    If there were a job available for me in beautiful Montreal, there’d be a big sucking sound and then I’d be gone.

  2. Leland says

    Everyone should go to the actual MassResistance link below and read THEIR OWN sick words about what they’re doing. And the article about another group fighting gay hospital visitation rights. If you are one of those LGBTs who refuse to believe how crazy and ruthless these people are, or that we can open their “minds” and “hearts” with love and patience and prayer, with press releases [yes, HRC Fucks, we mean YOU], with turning the other cheek, or that their real goal is not stopping “gay marriage” but eliminating ALL of our civil liberties, get it direct from the psychos themselves. These are the people who fight in and out of court to defend the “religious freedom” of harassing LGBT youth in schools. WAKE UP!

    Bono: doing good but lose the stupid glasses.

    Patti Lupone as Mama Rose? Luv her but she didn’t have the vocal range for the part at her youthful peak no matter what the Patti Queen at the NYTimes claims [and I feel like I need a shower & a shot of penicillin after having landed on Billy Do I Look Like Reichen Masterbation’s site from your link]. This will be a bigger disaster than Bette Midler’s screeching through it on TV. And “the great” Sam Mendes envisioned Patti or Bette doing it on Broadway? Is he directing for the Theatre of the Deaf now?

    “Tortilla artist”? I blame all the mercury in Mexican pottery.

    Sampson hearings? Great that he effectively called Gonzalez a liar, but note that Sampson SUPPORTED the firings of people simply because they didn’t used their federal prosecutor powers to advance the Bush agenda, protect law breaking Repugs, and attack Dems.

  3. Acolyte says

    I’ve always said that there has to be something fundamentally wrong with anyone who doesn’t like Dolly Parton.

  4. David M says

    Take a look at the size of Quebec on a map. Ok, “local factory workers”? We’re not some micro colony here…

    I wonder which factory they are referring to. It may not be perfect here, but I’m probably a lot safer in Montreal than in a lot of other places (including the US). Also, the questions probably weren’t posed to francophones because as far as I know, they love Boisclair.

    Brian, I’m a little uncomfortable with your comment, “If you can’t hook up in Montreal then there’s really no hope for you.” It seems like I can’t make it happen, I hate to think you’re right and there’s no hope for me…

  5. griffin1573 says

    As a Canadian I’d just like to clarify a few things in the report on the down fall of Andre Boisclair.
    You have to keep in mind that the Party Quebecois is and all ways has been a seperast party.
    They came into power and continued campaigning on the concept of removing Quebec from the rest of Canada.
    Makeing it an idependent counrty.
    Three times during their past mandates they held,legal, province wide votes on the question if they should seperate.
    And all three times they lost.
    The party lost the election,NOT because their leader is gay.After all Quebec is the most open minded province in a very open minded country.(Quebecers removed the legal stigmas around homosexuality back in the 60’s).
    They lost because people are sick of the political and financial toll asking the same question over and over again is taking on the province.
    This is a party that would’nt take NO for an answer and believes if they keep asking the question eventually they’ll get a yes.
    Ms.Gagnon lost her seat Not because of the leader but because of what she and her party represent.
    Perfect example of a sore loser trying to blame anyone or anything else rather than taking responsability for her beliefs.

  6. secretagentman says

    Griffin, you totally nailed it.
    DavidM, I think Brian was just stressing how gayfriendly Montreal is, with some dramatic license. I’m in Toronto, the largest gay centre in Canada, and I haven’t had a date in a year. It’s not you, it’s just the way it is.
    I cant wait til one of the MassResistance leaders gets caught with a male hooker and a gram of ‘ice’.

  7. Zeke says

    That all may be true my Canadian friends but the fact of the matter is you have Quebecers and Parti Quebecuois officials very publicly blaming the loss on Bosclaire and his homosexuality.

    It may be a totally bogus argument but I and many others still find it disappointing, and even frightening, that such homophobia is being thrown about in such official ways in a place that many of us thought had long since moved beyond all of this anti-gay crap.

    That, added to Harper and the increasing popularity of the Tories in Canada, is a not so subtle reminder that the war is NEVER won. It seems that Canada took three giant steps forward but they are clearly taking a step or two back.

    With all the crap that we in the US have been going through with homophobia and “conservative values”, I can’t imagine that Canada wouldn’t have tried to avoid going down the same road with everything in their power.

    What’s going on up there?

  8. Dave says

    As a hetero guy who checks out this blog, yes hetero guys do check out gay blogs. Surprise. The downfall of Boisclair has nothing to do with him being gay. This is typical Parti Quebecois behavior. Whenever, they lose they cast the blame on others, never on themselves. In 1993 referendum when the lost, they blamed on the ethnic minority vote.

    I am left leaning liberal that under most circumstances would have voted for the policies of Parti Quebecois. But as an Anglo living in Quebec, I associate Parti Quebecois as Separatist. It’s hard for me to even consider their party as nothing more than a party that wants to divide up Canada.

    So I voted for the lesser of the two evils, The Liberals, who are the only major party in Quebec that is at least close to center and wants to keep Quebec in Canada.

    Quebec is right now going through what is called “reasonable accomadation”. That is what rights do minorities, along the ethnic , religious line have in Quebec. Do their practices and customs fit into public life.

    I would say there is more intolerance toward the Muslim community in Quebec than Gays and Lesbians.

    Personally I thought it would have been great to have an openly Gay premier. I probably would have voted for him because he was Gay. However, there was too much at stake to vote like that.

  9. Myron says


    The “two steps back” is more a product of our liberal party having blown it big time in the last couple elections (partly because of a financial scandal that was the result of … you guessed it, the province of Quebec wanting to separate). Generally speaking, Canadians poll overwhelmingly in favour of equality for GLBT people in all areas except marriage (sitting somewhere around 70% last time I heard) and either on the fence or in favour of gay marriage. As a result of these numbers, Scary Stephen Harper and his band of Troglodytes have officially sworn off the homophobic legal agenda and are now focusing on adopting a stronger Canadian version of the PATRIOT Act.

    Yeah…things are so much better. 😉

  10. Zeke says

    Harper, along with Blair and Howard are nothing but George W. Bush’s poodles of the commonwealth.

    Just as Canada was emerging to claim her own proud, noble and America-free identity and just as Canada was shedding the international reputation of being America’s obedient and subserviant child, along comes Harper and Canadians follow him right back to being perceived as America’s lap dog.

    Seems quite a high price to pay to teach the Liberals a lesson.

  11. mark says

    Zeke, panic not. We’re not taking two steps back – there are just too many Canadians who wouldn’t allow it.

    Harper is actually mellowing to the idea of being relatively human. Go figure. That said, I wouldn’t trust him with my PIN number.

    As for Quebec, la belle province, the election results are a result of the aging demographics of the sepra-tits, in my humble opinion.

    The party members who are throwing the ‘gay’ thing around are pretty lame – I mean really, they’ve totally forgotten the big coke habit too!!! 😉

  12. griffin1573 says


    “two steps back”?
    Not likely.
    Like Dave said.
    This is a political group slowly losing power and blaming any one,(ie the ethnic minority,GLBT,and at one time they blamed the veterans of past wars on their loss of the seperation vote,) for their failer to acheive their goal.
    Thats not a step back in our political and ideological thinking.
    Its a couple of sour grapes who’s dreams of self granduer are NOT being permitted by the general population.
    Even our Federal Conservative Government has sworn off trying to reopen a debte,marriage rights,that the over whelming majority of people,including other Conservatives,feel is closed and finished.
    Don’t beleive everything you read and remember that people, as individuals, can be really sore losers.

  13. griffin1573 says

    Oh Zeke…that last post was a little on the bitter and testy side.

    I hope you don’t truly beleive that Canadians, as a people, are so gullable and nieve as to roll over just because GWB says so.
    How many laws and statutes do I have to name for you that GWB would,and has publicly stated,he and his administration want and demand that we change.

    “Lap dog” HA HA…some “Lap Dog”.

    Take a breath Mon Amie…come visit.

  14. Zeke says

    I appreciate all the responses from Canadians. It certainly helps to put things into perspective. American news organizations put Canadian politics and Canadian current events right up there with the price of eggs in China. When they do report on Canada, who knows how accurate the reports are. Some of their reports on American politics don’t even resemble fact.

    Anyway, I’ve long been a fan of Canada. I was married in Toronto in 2003. I’ve seriously considered moving my family their and becoming a citizen. However, that’s much easier said than done, especially when there’s a family with children involved. When Harper was elected I quit pursuing it altogether. I’m now in a wait and see mode but certainly not ruling out taking the plunge in the future.

    Until then I’ll continue to belt out “Oh Canada” with the best of them even if I get funny looks at Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games.

  15. Zeke says

    Griffin, that was not bitter or testy. That was an honest statement about the way Canada is often perceived outside of Canada. I’m sorry if that fact upsets you. Trust me, it upsets me too.

  16. griffin1573 says

    “Upset”…nawh not at all.

    Harper maybe a buffon but he’s a political realast.He know’s which side his breads buttered on and although a conservative in a minority situation,(which by all accounts we will have for a long time,)he’ll go with the majority rule.He has no choice in a 4 party system.
    But come mon amie…visit anytime.
    Its not a party without friends.

  17. Zeke says

    Just keep an eye on Harper; and for god’s sake make sure he doesn’t have the opportunity to form a majority government. I doubt his being “relatively human” is much more than skin deep. If he’s ever able to bring in a Tory ruling party, or at least a conservative majority, his ugly, anti-gay, neo-con, Charter shredding, Bushophile true colors will come gushing to the surface in a way that will make the Mt. Saint Helens eruption look like a hiccup.

    Trust me, when the “Christian Coalition” started getting press in the early 80’s, everybody laughed at them and wrote them off as a crazy fringe group with no chance of really influencing national policy. 25+ years later and nobody but Pat Robertson is laughing about it now.

    Harper is just smarmy and dangerous in a real Rick Santorum/George Allen sort of way. My fear is that Canadians are losing sight of that.

  18. Jack! says

    MassResistance is the one of the most openly hateful group I’ve ever seen. I’m going to keep an eye on them. What they are doing is illegal and I hope they pay for it.

    Keep on keepin’ on Allegheny College.

    Dolly is the greatest.

    Kay Longcope will be missed.

    I’m sure Madonna show will kick ass.

    The hallmark of anti-gay people are their need to control the lives of gay people. They want to control every aspect of gay people’s lives. Look out for it.

  19. griffin1573 says

    Thank you for your concern Zeke.

    It appears we’re entering into a period of our history where our political climate is so splintered.
    That no one party,and we have 4,will be able to go to far to either side of the spectrum.
    Minorities appear to be something that we’ll not see for a very long time.If ever again.
    Everybody gets an opinion…

    Best of Luck to you and your husband.

  20. anon says

    Canadians seems to be bending a little too far to accomodate islamist sharia laws, with the end result being a regression in the rights of women in particular. This seems to fit in with Quebequoi separatist demands and native Canadian separatist demands but really goes too far. Canada is becoming more of a federation than a country. Are you going to allow the stoning of adulterous women next?

    You’d think Bono would have more integrity–what a sell-out.

  21. jimmyboyo says

    If I believed in you baby jeeeebbbuuusss myth I would pray to you begging “Save us from your fucked up crazy followers”

    Well, since that won’t even get me a cup of coffee……how about reviving the whole burning at the stake thing but this time we burn all the xtians. “burn the xtian, burn the xtian, burn the xtian” (off handed monty python refference their famour “burn the witch”)

    Anyway; my brothers and sisters please realize that you will never convert the xtians, conservative and orthedox jews, and muslims into accepting us. Please stop bowing and scarping trying to get them to accept you/us. If it is a fight they want then fight. FIGHT!!! Take them to the courts, educate their children into turning away fromt heir fairytales, inundate media outlets with our message, etc.

    The whole trying to forbid gay hospital visitation rights (thanks leland for posting that)is really the last straw. they have no humanity nor compassion. they are our enemies and no matter what we will never convert them into accepting us (but we can free their children from their brainwashing ^5 to all gay teachers out there)

  22. 000000 says

    I’m sure Dolly’s husband can’t wait to get it on with her now. As soon as he glues his ego back together, anyway.

  23. griffin1573 says


    I’m not sure what Dr.Zeus newspaper you’ve be reading on that one…but your funny.
    Theres no Province that allows sharia law above or even along side provincial or federal law.

    And Bono’s a Brit.

    “sell out”…silly boy.

  24. John C says

    Pedantry alert!

    While the phrase “British Isles” is often taken to include Eire, “Brit” generally refers to a citizen of the UK, which Bono isn’t, he’s Irish; his knighthood was an honorary thing. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK but Eire is an independent nation with its own President, Prime Minister, etc.

  25. woodroad34 says

    The AP is reporting that Bush knew about the real reason Pat Tillman died seven days BEFORE Bush made a big spectacle about Tillman. Bush loses his Saudi partner, his country, and his cred. One of the the reasons I like being gay is because I’m so much butcher than he is. BTW, he’s not good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, no one likes him.

  26. pacificoceanboy says

    King Abdullah as protector of Mecca and Medina and leader of a really big sunni arab country just gave new motivation to the anti-american sunnis in Iraq. The shit is going to hit the fan.

    I wonder if Bush called up Prince Bandar Bush and yelled.

  27. RJ says

    Zeke, I don’t think you need to worry too much about Harper. At least half of the Conservative party members are socially quite liberal and actually privately detest the more radical Reform wing. Besides, the way things stand post-Mulroney era, Quebec’s national representation will continue to consist of MPs from the Bloc or Liberal parties, both of which have very socially-progressive platforms. Without significant representation from Quebec, Harper’s Conservatives will have a difficult time winning a majority in the next election. As others have mentioned, the Conservatives didn’t so much win the last election as the Liberals lost it, due to their arrogance and corruption while in power.

    As for the Tampa Bay Lightning, I was under the impression that most of their fans are transplanted Canadians anyway. Perhaps you’re getting funny looks because you sing our national anthem with a strong southern accent? :)

  28. RJ says

    Why would you say Bono is elitist? I don’t recall any situations where he has behaved in an arrogant or snobbish manner. Quite the contrary, in fact. His acceptance of an honorary knighthood does not make him elitist. His tremendous humanitarian work speaks for itself.

  29. secretagentman says

    What I find hilarious, and shake my head at, is Stephen Harper’s ‘pitbull’ (so named by the Canadian press)his go to guy when he needs to rumble, is the new Environment Minister, John Baird. Who is gay.

  30. Zeke says

    RJ, I don’t think the recent vote in the Commons, about revisiting the marriage issue, quite backs up your claim that more than half of the Conservatives are socially liberal; at least not the elected ones. I understand parliamentary procedure pretty well and understand the pressure to vote with your party/coalition, but even still, with a free vote allowed, the vast majority of Conservatives voted to reopen the marriage debate.

    As for my singing “Oh Canada” at Lightning games, you’re probably right there. Alot of local hockey fans are native Canadians. I don’t think ANY of them are used to hearing it sung so loudly, out of tune and with a Mississippi accent. My intent is to honor it and the nation it represents, but my tone deafness combined with my Southern accent is enough to make the most patriotic Canadian cringe.

    My husband (who has a Southern accent too, but paired with a beautiful singing voice) and son sing it too but they move away from me and act like they don’t know who I am until well after the last “thee”.

    Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

  31. says

    “Scary Stephen Harper and his band of Troglodytes have officially sworn off the homophobic legal agenda and are now focusing on adopting a stronger Canadian version of the PATRIOT Act.”
    Posted by: Myron |

    Scary man indeed.

    I just read a couple of articles stating that Harper is openly attempting to replicate the American model into Canadian politics. For this task he is aided by his conservative strategists, which include GOP advisor Frank Luntz, and right-wing media moguls.


    Says the article:

    “Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper even brought in Republican advisers, such as political consultant Frank Luntz, to give pointers on how the ruling Conservative Party could become as dominant in Canada as the GOP is in the United States. […]

    Frank Luntz, who helped Gingrich draft the “Contract With America,” which became the centrepiece of the Republican victory in the U.S. Congress in 1994. Luntz was a specialist at the take-no-prisoners-style of politics that envisioned permanent conservative control of Washington.

    Harper picked up other tips from Bush’s political adviser Karl Rove (!), such as the importance of transforming the Christian evangelical movement into an activist base for conservative politics.”


    In other words, Harper is slowly (but surely) attempting to move Canada towards the right. And you should never underestimate the patience of politicians to get the job done..the conservatives probably know that in Canada it’ll be hard to get people to accept any governement involvment of a christian cohalition, but if anti-muslim fear rise enough in the population then you never know what can happen.

    Regarding a Canadian version of the Patriot Act, that doesn’t seem to be happening. At least for now..The Anti-Terrorist Act, which was hastily drafted after 9/11, was defeated in Parliamant by a 159-124 in favor of termination in March.

    But the fact Canada’s Supreme Court already shown it was willing to suspend the civil rights of individuals (ie allow them to be spyed on, arrested without warrants or imprisonned for unspecified reasons), in the interest “national security” is still a frightening thought..When authorities are granted such extraordinary powers, who knows what they’ll chose to do with it? As it is there are already enough abuses involving the police that are being reported; now imagine if the authorities could arrest anyone and ship them off somewhere without trial, or their family knowing why they are there..Not a good thing.

    I think Canada should watch itself, as all Western countries at this point. Cause abuses in the name of ‘anti-terrorism’ abound everywhere.