Army Recruiter Sends Racist, Homophobic Email

— U.S. Army recruiter Sgt. Marcia Ramode, using her military email address to respond to Jersey City resident Corey Andrew, after Ramode learned Andrew was gay.”

This and more tales from the General Peter Pace school of military recruiting over at Pam’s House Blend.

According to an Army spokesperson, Sgt. Ramode’s emails have been forwarded to her commander for “review, investigation and appropriate action.”

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  1. Brian says

    Yeah. Nice. I won’t hold my breath for anything to come of the military’s “investigation”, though.

    She’s obviously not just a racist pig. She’s an illiterate racist pig. It must take a lot of energy to maintain that many levels of lameness.

  2. Jonathon says

    I am the son of a career Army Master Sergeant who was a recruiter for most of his career. I grew up around other recruiters as well. Back then, NO recruiter would ever use such language or would abuse their position to harass a prospect. I would think that even today, a solid majority of recruiters will find this behavior unprofessional and unbecoming an officer in any branch of the armed services.

    That being said, I hope that this bitch gets everything that’s coming to her. I don’t think that the Army is very pleased with this bad press.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    If she hsd resigned herself to soley being homophobic in her e-mails then she would’t get punished. She went all racist as well, and that is what will get her. Booting her out for something is better than not booting her out at all.

    Who knew africa could sound so fun. Everybody is gay and dancing around half naked . If only, sounds fun. :-)

  4. Dave says

    Seriously? Her insults sound so childish and immature that I have to wonder if she is not actually mentally disabled in some way. Those e-mails are at about a grade 3 or 4 level of intelligence.

  5. says

    “This is why General Pace should have been fired. She’s an extreme and unvarnished version of him.”

    He should have been fired? when he was most likely instructed to make those statements as he monotonously delivered them in that radio interview? it’s just so this army recruiter would be able to make these claims as well, and it be tolerated.

    Who knows if this wasn’t orchestrated too, and the emails leaked on purpose??

    Truly, if there was any doubt that America is slowly being turned into an undemocratic state (if not facist) let this end it. When you have people who have their fingers on the nuclear bomb making these kind of statements, alarms should go off in everyone’s minds.

    READ this site (very carefully) and pass it on.

    “George W. Bush – Terrorist in the White House”

  6. resurrect says

    Since when was the Army training manual “the jungle book”? actually, scratch that – since this bitch is illiterate, just throw her a copy of the DVD and let her commence with her “sensitivity training” commence. people in positions of power like ms. ramonde (I WILL NOT call her with any honorific rank) are one of the many reasons we’re so admired by the rest of our allies, not to mention the many countries we’ve so self-servingly decided to “liberate.”

    you can almost count to ten before the obligatory insincere “if anyone was offended, I apologize” apology comes sneaking out of some PR departments ass.

  7. Robert In WeHo says

    Is it reprehensible, absolutely. Am I surprised, hardly. Do I think anything will come of this “investigation” that is supposedly to take place, not likely…

  8. says

    Hello everyone. This is Corey Andrew. The unsuspecting resume poster who received the vicious emails from Sergeant Ramode. I have enjoyed reading your responses when taking abreak from doing the Gay Limbo Voo-Doo Wango Tango and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. Other than this awful experience, on a more positive note, I would like to also share my music with you. Check me out and send me some love sometime:

    Corey Andrew

  9. jimmyboyo says

    Good for you on making these e-mails public.

    I so hope she gets booted out of the millitary. heck, I’ll take her getting booted for the racism alone though getting booted for the homophobia would be nice. We take what we can get

  10. says

    you are someone that is a leader and you set a very good example for every kid out there like me to succeed their dream!!!you are not a quieter you are a strong loyal soldier that is there for their country and their family!and for that i thank-you and all the other soldiers and soon to be soldiers out there!!
    THANY YOU!!!

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