Arrest Warrants Issued in Yale Baker’s Dozen Assault Case

BdWarrants have been issued for the arrest of 19-year-olds Richard Aicardi (left) and Brian Dwyer for felony assault and battery in the New Year’s Eve Baker’s Dozen case that we’ve been following. The SF Chronicle reports: “Dwyer’s bail was set at $80,000 and Aicardi’s at $120,000. If convicted, the accused face as much as four years in prison on the assault and three more for inflicting great bodily injury in the attack. The battery charges carry a four-year maximum term.”

Though the Chronicle continues to report that “the alleged attack drew wide attention in part because the singers reportedly were set upon after being heckled during a rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and after homophobic slurs were hurled at them,” there has been no mention so far of hate crime charges.

The charges come after a two month investigation. Aicardi and Dwyer are expected to turn themselves in today.

Video report at ABC. [abc]

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  1. Gabriel says

    While I’m really happy they caught these guys, there was an editorial piece done here in SF about the fact that this got so much media attention, yet so many others are murdered in SF(gay, straight, but almost always poor) and get no media attention. The editorial actually pointed out 2 murders of innocent bystanders during the same time frame that were not reported by any national or local media.

    Is it because they are “upper-class” kids from Yale?

  2. JB says

    One of the Baker’s Dozen guys is my roomate. There is really no chance of hate crime charges as none of the BD’s guys are gay. Just a crazy vicious ambush that got out of control. I’ll bet these kids regret it now.

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