Be Careful Out There

BleeckerLast night my boyfriend and I were walking up Seventh avenue in the West Village. As we approached Greenwich Avenue, squad cars began screaming down the street past us. Just as we reached St. Vincent’s Hospital a squad car came blazing uptown, against the one-way traffic, sirens blaring. It flew into the driveway of the hospital and screeched to a halt. An officer jumped out, screamed toward the emergency room door, and threw open the backseat of his car. Soon a medic from the hospital was out the door with a gurney. They pulled a body from the back seat and loaded it on to the gurney. As a few ER medics began to carry the victim inside the gurney fell and the body dropped heavily to the cement. The officer who had leapt out of the squad car beat its hood in anguish.

The medics walked up a few steps toward the hospital where someone began performing CPR on the victim, pumping his chest urgently. It was then Dave and I saw that the victim was another police officer. And later, we learned what we had witnessed. A sobering example of just how quickly life can be snatched away, and a grim reminder to stop and appreciate what we have at the moment.

According to New York‘s Intelligencer, streets in the West Village remain closed this morning.


  1. says

    Very good reminder, Andy. Sorry you had to witness that. We should strive to be mindful of every single second we have on earth.

  2. John says

    Yep, my lover of 27 years died from a brain aneurysm without warning two years and 8 months ago. It has changed my perspective on almost everything I can think of. Live life, stay close to the ones that are dear to you, try to make good choices in everything that you do, but don’t spend too much time pondering over the mistakes you have made. And look forward to future and don’t dwell on the past. Sounds like a lot of cliches, but your life can turn upside in minutes.

  3. Crixi Van Cheek says

    Oh fer Crise Sakes Andy! Couldn’t you have at least linked to the Daily News or some AP site instead of that Right Wing Homophobic Rag “The NY Post” Ughhhh. Maybe I should through myself on the hood in anguish.

  4. soulbrotha says

    Life was just as precious for Sean Bell, an innocent man who was celebrating his impending wedding the next day, whose life was snuffed out in a hail of 50 bullets fired by the NYPD. That story didn’t get a mention on your blog, but I guess you would’ve had to have been there too.

  5. Davey says

    Soulbrotha — help me with the logic here. Andy should cover all homicides? Or just those in the New York area? Or maybe just those which appear to be random and unjustified? Or, just to make sure everyone’s accounted for, maybe he should note all deaths which take place anywhere in the world… just in case?

    Just wondering.

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    sorry to hear.

    I suspect many news sources would not report on such an incident since the general masses still hold to the illusion that Police are saints and superheroes.

  7. ricardo says

    it’s those moments that remind me of how particular approaches and ignorance don’t really surprise me. looking back over the past decade and more, i have to say “uh, are those your strides??”, as i observe examples of caregiving and the auxiliary atrocities.

  8. Derek says

    Andy-hey thanks for removing my heart felt comment…

    Amazing to me that you let people bash and bad mouth each other but my comment to appreciate those in your life based on the loss of my dog gets removed….and quickly too.

    The blogger world never ceases to stupify me….

    Your readership is down one.