Detroit VIPs Silent on Gay Senior Andrew Anthos’ Murder

The reaction to the cold-blooded hate killing of Detroit gay senior Andrew Anthos has been pathetic at best:

Hansen_clarke“It has been 16 days since someone killed Andrew Anthos, a 72-year-old openly gay man, by beating him with a pipe. Before and after the beating, the killer shouted anti-gay slurs. In 16 days, only one person with any sort of a well-known name in southeast Michigan has stepped forward to say it is wrong to beat a 72-year-old man to death with a pipe because he is gay.”

Sen. Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit, pictured) has been the only public official to come forward. He said: “It’s so sad and tragic. I can see why an elected official may not want to be involved.”

Columnist Bill McGraw asks: “Is the high-level silence here because Anthos was gay, or is it because everyone has grown immune to metro Detroit’s never-ending mayhem? Last week, a 13-year-old and 11-year-old were shot and killed, execution-style, in a Detroit dope house. Public officials mostly have remained silent on that outrage, too.”

Gay Senior Citizen Brutally Beaten in Detroit Hate Attack Dies [tr]


  1. JSC says

    i’ll bet a lot of murders of black people – young and old- go unmentioned in Detroit. blacks are disposable. if it was pretty blonde white girl who had been beaten to death because she was singing or because she was white, this would have been the outrage of our time.

  2. Da says

    Sen. Hansen Clarke has been really great by stepping up to the plate in this tragedy.

    I for one feel extremely appreciative to him for honoring Andrew’s life with his promise to light the Dome and reintroduce a Hate Crime Bill; as I’m sure Mr Anthos’s family and friends are.

  3. SFshawn says

    99% of politicians are too busy fundraising,asskissing and trying not to offend anyone to actually act with any ethical conscience,integrity or courage! So this story doesn’t surprise me. Our pathetic mainstream media doesn’t even hold politicians accountable? Fortunately there are bloggers like Andy who raise everyone’s consciousness about some of the issues that REALLY matter in the world. Thanks Andy and keep up the great work.

  4. tc says

    CASTRATION is the answer!….this should be the sentence for a crime as these..these crimes are getting worse as the fight for our rights continue

  5. Jack! says

  6. lamichael says

    I think it’s also important to remember that ANY killing/murder is a crime committed in hate, with hate.
    Let’s not continue to separate ourselves by playing into the HATE CRIME LAW legal jargon.

  7. Joe T. says

    JSC : That’s because 99 percent of the murders of black people are done by blacks or other minorities, so it’s taken on the label of” usual..” Yes, the murder of a white male or female does get more attention. It’s a roundabout racism of a sort. The other roundabout racism is the way, if a white commits a violent crime against a minority (the lowest statistically) the press and politically-correct special interest groups will seize on it immediately. Look at all the attention activist groups in Durham, NC, brought to the Duke lacrosse case when a black dancer accused three white males of raping her. It got loads of attention, threats against the accused, etc, and it turned out to be one of false accusation. Meanwhile, very real black-on-black rapes happen all the time in Durham County. So there’s a weird double-racism thing with how the media handles cases. As to the Anthos murder: I just don’t know if it’s because he was gay, because he was a minority, or because Detroit is so crime-ridden that his case isn’t getting more attention.

  8. soulbrotha says


    I believe what LAMICHAEL is trying to say is that a murder done for hateful reasons should not be legally distinguished by gender, race or sexuality. It’s all hateful and should not be tolerated, nor treated any differently.

  9. Joe T. says

    Well, that’s the big debate about hate crime legislation, Soulbrotha. I can see how it can become a very sticky issue.

  10. Casey says

    There is a very distinctive difference between killing someone for the car they drive or money as opposed to seeing someone on the street and beating them to death because you don’t like their sexual orientation or the color of their skin. That distinction should be enough to warrant a harsher penalty.

  11. soulbrotha says

    @Joe T.

    1. “That’s because 99 percent of the murders of black people are done by blacks or other minorities”
    Really? Where did you get THAT statistic?

    2. “Yes, the murder of a white male or female does get more attention.”
    Umm, not if they are unattractive or “plain”. It’s always the aspiring actress, model, or pretty tourist that gets weeks/months of coverage, regardless if she is murdered, kidnapped, raped, drowned in a tsunami or killed her own damn self (umm, Anna Nicole Smith, hello?) Have you never heard of “missing pretty girl/white woman syndrome”?

    3. Do you really think that if those boys had been ugly white trash instead of handsome star athletes of Duke, that it would have garnered the same media coverage just because the “victim” was Black? Hardly.

    4. And what about the fact that whenever a Black man/woman commits a crime against ANYONE, you will almost always see one, if not all of the following, which you will not always see with a white perp.:
    -he/she being walked to a police car in cuffs
    -their picture, whether it be a fresh mugshot or high school picture or Sears portrait. They always seem to find one from SOMEWHERE!
    -Their full name and address, regardless of their age. This I notice alot with underage criminals. Names are not supposed to be released, but somehow it always seems to “leak”.
    The media will show these images over and over, ad infinitum.

  12. soulbrotha says

    You’re missing the point. There are different reasons that people kill. And hate can be motivator of that crime whether a person is gay, straight, white, black, handicapped, a noisy neighbor, etc. People kill their cheating spouse’s LOVER and it gets labeled a crime of “passion”. Oh please, that was hatred! Gays shoot other gay men for the same reason!

  13. Joe T. says

    Soulbrotha: Since the Duke hoax, a black female at NCCU was murdered by a black female (both students) and a black male was arrested for the rape of a white female at a Duke party. Virtually no media attention in politically-correct (anti-white) Durham County. The reason the Duke boys (I don’t think they are handsome) case got so much attention is because the local activists wanted it. They held rallies, marches, “castrate signs”, and screamed for media attention. That’s why the case became famous. (Now, of course, they’re hiding)./////The statistics are according to every chart, table, statistics, state-wide, nation-wide, FBI, etc. data I’ve ever seen. If someone finds statistics that seriously point any other way I’ll be glad to see them.////You’re right, looks (goodlooking versus plain) also have a lot to do with media attention to a case.

  14. JSC says

    Maybe the folks in Durham County are anti white because up until the very recent past, whites were lynching blacks. Sorry if you’re bitter because whites are being treated unfairly. Whites crying about oppression is hilarious.

  15. Joe T. says

    P.S. Soulbrotha: You might be right (somewhat right) about point number 4. A lot of that might depend on the individual newspaper or source, though.

  16. Joe T. says

    That’s cool, JSC. You face 40 years in prison because of a corrupt D.A. (who’s in deep trouble now) for framing you and- if you’re white- you can at least take comfort in that it’s payback for the past.

  17. soulbrotha says

    @ Joe T.

    Check this out:

    First read this (very important point):

    Then look at this:

    Then look at this:

    The last two are opposite points of view, yet both claim to site “statistics”.

    It seems that everybody has “statistics”. So whose are you gonna believe?

  18. soulbrotha says

    “P.S. Soulbrotha: You might be right (somewhat right) about point number 4. A lot of that might depend on the individual newspaper or source, though.”

    Joe, all these media sources pretty much feed from the same trough. You get the same images, the same story, the same misconceptions, the same shit.

  19. Gabriel says

    I understand the argument against hate crimes legislation and am sympathetic to it, but as long as there are laws in the books defining these crimes there is no reason not to include gays/lesbians as a matter of simple fairness. If you don’t like hate crimes laws then repeal them.

  20. Joe T. says

    Soulbrotha: I understand that different statistics are going to have different results, depending on where it comes from. I’m guessing the safest are FBI statistics, or to go by each crime-statistics- results state by state or county by county (they can all be found online, usually linked to that location’s state police site). You know as well as I do that, even if the numbers vary somewhat, the majority of violent crimes in the U.S. against blacks are committed by other blacks. And (leaving out Hispanics and Asians) the violent crimes committed by blacks on whites far exceeds white on black. (And if you get mad at me for that, you’re just blaming the messenger..) That wouldn’t mean anything to me as far as prosecuting a crime. I’d still consider a defendent of any color against a victim of any color innocent until proven guilty, since everybody and every case is an individual. But when guys like you and JSC argue things the other way, that the Duke guys should be prosecuted because of crimes against blacks (years before the defendents were even born , and they are three Northerners on top of that), all I can say is: Imagine if someone like me said, “Well more whites have been killed by blacks in the past ten years than the other way around, so I think any black defendent is automatically guilty, and all whites have a right to hate blacks..” When it’s seen the other way around you see how maliciously racist it is.

  21. Joe T. says

    Well if all media sources feed from the same trough then I would definitely tend to believe there is bias against Caucasians. Notice how we’ve seen virtually nothing in the media about the black male arrested in Texas for serial robbery and sexual assault (or attempted sexual assault) of between 5-10 heterosexual white males? It’s a virtually unknown type of crime, it should be newsworthy. But…it’s not poltically-correct to reveal a crime (hate crime?) by a homosexual man of color against heterosexual white men (the villains in the media). Okay, okay…..I understand that’s just one example, which you could probably counter with another. Crime statistics are one thing. I’ll admit though that the media portrayal, fair or unfair, involving crime and race is open for debate.

  22. JSC says

    “Notice how we’ve seen virtually nothing in the media about the black male arrested in Texas for serial robbery and sexual assault (or attempted sexual assault) of between 5-10 heterosexual white males? It’s a virtually unknown type of crime, it should be newsworthy.”

    You mean no one is covering it except Fox News, right?

    You white supremists are so transparent.

  23. Craig says

    Its not often that I get to deputize William H. Rehnquist to make my argument, but in this case Rehnquist had a semi-rare moment of lucidity. Writing for a UNANIMOUS court upholding a Wisconsin hate crime law in 1993 (that in the case at bar was being used on a black man that committed an anti-white crime), Rehnquist justified the constitutionality stating:

    “[T]he Wisconsin statute singles out for enhancement bias-inspired conduct because this conduct is thought to inflict greater individual and societal harm. For example, according to the State and its amici, bias-motivated crimes are more likely to provoke retaliatory crimes, inflict distinct emotional harms on their victims, and incite community unrest. The State’s desire to redress these perceived harms provides an adequate explanation for its penalty-enhancement provision over and above mere disagreement with offenders’ beliefs or biases. As Blackstone said long ago, ‘it is but reasonable that, among crimes of different natures, those should be most severely punished which are the most destructive of the public safety and happiness.'”
    –Wisconsin v Mitchell, 508 U.S. 476 (1993) (

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    Joe T:
    If black criminals continued to kill white folks for the next 3000 years they could never match the number of black folks murdered by whites over last 300. But that’s not something that Americans (including Barack Obama) really want to talk about, and so let’s not.

    It is something how Michigan politicians haven’t spoken out on this crime, a crime that’s representative of what’s happening to gay people all over this world. Because we defined ourselves as “gay” over the last forty years, we’ve become targets of political murder– yeah, not just regular murder, but murder that’s meant as an attack on the entire gay population.

    Funny, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan had such harsh words against President Carter for telling the truth about the Palestinians’ plight, but he doesn’t open his whorish mouth on this injustice in his hometown.

  25. soulbrotha says

    “But when guys like you and JSC argue things the other way, that the Duke guys should be prosecuted because of crimes against blacks…”

    Joe, where in my coments do I make that argument?

  26. soulbrotha says


    I had this debate about statistics with someone on here before. I had found a site by a social scientist that debunked statistics because they are more often than not skewed to the beliefs or agenda of those putting them together. I couldn’t find that site, but here is an interesting excerpt from Wikipedia:

    The use of any statistical method is valid only when the system or population under consideration satisfies the basic mathematical assumptions of the method. Misuse of statistics can produce subtle but serious errors in description and interpretation — subtle in that even experienced professionals sometimes make such errors, and serious in that they may affect social policy, medical practice and the reliability of structures such as bridges and nuclear power plants.

    Even when statistics is correctly applied, the results can be difficult to interpret for a non-expert. For example, the statistical significance of a trend in the data — which measures the extent to which the trend could be caused by random variation in the sample — may not agree with one’s intuitive sense of its significance.

    I refuse to make assumptions and generaliztions about Black-on-Black vs. Black-on-White crime. So although I won’t “shoot the messenger”, I will ask the messenger to stop making assumptions and grand pronouncements and show me the proof.

    And personally I don’t thing that media coverage of crime and race is open for debate. What I said holds true.