Eric Winter Cast as Rob Lowe’s Gay Bro on Brothers & Sisters


[[SPOILER WARNING]] According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, Days of Our Lives soap hunk Eric Winter has been cast as Sen. McCallister’s (Rob Lowe) gay brother on the hit ABC show Brothers & Sisters. Winter’s character, who has been referred to often but never seen, will make his first appearance in April.

According to Ausiello, “Kitty initially mistakes him for being one of the senator’s frat brothers. When the truth comes out, she immediately fixes him up with Kevin — to disastrous results.”

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  1. vince says

    can’t wait for the next show! this is the best series on tv. excellently written, directed, and acted! ABC gets and A+

  2. Joe says

    Vince, let me be play “Point/Counterpoint” with you. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, in my opinion, is the most outlandishly plotted, lazily written, poorly directed and hysterically overacted fluff that has ever been foisted on the viewing public. When I hear people comparing this show to THIRTYSOMETHING or SIX FEET UNDER I want to scream. Those shows contained characters that, while heightened, were real and heartfelt. B&S is built around a group of basically unlikeable, selfish, rich white people who could only live in Soap Opera Land. Yes, its nice that the whole “two guys kissing” thing is a none-issue now, but the overall quality of this show is so poor that it hardly seems to matter.

  3. Jason says

    So this means Kevin is going to break up with the actor guy?

    P.S. The show does have some poor dialogue. It’s a mindless kind of entertainment.

  4. jjabely says

    I couldn’t agree more, Joe. When it first started, I decided to check out the opening episodes, if only because Sally Field was in it, and found it lazy, as you mentioned, and “healing” and “theraputic” in the most obvious, maudlin fashion.

    Not the worst drama I’ve ever seen before, of course, but nothing to bother watching. And now I’m supposed to get excited about it because Towleroad tells me they have cute boys kissing on it?

    When will gay audiences stop accepting crumbs? And by that I mean, getting all breathlessly excited whenever a mass-market movie or show features a gay plotline. Haven’t we evolved to the point where we should be evaluating these shows for their genuine entertainment values and artistic achievements? A kiss, after all, is just a kiss, and some of us want more from our nighttime dramas then been-there-done-that cheap titillation. Now “The Riches,” there’s a good show…

  5. Jeff says

    Of course the results will be disastrous! Who ever heard of a gay man on television having a successful, healthy relationship. Come on! It’s 2007 for god’s sake. When can we see a gay man with a boyfriend!!

  6. Leland says

    Joe and JJabelly. Please share with us what post gay demonization galaxy you live in so that we can alert NASA to please include it in their contigency plans for space travel, and add your names to the wait list for Space Cadets.

  7. jjabely says

    Leland, I, and I presume Joe, live in that wacky universe where TV shows are evaluated for their genuine entertainment value – and not solely because they might have “gay content.”

    And yes – while this may be news to you – shows that have gay characters do not automatically get a free ride, and it does not “suddenly” make them worth watching, either, unless they happen to be good shows.

  8. Giovanni says

    “Now “The Riches,” there’s a good show…”

    Agreed it was a great pilot but can that story line really be sustained over more than one season? There are only so many ways their cover can “almost” be blown before it gets tedious. However, having said that, it does have an awesome cast and who knew there were bands of roving RV gypsies driving about : )

    Have never seen B&S – should tivo it. I keep meaning to check it out but always end watching the L Word instead – lesbians are the new gay.

  9. jjabely says

    Giovanni – I sure hope it can be sustained over the long haul! I was fascinated from start to finish.

  10. Leland says

    Dear Space Cadets:

    My point is 1., that Andy’s [Mr. Towleroad] point did not appear to be to praise the quality of the show overall as art. Neither he nor I said it deserved a “free ride” in terms of art, so, while I can’t speak for Andy, I’ll thank you both not to put words, or anything else, in my mouth.

    Vince did praise the show as such, and you certainly have a right to express a different view, but, 2., the fact that you appear to think that MORE important than a Big 3 Network show [and broadcast in several gay-hostile countries] positively portraying gay characters [far from a “crumb” regardless of the quality of the show it’s served in] is what puts you in a different “reality” plane, if not galaxy. A GAY kiss in mass media is NEVER “just a kiss,” your tired allusion to the song from “Casablanca” notwithstanding.

    More tired still is your solipsism: here, the belief that what YOU think matters. What matters, or rather who, are those millions of average nongay viewers around the world who are seeing gay men portrayed both positively and realistically—NOT those like you who DON’T watch for whatever reason.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Jimmyboyo says

    We al find it moraly abhorent that hollywood used to take a white guy and paint his face black, or use glue to slant the eyes, fake an accent etc to play non white roles……

    YET we seem to have no problem about the NEW “black face” straight actors or at least closeted and not proud out gay actors in gay roles.

    Enough already and demand better of hollywood

  12. Jimmyboyo says


    That pic of eric Winter is like 10 years old. He doesn’t look like that anymore

  13. Dave says

    Well said Leland!

    I like the show not because it’s incredibly deep and profound. It just has this charm to it that is perfect for a Sunday night before a hellish work week.

  14. Dan says

    Leland bitching about solipsism… that’s rich.

    Has this blog ever addressed a topic where you didn’t feel compelled to make your (normally quite shrill) opinion known?

  15. Kit says

    Jimmyboyo: straight men playing gay is the new black face? Only gay men should be allowed to play gay roles? Should only straight men be allowed to play straight roles then? I dont think many actors would agree with that line of thinking. Thats sort of outlandish thinking.

  16. Jack! says

    I agree with Jimmyboyo. Everytime someone says something like Jim or I about this subject you have people like Kit saying something else. How many hot gay actors are there KIT? Do you know any of them? The fact is Kit and gay people like Kit wouldn’t support a gay actor no matter how attractive he or she is. They have been raised to believe; straight = good, masculine, attractive and gay = bad, feminine, unattractive. All you have to do is look at porn to see what gay men are attracted to and support. There are tons of sites/ videos that claim to have str8 men perform sex while there are few that claim having gay men performing sex. The gay community is self-hating and nobody not the gay media or gay organizations or gay people want to change that. They only enforce it.

  17. Gavin says

    I think Brothers & Sisters is refreshing in that it a.) deals with timely issues both political and social and b.) has gay characters that don’t live their lives in exile, that are actually relevant and human and particularly winning. I think this is by far one of the strongest shows this season has offered on any network. As for the “gay/not gay” actor issue, as long as characters are handled with depth and humanity, I’m really unconcerned with with whom the actors that portray them sleep.

  18. mark m says

    Oooops, I found Winter attractive before I read the posts indicating he’s straight.

    (he’s straight right?)

    Can I retract my attraction? I’m truly sorry, I just let the beautiful proportions of his facial features, his bedroom eyes and his sleeveless muscle shirt seduce me before I could put on my STRAIGHT filter.

    Please someone confirm his heterosexuality so I can promptly find him not hot.

  19. Jimmyboyo says

    Jack :-)

    Mark m my brother that was not my intention at all. Find him attractive, but come on now….Lets say all the actors and actresses in Dream Girls were played by white people with black face on…You would be right out there with jesse Jackson protesting and you know it. Get my point?

    You can walk through hollywood waving a stick and hit millions gay actors (attractive and not so much) in need of work.

  20. mark m says


    I don’t think my post was meant to lampoon your argument that there aren’t enough gay actors.

    I’m just weary of this idea on Towleroad that we think straight men are hotter than gay men.

    Not this gay man. I like men and I make no apologies for it, regardless of their orientation.

    I assume everyone is gay.. even the ones who are straight.

  21. TC says

    I love Bros & Sisters…but they need to keep a sealed lip on the amount of time an actor will be on, because you know that a relationship will not work out,for example with the blonde hunk actor guy from SITC..we all knew he was signed on for 5 episodes…it kills the storyline somehow for me

  22. Jack! says

    Mark m, you are naive if you don’t think it matters. Like I mentioned before look at porn. Look at gay magazines like DNA which almost exclusively use straight men for photo shoots. They don’t even try to find gay men. Also for gay kids they need to see someone like them. So they know they are not alone and know that they can suceed too.