1. FizziekruntNT says

    HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH! I never got to see the show, but Zachary Quinto is a cutie. I hope Heros helps take him places.

  2. says

    Here’s another fun fact: The actor who plays smokin’ hot politico Nathan Petrelli is married to Dixie Chick Natalie Maines.

  3. Brian says

    I freaking LOVED that show. Mindless fun.

    I say we lobby the network to bring it back!

  4. Rad says

    That clip is hysterical and HOT! I hope they bring back the show; it was great!

    Sanchez: Life immitates art.

  5. says

    I was just watching Heroes last monday with Sylar in the chair, etc, thinking that he’s one of the hottest guys on the show – a mix of handsomeness, scruff, and I don’t know what, but there it is.

    OMG that clip is great!

  6. Nick says

    Ummm hey anybody know who that smoking hot man is? you know the one that Zachary is kissing??? he is one of the most attractive guys ive seen in a while….

    please someone tell me if you know :)

  7. 000000 says

    Just what I was wondering, Nick. A picture with 2 shirtless guys, and the post isn’t about the attractive one!

  8. dave says

    Remember catching that episode a couple of times… Zachary was also on Season 3 of 24 — played a CTU analyst named Adam.

  9. Nick says

    ohh I love you 000000!

    Now someone please tell me who that absolutely gorgeous man is…. I got to get me some pics of that god sent body as a desktop background.

  10. Leland says

    More “Heroes” cast trivia: the cheerleader’s father is played by the second guy to play the gay son Steven on “Dynasty.”

    But, yYou go, ChrisB! Adrian Pasdar is one of the most underused hot actors around! Normally, he has a little more fur on his chest than in this pic:

    He seems to gravitate toward unusual shows. Anyone remember the too-soon cancelled “Profit” in which his character, a rich Machiavellian businessman, slept nude in a cardboard box?

    Sheriff: They lived way out in the middle of noplace… kid never went to school and didn’t have no friends. Used to hear some weird stories about how Stokowski reared him after this first wife ran off. …Stokowski had this big old ranch, but he was a cheap bastard-wouldn’t hire no help. [??] a year old baby on his hands, so he just stuck him in a big old moving box… toss in food, clean it out once a week, kind of like he did for his horses and cows. The kid had something else… a hole cut out of the box so he could see the TV, day and night. Reared by a TV. Imagine that. Well, things didn’t get much better after the father remarried. One time, a year, year and a half before the fire, got a call down to the hospital. Stokowski’s boy, Jimmy. Sewin’ up his hand.
    Joanne: What happened?
    Sheriff: Stokowski’d gotten drunk, pinned the kid down, picked up a knife and carved a cross on the back of his hand…. said the boy didn’t have no religion.
    Joanne: Which hand? Where’d he cut the boy?
    Sheriff: Right, I think-on the back. A big old cross, deep and bloody.
    Joanne, to Jack: That’s what Bobbi has on him… the boy who set fire to his father… it’s Jim Profit.”

  11. says

    Funny. He played a gay character in NoTORIous and seemed to have no problem making out with ‘Bro’ McHotterson there.

    And that’s funny because when was first on Heroes I thought to myself…”Self, that guy that plays Silar sounds totally gay. He probably is…”

  12. says

    There’s a great “is he or isn’t he” thread on IMDB. I think the evidence supports that he probably is.

    They point out that he has pretty consistently plays gay characters (the gay priest in the play LAYING OF HANDS, the bisexual “Real World”-er on OFF CENTRE –where he actually says “Taste My Bisexual Fury!” no joke–and the probably gay Adam on “24”).

    Then there’s this amazing quote from an interview he did with Six Degrees Magazine: “Well, Ugg boots came and went, thank the sweet Lord….I’m kind of over skinny jeans. They seem to be all the rage right now, and I could do without those.”

    If he’s gay, he seems fairly “out” and that’s hot to me, and if he’s straight and this is how he rolls, then he’s even HOTTER to me due to his unattainability :-( Either way, he’s going places.

  13. Karl says

    I think it’s so amusing how people post dated info that’s common knowledge as if it’s breaking news. What gay person doesn’t know that Zack was on So NoTORIous and who doesn’t already know that Adam Pasdar is married to Natalie Maines? Sheesh! Let me be the first to break this nugget – Pasdar has also written and directed a stage musical called Atlanta that will preem in L.A. this weekend.