Lagerfeld Vulnerable as Bodyguard Models Happy Feet Togs

Sebastian Sebastian2_3

I always wondered why Karl Lagerfeld never gave his ever-present bodyguard Sebastian Jondeau a bigger role to play than protecting him from all the thugs making attempts on his life. Well, turns out that during this season’s Paris shows Mr. Jondeau took the runway for the first time:

“Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau made his runway debut the morning of the show, modeling—if only slightly awkwardly—two snug looks. ‘It was strange and funny because for me it was something new,’ he admitted afterward. ‘But it was a treat to be there and something special to me.’ The timing of his looks was perfect, as Jondeau’s final runway walk with the rest of the models culminated precisely with Lagerfeld’s runway bow—allowing the handsome Parisian bachelor to assume his original duties.”

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  1. Brian says

    I wonder if Karl smacks dude around with that little fan he carries, like Marilyn Monroe did in the beginning section of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” (in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”)?

  2. Ed says

    In a penguin hoodie! And it probably costs $800-$1200. Channel is probably turning over in her grave. And yes, penguins are cute — on little boys tshirts!

  3. Julian says

    If it’s indeed Chanel, then the penguin hoodie is probably much more than $800. I have a pair of Chanel gloves that were $900 (but are fabulous). It’s probably more like $2k – $2500, but I don’t know who’d buy it….it IS pretty hideous. And yes, Coco would be spinning in her grave, but this is not the first thing she’d do it for. She’d love all the attention Karl has attracted to the label, though (and the cash), but would HATE all the disrespect & the vulgarity….plus all the common whores wearing it now. If Paris Hilton & Lindsey Lohan go around wearing Chanel with no panties, what is the world coming to? Common whores with cash but no taste or class who are label buyers are what’s wrong with fashion today!

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    LMAO@Ed. Yeah, no kidding, but I believe that’s Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel to whom you’re referring. Lagerfeld should have just stuck with Lagerfeld, but apparently most of the people that work him at House of Chanel really love to hate him. If you’ve ever seen his series on either IFC or Sundance, you’ll get quite a different perspective on the man. He once said he would never have children as it would be an insult to possibly watch his own son mature to some day exceed his own triumphs. I thought that was hilarious. The bodyguard seems to be filling a little space that he never has to worry about as a threat to his existing stardom and yet, he is the most exemplary beauty of the personal security variety. How very Karl.

  5. Gary says

    I saw them at the Apple Soho and by the looks at Lagerfeld the ‘bodyguard’ (is that what we call them now?) was mighty purrty, but you just couldn’t stop but stare at his master. The thought of Karl tapping that hottie makes me sick in my mouth a little.

  6. Derek says

    A person who spends $900 on any pair of gloves (unless he works in outerspace or a blast furnace) really needs to take a hard look at himself, his skewed priorities and his absolute materialisms. What a total waste of money especially when so many in this world have so little. Imagine what $900.00 could do for your local battered woman’s shelter. Label conscious fashionistas with too much disposable income and not enough selflessness are really what is wrong with fashion today.

  7. Julian says

    Well then I guess those $250 cashmere socks, that $450 face cream, those $500 jeans, that $250 t-shirt, and that $1500 bag I just bought are outrageous to you, well too fucking bad! The sales clerks at Bergdorf’s and Chanel and Hermes practically have orgasms when they see me coming…I keep a lot of people employed….AND I donate a TON of money to charity (well, actually it’s my daddy’s money to be technical, and since I hate him, I spend it very freely….anyone want to analyze THAT one?)

  8. Dr. Pat says

    Carl is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. What is with the sunglasses and hair????? Now if the bodyguard (cough) were naked and wearing a Happy feet sticker on his dick, I would think you would hear a rumble of guys landing on their collective knees. I must say that no Carl dosen’t turn me on, his money may.

    Kids, remember Versace well kids here we go again. A pretty boy is his body guard, ever wonder what really goes on in the Estates of these people. When they can buy and sell everybody and everything. Any business that is out there can do what ever they want.

    Tom Cruise another one that is for sale and has been for years. He lived and his parents still do live close to me. Ottawa, Ontario. Kids, his dad was in the Airforce and his mom is a housewife. He yes was born in Canada.

    Seeing him being interviewed on a number of talk shows I was taken back some what as he lied. About where he is from and his history, Lester B. Pearson Highschool again just down the street from me. His family is still here.

    My hole point to this is that, were do these plastic people get off telling lies then bitch that People Magazine, Star and the other rages spill the beans and boom lawsuit. And they win. (sells more papers and magazines).

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Carl and sticker boy.

    Just a thought.

  9. Derek says

    Too bad someone does not make a $500.00 an ounce vapid shallow queen remover gel that had instant results….because Julian one slather of that on you and poof-you’d be gone. Ah…..if only.

  10. Julian says

    Oh, Derek, such negativity is not very attractive…..I’ll send positive thoughts your way (ala “The Secret”) while I’m meeting with my financial advisor to discuss the investments of my $200 million trust fund, so try not to be so green. It’s not a very nice color on you.

  11. Derek says

    Oh Julian dear and neither is your boastfulness, blatant materialism, your perceived self importance or any other of your shallow traits you illustrate with every posting. I am not envious of you or your father’s money. More accurately I pity you and your warped sense of entitlement. I can only imagine how truly wonderful spending monies you had absolutely nothing to do with earning must be. Living off the wealth of others must do so much for one’s self worth. But without getting further into how you make the sales clerks at Channel orgasm with your approach, I would rather think of the old saying -you can wrap a pile of dog crap in the most expensive fabric and adorn it with the richest jewels – but in the end, it is still just a pile of shit. How about you think of that when next sit down with your psychiatrist.

  12. Julian says

    Derek, you’re funny. I’ll give you that. And by the way, It’s CHANEL, and if you had ever been to or shopped at a boutique, you’d understand why and how they could charge $900 for gloves or $175 for cologne or $4000 (and more) for a suit, but the concept is way above your head, obviously. So I could never even BEGIN to explain the COUTURE to you, (that’s in Paris, by the way) and why some women DO routinely spend $100,000 and more sometimes on a dress, and what actually goes into the cost. People like you only look at the cost, you can never look at the quality or the art behind something. That’s sad really. I’ll make sure to talk about you to my shrink. Cheers, Thanks a lot!

  13. Derek says

    I am funny but you are so sad. Julian you clearly just do not get it. I am not confused by what boutiques charge for designer goods and I am quiet clear on the how and the why part. And the very last thing on this planet I would want or need is for you to explain anything to me – especially haute couture which you seem to really know little about. To be clear, the “the” you’ve placed in front of couture is unnecessary – couture is couture. In addition, couture is not “in” Paris but rather comes from Paris. And lastly, since couture really means high priced designer items that are hand sewn for a specific person, your $900 gloves my dear are not couture – but rather just over priced gloves. I think you need to do a little research on what haute couture really means before you attempt educating anyone else.

    But back to my point.-My confusion, however, comes from your desire to boast about how much you foolishly spend on your frivolous baubles. None of us care about you, your spending habits, how much of your father’s money you have, how much you waste and whatever it is you choose to waste it on. And btw Julian – people like me work hard for their money, often shop with quality in mind and not cost and would ship you and the like off to Antarctica in a heart beat never to be heard from again. Your father, I’m sure, would be the first to buy your passage-first class of course. You are the very type of queer I despise – pretentious, arrogant and vapid with nothing real to offer the world except keeping boutique clerks and waiters busy…..

    And also, as if you actually had a $200 million trust fund, you would already know that the “monies” are already vested in the “fund” and therefore making money. That is just one aspect of a trust fund. And with that large of an amount, there would be people making those decision in place to help the total fund to grow – and those people would need little advice from someone such as yourself. If you are going to post such bullshit, again at least do a little research to make it sound more believable. With $200 million at your disposal you sure seem to check on Andy’s blog a lot with seemingly nothing else to do. Hmmmm……..kind of strange isn’t it?

    You are most welcome! This was fun.

  14. Julian says

    Ha ha….I must have struck some kind of nerve with you Derek. WHATEVER. First of all, I never EVER proposed that my gloves were couture. That is preposterous. I was just stating a fact. I’m glad you know ALL about couture, not that you’ll be attending any of the shows or anything 😉

    And as for my fund, I never proposed that my advisor needed MY advice either. Goodness knows I have no idea what goes on financially, nor do I care, as long as the money keeps building up and I keep getting my allowance, but they do need my signature from time to time (legal stuff you know).

    YOU’RE the kind of fag I hate. Pompous, self-rightous, know-it-all, who lords their knowledge or “so-called” knowledge over others, when clearly no one really gives a damn.

    Your misplaced anger is funny. You really should see about attending anger-management classes with Naomi Campbell. They might still have a space open. Check it out. It really might do you some good!

  15. Derek says

    You struck no nerve with me Julian but I am certainly one to say my peace – especially in relation to pretentious dicks who boast and brag and generally are just total assholes. In the future, keep your two cents to yourself. Trust – no one wants to hear about how much you paid for your pathetic gloves, your jeans, your bag, your face cream (I can just imagine how much you need that) – we are not impressed – end of story. In my life, I have often encountered a certain type of person that feels the need to boast about what he paid for specific things. I’ve always surmised that that type of person needs to try to impress people, to make himself feel better than others because on the inside he is lacking sooooooooo many things. Jeez…….who does that sound like? You take care now hun. You might want to dab on a little more face cream – the cracks are starting to show.

  16. ARMANI says

    I wouldn’t touch Karl or let him touch me with a ten foot pole (he is sooooo ugly), but, i’ll take that bodyguard and make him feel like he’s never felt before.

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