Sly: Rambo’s Back with a Youthful, Ripped Musculature


Sylvester Stallone, 60, has been shooting the latest Rambo sequel in the jungles of Thailand.

“Stallone threw himself into his new project shortly after being charged with importing a banned bodybuilding drug in Australia. The actor and his entourage of minders were stopped last month at Sydney airport en route to the Australian premiere of his sixth Rocky movie when a routine X-ray of the party’s baggage revealed 48 vials of Jintropin, a so-called miracle drug.”

Actually, there’s a second miracle at work here. The actor has been using more than steroids to summon back his youthful strength. He has hired a hot body double 30 years his junior (above, right) to do the dirty work. Hmm, perhaps double deserves his own sequel?

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  1. Rad says

    Better living through chemicals!

    Actually, for his action pics, Sly usually does cut quite the hot bod. “Demolition Man” comes to mind where we get to see the gratuitous butt shots of him. COnsidering he got his start in porn (“The Italian Stallion”), he’s aging wuite well. He never seems to take himself too seriously, unlike Ahnold or Jean Claude Van Damme.


  2. 000000 says

    Good lord, he’s definitely intent on revisiting all his greatest hits before it’s embarrasing to imagine the characters kicking ass with a cane. Now seriously, was this whole post an excuse to imply that Sly’s body double is an Adonis, with a photo that doesn’t even PROVE it? I want my 45 seconds back.

  3. mark m says

    I guess if Ford, Spielberg and co. can bring Indiana Jones out of the retirement home for a fourth movie, Sly can Rambo it up once more.

    What’s next? Arnold in Conan the Republican?

  4. Dr. Pat says

    As Cher sings: if I could turn back time, kids if ain’t happening and yes lettuce see more of the body double.

    What is the body’s name???

    Just a thought.

  5. Olderguy says

    I only wish I could be a “birdy” on the ceiling and see the heckling guys (who always seem to spew “ick, ugh, yuck,gross,hideous and ugly!… comments to when it comes to most of the aging ex-“stud of the year” celebs or older men in general) when THEY age, and start to lose their “pretty boy” looks and become dependant on skin cream making their faces look like masks, I hope they do not have to put up with the same crap they give out now…… As a decent looking older man (and I never thought of myself as hot)an ex Wilhelmina model and ex-what they called hottie.. who had the dubious chore of being PR Director at the Palladium in NYC when it first was open….)so I decided who got in the VIP Mike Todd Room and TRUST me I did not go on shallow looks)… even before THAT job…I never had to wait in ANY line at any clubs door…so I have “looks” cred….I feel sorry for the poor shmucks who can only find nasty comments to spew out when they judge an older man’s looks. Beauty fades boys….and I hope your own looks and self esteem stay healthy….karma is a bitch.I am older now and content….I no longer am in the magazines amd papers becuase I look good but because I am, ..or at least, try to be a decent, growing person…. This site is so good about showing older and younger hot men….keep up the good work.

  6. soulbrotha says

    I understand what you are saying. But there is a HUGE difference between using beauty creams and taking steroids and having plastic surgery. Obviously Stallone does not possess the self-esteem that you have been fortunate enough to procure. He has become a caricature of himself and unfortunately his attempts at self-preservation (in all areas) have failed miserably. If he is going to present himself as a macho hunk, then he is going to be judged accordingly. And I think that’s fair.

  7. Olderguy says

    Good point..I bow to your wisdom on this one…I agree with you Soulbrother…..I spoke too soon…or rather in defense of the wrong guy perhaps…it just hit me in an odd way at the wrong time…I am so used to seeing so many ugly “words’ being used so many times….in response to older actors etc….being a character guy and never having tried to “preserve” or “pickle” myself….I find my self attracted to a natural aging process…..thanks for the wise feed back.

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