Tim Hardaway Looks for a Second Chance

Tim Hardaway tells the Miami Herald‘s Barry Jackson that he’d rather “go straight to [a gay organization]” than attend “sensitivity training” for his remarks, and notes that the impact his anti-gay comments had on his business dealings ”hurt the most”. He says he wants a second chance.

HardawaySaid Hardaway: ”People have been trying to kick me when I’m down. [The reaction was] very, very shocking. People saying my wife left me — that’s not true. My family is OK and my finances are OK. I’m looking for a second chance and trying to clean up my image. I haven’t been in trouble with drugs or guns. I’m an upstanding citizen. Like I told my children, life is not easy. This is a big bump I have to overcome. I’m going to deal with it like a champ. I’ve got to make sure people know I don’t hate gay people.”

Hardaway also said that a meeting he had with NBA commissioner David Stern was “encouraging and very positive.” He attended a Heat game last week and is attempting to get back in the good graces of head coach Pat Riley.

Riley says he has left the door open to that possibility: ”We are a country and city that forgives. I’m going to reach out to him, but he’s got to admit if there’s a problem, he’s got to fix it..I think people who know Tim know he’s a good person.”

Hardaway made headlines in February when he told a Miami radio host, “Well, you know, I hate gay people. I let it be known, I don’t like gay people. I don’t like to be around gay people. Yeah, I’m homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world, or in the United States. So, yeah, I don’t like it.”


  1. MT says

    It’s too bad he’s missing the whole point of what his hateful speech is doing, but at least he’s getting hit where it hurts for it.

  2. John T says

    “He’d rather ‘go straight to [a gay organization]’ than attend ‘sensitivity training’ for his remarks”

    should read,
    “he’d rather make a one-stop public appearance with Joe Solomonese, get his ritualized contrition out of the way and move on, instead of attending sensitivity training where he might be forced to confront his ignorant prejudices and actually learn something.”

  3. Jack! says

    So greedy. It’s all about the money. He doesn’t get it and will probably never get it.

  4. Matt says

    screw this guy, he’s an ass. I don’t care if he likes me because I don’t like him.

  5. Bob says

    I’ll start thinking about forgiving him when he starts giving MAJOR dollars to gay charities….and its going to take a whole lot of money.

    I hope the gay community stays on top of those who might be quick to forgive.

  6. John says

    Let’s not forget how vehement his expressions of hate were…a tiger does not change his stripes (at least not that quickly).

    I’m doing my best to ensure that not a dime goes to him…let’s work together on this.

  7. Rick says

    Notice that it is the impact on his business dealings that hurt the most. He can attempt to improve his PR, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a douche who is only sorry for his comments because it hurt his pocket book. I guess he won’t be able to afford that vacation home on the beach this summer. Poor baby.

  8. Bill says

    If you don’t hate people why did you say, um, “I hate gay people”? And then go on to say that we shouldn’t be in the world. (Should we call you Adolf?)

    Sorry, I have no sympathy. Especially when (1) he seems most concerned about “business”; and (2) he seems to be looking for the easiest out possible. John T.’s comments were dead on: He doesn’t want to do anything difficult, like confront his own prejudices or learn things.

    He doesn’t get it.

  9. Eric says

    He’s just trying to do damage control. I don’t believe he’s sorry about any of this, except for how it may have hurt his bottom line. He and that Greys Anatomy loser can go screw themselves.

  10. Rob says

    Step 1 in making sure people know you don’t hate gay people:

    Don’t say, “I hate gay people.”

  11. bryan says

    I do fell sorry for someone that closed minded because he missing the point that he hurt a lot of people, possibly people close to him. His check book may be hurting now, but it is his dark soul, and cold heart that will hurt him well into the future.

  12. zinc alloy says

    That jersey should read BIGOT. Guys like this deserve no sympathy. Or multi-million dollar endorsement deals.

  13. says

    we will do what we can down this way…not forgive and forget, but we will make inroads to see if there is anything good that can come from it and “attempt” to be a human being worth supporting…but know that we know that if he is only doing this because it hurt “business”, we will ensure to call that out VERY quickly and decisively.

  14. dave says

    in the scheme of things he’s not important, just a negative voice that will be forgotten. John Amaechi’s brave coming out is what counts.

  15. says

    Maybe he’d “get it” if he and his kids and wife were subjected to some famous white person saying he “doesn’t like niggers.” I mean, we still have idiots like that in our country, too, but they know better than to share their racist stupidity with the public (for the most part.)

    I mean, let’s get real here, this idiot is never going to understand what an ass he is, and unless we want to send him to Asshat Deprogramming Camp, I say the best thing to do is cost him as much money as possible so that other homohaters like him know to keep their big, fat, dumb yaps shut….I wonder if his wife is as dumb as he is. I pity his kids.