Tony Blair’s ‘Obscene Gesture’ Revealed by News Agency


A photograph taken of English Prime Minister Tony Blair (top row, center) while he was at Oxford in the 70’s has been in circulation for a while — in a more sanitized state. The photograph had an “obscene gesture” excised from it to protect the PM’s image.

Father Nicholas, a contemporary of Blair’s at Oxford who originally provided the photo to a news agency with the prerequisite that the gesture be taken out, said he wasn’t surprised that the original image has finally surfaced.

He added: “I suppose the BBC lawyers would be a bit worried if I was to suggest he was drunk in that photo. On the other hand, it’s probably more defamatory to say he was sober.”

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  1. MikeinSanJose says

    I’m not sure I get the gesture. Is he making like he’s jerking off, or is this ‘rude gesture’ only rude to the higher-level British sensibilities?

  2. Matt says

    And this is news because? Um…I think we have all done dumb shit as young people. I’m sure when he took that photo he had no clue he would be prime minister.

  3. atheist says

    The jerk off gesture is normally directed at someone i.e. “you’re a wanker!” It’s tantamount to sticking two fingers up at the camera with added va-va-voom…

  4. Brian says

    Those hats were clearly stolen from the theatre department, which was apparently mounting a production of The Music Man.

  5. says

    It’s Monty Python’s “Sam Peckinpah’s Salad Days.” In the next shot Tony Blair’s offending arm is ripped off and several people’s heads explode.

  6. says

    My God! How disgusting. He should be removed from office and run out of the country. Simply disgraceful. My delicate sensibilities are offended.

  7. Myackie says

    I wish the media would be as determined to dig up pictures of W snorting lines in college.

  8. John C says

    That’s the gesture he should have made to Bush in 2002 when told the US was going to invade Iraq and wanted Britain to join in.

  9. Brian says

    The seated gentleman on the right end of the front row looks much like Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen (sp?), who has regaled us all with horrendous interior decorating on “Changing Rooms”.

    I watch too much cable.

  10. titus says

    if my elementary playground circa mid-1960’s central florida childhood memory serves me right, it is “shooting a wong”. were i pullled up that one from i don’t know. i can only assume it deals with a vagina and masterbation, both of which at that time in my life were sort of vague

  11. Patrick says

    What gesture? The lack of grooming and horrendous hairstyles are truly frightening. You’d never catch Prince Charles looking so ratty. And those glasses? Come on now. When was this? 1910?

  12. nf63 says

    That’s not Tony Blair, that’s John Barrowman in a wig! This must have been from that missing Doctor Who episode, “Captain Jack goes to Oxford.”