Anderson Cooper Does Not Shower in His Underwear

The latest Anderson Cooper talk to hit the internet, thanks to Janet Charlton, is that the CNN news anchor showers in his underwear to avoid the possibility of having his manhood captured on a camera phone.

CooperIn the interest of correcting this claim, a source close to Towleroad who is also a member at the Time Warner Center Equinox gym and has seen Mr. Cooper in action reports that he does not shower in his underwear, but that he is one of those “towel wrap, slip the undies down underneath” kind of guys.

Tipster also reports that he is very, very pale but couldn’t tell much else from “the view through the frosted glass door.”

Or maybe that should be the frosted glass closet?

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  1. says

    Okay this is just plain silly! Damn people. Let it go with the Cooper already. There are much more important issues than how this guy takes a shower.

    hugs and kisses

  2. Steven says

    My God – The man can’t even work out and shower without a bunch of vultures circling. And people wonder why he’s trying to keep his private life private! I’d hold on to any piece of myself (no pun intended) that I could to if I was wrapped in his towel.

  3. says

    Gawd, he’s a “towel-wrap, slide the undies down” guy? Maybe he IS straight. I hate when guys do that. I wanna ogle them the way they ogle chicks!

  4. B says

    I’m sure that even through the frosted glass you could tell if the carpet matched the curtains…. Anybody know?

  5. Jeff says

    Martin, I’ve found that most guys who are petrified that someone might see their willies in the locker room are generally wise to keep it hidden! Honestly, though, it boggles the mind thst some grown boys have so many hang-ups with respect their bodies. Coop I can understand because someone would be liable to snap a pic and post it on the Internet.

  6. Arthur says

    Given how far this little bit of nonsense has flown, can you imagine the circus if he actually came all the way out?

  7. JT says

    Arthur: because I am emotionally connected to Mr. Cooper and try to be a supporter of his in the light of all the anti-Anderson crap and corruption, I won’t make any nasty jokes about him coming all the way out and how little I appreciated it when he did.

  8. Tim says

    The rumor didn’t make sense. Even if he showered in his undies, he’d have to change out of the wet ones and in to dry ones at some point while still in the locker room.

    As for cell phone locker room pix on the internet, does this actually happen. Maybe I’m terribly naive, but I’ve never seen anyone take them and in all the time I’ve wasted on the internet, I’ve never come across them either.

  9. bmac says

    thank you, god, for not making me hot & famous. or i should say, thanks for making me hot, but not famous.

  10. peterparker says

    If Anderson Cooper came out of the closet there would be no media circus because it would put an end to all the speculation about his sexual orientation. With that one little act, he’d take back all the power. Of course, I’d still wonder about the size of his unit, but that could also be easily solved if Mr. Cooper simply showed it to me.

  11. says

    It wouldn’t make any sense to shower in your underwear because you still would take that off when you get dressed. I still wouldn’t mind taking a look at a naked Coop.

  12. lovethejared says

    some people are beyond gossip. anderson cooper is such an incredible man who has done so many wonderful things for the american media. leave him alone. i personally don’t care what he is . what i do know is that he has integrity, intelligence, courage and heart. end of story.

  13. stephy says

    I found out I don’t have the GPA to get into the colleges of my dreams, yet this some how helped? Oh this is not a good a sign. :[

  14. Matt says

    What’s up with all this Anderson Cooper business? Who cares? It really just pisses off a lot of gay men/activist that he is rich and famous and not out. The frosted glass closet lol. Can we say we are a little green with envy?

  15. Anon says

    I dated Andy many many years ago and I can tell you that he’s a grower and it grows to about 7 1/2 inches. I ain’t complaining. He just never called me back. My loss definitely.

  16. Leland says

    We already know what’s under that towel—NO BALLS.

    “integrity, intelligence, courage and heart”??? lovethejared, you need to invest in a dictionary.

  17. tommy says

    I don’t get it. Why all the fuss about Anderson being out/naked/celebrity? What gives us the right to delve into the private lives of anyone. This is dumb. A good-looking gay man doing his job well. Why does he need to declare himself gay. He is gay…leave it at that. More important things going on to zone in on. And why just Anderson? Why not list the many designers, actors, lawers, teachers, mayors(ex), etc. And at what level do we stop asking? Do we ask the third tier exec assistant his sexual orientation in hopes that he or she is very succesful? I DO see the reasoning for going after those who work against the gay community while being safe in the closet. Then, go for it! As for the rest, we all need to live our own lives in our own way and live by example. Be positive in life. (sorry for the rant.)

  18. Daniel says

    Let’s think about this. You’re Anderson Cooper, you take your clothes off in the gym to shower. Someone sees you then goes on a bunch of websites and talks about what you look like naked, how tan (or not) you are, what size your penis is, if you’re a bit flabby from the pasta last night etc…

    I think I’d keep myself covered up too.

  19. andrew says

    This is outrageous, irresponsible reporting! We, the public, need proof of these accusations of underwear showering and/or towel dressing. Please post pictures. If the Washington Post was on this story you know they would.

  20. Aaron says

    “integrity, intelligence, courage and heart”

    This describes Anderson perfectly for me.

  21. ck says

    Tommy (and others): The fuss about AC coming out is (for me at least) about the need to have as many positive images of gay people as possible, to show young gay kids that they can be successful and happy, and to show the bigots who try to deny our rights (and the maybe-bigots who haven’t made up their minds) that we’re not the degenerates they believe us to be. I’m not asking AC to become a political activist (although that would be nice, too), I’d just like him to acknowledge something that he has no reason to be ashamed of. He talks about plenty of other person issues. Why not this one?

  22. says

    I’d argue to the contrary: we do not “need” Anderson Cooper, or anyone else to come out on our side. I personally don’t “need” Anderson to be gay, or any particular celeb, cause I’m just so proud I feel our community doesn’t need anyone else.

    And in regards to outing, I may repeat myself but there are already *plenty* of out & proud LGBT in all sectors of life out there: journalism, sports, music, cinema, name it. And until those people are fully recognized by our community, we don’t really have the moral highground to be requesting the (allegedly) closeted to come out and represent us.

    I believe in changes that start from within..

  23. Brian says

    Also a member of Equinox at Time Warner. Have to agree, does not wear underwear into the shower. In fact, when I saw him strip out of his suit, he was wearing a non-brand pair of white briefs (Fruit of the Loom I’m guessing). Very handsome face.

    P.S.- Saw “The Rock” two weeks ago. That man is beautiful. At least 6’4 and built like a brick house. Pure power. I get the nick name.

  24. Sam the Man says

    I’m a towel wrap, slide the undies down kind of guy myself. I may be gay, doesn’t mean I want a bunch of ugly looking gawkers checking out my private parts when in the locker room.

    BTW, my package is impressive.

  25. Matt says

    I hate cackling gay gossips. Yeah, the ones that spend all their time (ie. Leeland) writing responses to news posts on this site.

    If you spent half as much time making this world a better place to live as you do pontificating on stupid-ass topics such as Reechin you make be able to look back on your life with pride.

  26. sean says

    being in the closet implies certainly more than just your desire for privacy. straights are not in the closet when it comes to their sexuality and therefore why should any of us be? when you decide not to be proud about who you are in all its capacity and manifestation, you give the rest of the world the impression that you are ashamed of who you are. being in the closet implies that you are hiding, embarrassed, ashamed, etc. of the one fact that defines you as gay – your attraction to someone of the same gender as you. and don’t tell me there are other things that make you gay. there are not. you are gay for one reason and one reason only, your attraction to someone of the same sex. your desire to love, to fall in love, to be in love with someone who just happens to have the same equipment as you. this in no way is reason not to live your life wholly and freely. when you are in the closet, you are simply capitualting to the status quo. let those straights enjoy their comfort zone while i continue to live my life in the shadows. sorry. it has nothing to do with privacy. that’s just a rationalization for lacking courage to be who you truly are and to be it truly proudly.

  27. BB says

    Well….I have ran into (almost literally) Mr AC 360 at the Equinox on Greenwich Ave actually–that very straight hang out–and I can attest to the very white nature of his skin, the face that there is no showering with undies on, but, he is def an “undie slipper offer with towel on’er” type guy….

  28. the other jeff says

    I don’t blame Anderson – or anyone else, for that matter – for not displaying his crotch for the viewing public, in a gym locker room or elsewhere. Because he’s gay he has to flaunt his cock? I second what Sam said above: I don’t want tragic, desperate trolls ogling my ween. For every good-looking guy that you may want to pick up at a gym, there are several undesirables lollygagging just to get some cock-gazing in. Why humor them? Talk about having better things to do…

  29. Zeke says

    I’m sorry LOVETHEJARED, but I didn’t see ANY “integrity, intelligence, courage and heart” coming from Cooper last week when I watched him do an interview with a “forensic psychiatrist” who made an ABSOLUTLEY BASELESS claim that the VTech shooter was probably a closeted gay man, and your hero virtually ignored the disgusting conjecture. Other than his one line challenge, “But wasn’t he attracted to women?”, he didn’t challenge her at all. When she explained why that fact didn’t matter, he completely let it go unchallenged. He didn’t demand that she either produce evidence for her sensational claim or apologize for slanderously turning this tragedy into her own personal anti-gay propaganda crusade.

    THAT was cowardly, shameful, ignorant, and heartless; REGARDLESS of whether he is out or not! Somehow I believe he might have responded differently if he were out.

    I had respect for Cooper before that interview. It’s ALL gone now.

    He is now a cowardly, self serving punk in my book.

    Here’s the link for those of you who may have missed it. I asked Andy to post the story a couple of times but he never did. I guess it wasn’t as important as a story about whether or not Cooper wears underwear in the shower. Go figure.


    When I posted this it was nine stories down under the heading, “Is the Media About to Defame Gays…”

    The transcript of the interview is at:

    The exchange is quite a ways into the interview of witnesses and “experts”.

  30. says

    I seriously doubt Anderson Cooper wearing his undies in the shower would prevent any cell phone pics. In fact, it would probably incite more mobile picture taking. Wet undies–definitely a tease. Given that the reality is the towel wrapped around his waist and pulling out the undies, the best one can hope for is an accident a la Jamie Bamber on Battlestar Galactica.

  31. Giovanni says

    You know I used to be on the fence about Cooper formally “coming out”- now I am fairly certain he should stay exactly where he is. He’s a great journalist – it’s enough for me to know he’s on the team.

  32. Giovanni says

    ps – Given how tech savvy he is I am sure he’s come across this little underwear tidbit – one wonders how much bigger his towel is going to be now. I don’t envy him.

  33. box says

    not like you need someone else to confirm, but yes, AC definitely gets naked in the locker room. one blessed evening my locker ended up being right next to his, and we were changing at the same time. while standing at the locker, there were several moments of total nudity, followed by a towel-swaddled walk to the shower. i didn’t look directly at the nude form while he was changing, because I thought that would be somehow even more tacky. in my slightly hazy periphery, though, were the goods. and they were gray. and he’s a little doughy, but it’s almost attractive on him.

  34. Daniel says

    Although I’m in favor of everyone being out–and I’m not even strictly opposed to outing, I have a lot of sympathy for these “celebrities.” Once a well-known or semi-well-known person comes out everything they say becomes fodder for the holier-than-thou gay activists who want to jump on and criticize them for not saying what they feel should be said in a way they feel it should be said. They are no longer just a person–they are forced to be activists. Look at the criticism on this very site of TR Knight for not being an expert public speaker, or for that ice skater for not being politically correct in every little statement.

  35. Dr. Pat says

    B that is a scream. There are three things I hate: 1. Someone peeing on the seat
    2. size queens’
    3. small cocks

    remember small men usually have big cocks”
    as I found out. Girls, grab your purses and get to his gym and see if he takes his towel off.. Shower cam would be great….

  36. Vince says

    Don’t know what’s up with the link, but I’ve seen that shower and it is VERY sexy.

  37. Alvin says

    Anderson Cooper should hook up with Brian Paddick. They will look so damm hot together! 😉 Call it a fantasy of mine to see them in action. Man on man action.

  38. cd says

    why doesn’t the guy come out? that would be the only thing even remotely interesting about him if he did.

  39. nathan fratan says

    THat man has a skinny ass and is trying to cover it up. I know! I had sex with him. He likes it low down dirty and pays good darn cash too.
    Good old nathan fratan

  40. Aaron says

    So the question to those who have allegedly seen him in the gym locker room.. is it boxers, boxer briefs or briefs???

  41. Nameless says

    Something tells me that he has the smoothest balls. I wouldn’t mind those in my mouth along with little Cooper.