News: Day of Silence, Bald Eagle, Simon Cowell, Colorado

road.jpg The Colorado Senate approved legislation protecting gays and lesbians from workplace discrimination on a 20-15 party-line vote Monday. This is the fifth straight year lawmakers have attempted to extend the protections: “The measure has been vetoed by former Republican Gov. Bill Owens or has died in GOP-controlled committees. This time, Democrats hope they have an ally in Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter.”

Baldeagleroad.jpg Bald Eagle to be de-listed from the federal list of threatened and endangered species in June: “Environmentalists and scientists widely support the move because of the species’ success since a 1972 ban on the pesticide DDT and since it was protected by the Endangered Species Act in 1978. Still, many eagle experts are worried, warning that the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the law that will protect bald eagles after delisting, does not adequately shield the nesting trees and feeding perches eagles depend on.”

road.jpg Climate change and New York City, a forecast: “It’s really the prospect of the unraveling of many things as we know them. I don’t think we’re going to know until it happens. But the point of no return is actually way before the actual event.”

070412_red_square_01road.jpg Death of a star: nebula spotted with “near-perfect symmetry”.

road.jpg Gay Boston Catholics faced with no mass as Jesuits say they’ll shut down the church. Worshiper: “I, and my friends, while not surprised, were saddened. This comes after a few years of rough times for gay Catholics, with Vatican and local episcopal declarations that have not been so friendly. I don’t know what will be the future of gay ministry.”

road.jpg Andrew Embiricos, New York socialite and descendant of the Prophet Muhammed, making name for himself in amateur gay porn videos.

road.jpg Simon Cowell criticized for rolling eyes after Chris Richardson’s Virginia Tech comments. Cowell says, “I wasn’t listening. I’m horrified.”

Shhhroad.jpg Shhh! Those voices that you don’t hear are the sounds of thousands of students across America: “Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence, a national youth movement protesting the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies in schools. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by harassment, prejudice, and discrimination. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today. What are you going to do to end the silence?”

road.jpg Brothers and Sisters‘s Jason Lewis hawks chocolates half-naked.

road.jpg UK group awarded grant to produce series of films on homophobic bullying in Britain’s rural areas: “We’ve wanted to set up this project for a long time and now we can really get going with this funding. There are so many homosexual youngsters in rural areas across the country but many feel they’re the only one. They are usually being bullied in school for being different because teenagers are trying their best to fit in.”

road.jpg AfterElton dishes gossip from the GLAAD awards.


  1. Gregg says

    Jason Lewis’s pic – ugh, so NOT hot.

    Regarding Simon Cowell – I rolled my eyes right along with him – not because of the VT massacre, but because of Richardson’s crass use of it to garner votes. Disgusting.

    The second I saw it on the broadcast, I knew it would be big news. Obviously, so did the producers, who most likely asked Cowell to make his lame shout out about VT later in the show, hoping it would help calm the waters. Cowell won’t be able to win this one though. I feel bad for him.

  2. pacificoceanboy says

    Siomn Cowell rolle dhis eyes when chris used!!!! stressed used the Vt shootings as an excuse for his singing through his nose.

    Good for simon. If the kid hadn’t been singing through his nose for the entire season and instead of singing through his nose had his voice crack then his excuse would have been valid.

    As it was the kid patheticaly tried to milk a tragedy for his own benefit.

    Kudos to Simon cowell.

  3. mark m says

    I am VERY cynical but it didn’t cross my mind that Chris said what he said to garner sympathy and get more votes.

    I have to agree with what Chris quipped to Simon concerning his style of singing. When HASN’T Chris sounded nasally?

  4. Mike says

    I know that the Brits are a cynical bunch but show some respect Simon. I too had noticed this and the lame attempt of recovery at the end. Kudos for Chris for bringing this up for whatever reason. There are much more important issues and matters that the 30+ million Americans watching the show should be paying attention to rather than a damn singing contest.

  5. Leigh says

    Today was the first time my high school participated in the Day of Silence.

    I was really impressed by the number of people who partook in it, but perhaps the most amazing thing I witnessed was this one jock-type, preppy kid who joined in. He had gotten in trouble recently for making some pretty derogatory comments about a gay kid, but he wasn’t punished (a little reprimand, and his parents were called, that’s it). However, he decided, on his own initiative, to be silent. Even when a girl told him she heard the principal “didn’t really care” and “didn’t think it was that big a deal,” he, still not speaking, wrote out on a sheet of paper, “I think it’s a big deal.” I mean, say what you want about the Day of Silence, but look at what it’s led to at my school. And it puts these issues out there, where people don’t have the option of diverting their attention and pushing it out of their mind anymore.

    Also, said guy is coming to the next GSA meeting along with some of his friends.

  6. Deschanel says

    About the American Eagle being taken off the Endangered Species list: Andy missed AmericaBlog’s VERY sarcastic question:
    WHO are these “environmentalists and scientists” “applauding” this??”? Reuters didn’t bother to name them.

    When do environmentalists ever “applaud” open season on endangered species anyway?

    A fishy quote from Reuters, sarcastically and rightly questioned by AmericaBlog, and then the same fishy quote lazily reprinted here on Towleroad, doing PR work for the corporations who want the eagle OFF the list so they can go about destroying its habitat, using chemicals etc.

    Really disappointed by Towleroad when things are slapped up on the site without even reading the linked article. Lazy.

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