Male Escort Accuses Boy George of Bondage Kidnap

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Carlsen_2Boy George has reportedly had another run-in with authorities if reports from Brit tabloid The Sun are accurate.

The singer, who spent much of 2006 dealing with repercussions from his arrest on cocaine charges in 2005, was reportedly taken to a police station and questioned over the weekend after a Norwegian male escort claimed the singer met him on the dating site Gaydar and called him to his flat where George another man chained him by a hook to a bed, took photos of him in “kinky gear”, and threatened him with whips and sex toys.

The male escort, Auden Carlsen, also claimed that he “only agreed to go to his flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model and not as an escort.”

George_1Said Carlsen: “It’s ironic that his biggest hit was Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? — because I’m sure he did want to hurt me. I was convinced I was going to die…George said he was popping out for milk at 5am. I heard him come back and I walked into his bedroom wearing just my white underpants and a T-shirt. I was jumped on by George and another man. George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.”

According to The Sun: “He said George got rid of the blond man then produced a box of whips and sex toys — telling him: ‘Now you’ll get what you deserve.'”

Carlsen said he escaped by ripping the hook he was chained to from the wall, and fleeing the apartment to a nearby newsstand where he called police.

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  1. Bill says

    The trouble with Boy George is he is still living in the 80’s. The avante garde? edge he had then, just looks like freak now. Give it a rest and get over yourself.

  2. Becks07 says

    And The Sun probably made up half those quotes, which is their regular practice…trust me on this one. When dealing with the British tabloids, suspend all remaining vestiges of faith in journalism you may still possess.

    Plus, that hooker sure ain’t all that…

  3. Jonathon says

    Can’t they find someone else to smear? I love Boy George and honestly cannot believe that ANYONE, let alone a strapping Norwegian, would be “convinced he was going to die” from an attack by Mr. O’Dowd.

    Sounds like someone wants some publicity… and this time it ain’t The Boy.

  4. Leland says

    Assuming it’s true, instead of spending 400 pounds on male hookers, George might send it to Miami’s HIV/AIDS agency Care Resource toward the $8000 he owes them for failing to fulfill his contract as a DJ at 2005’s White Party. The guy some of you admire so much took the advance and ran back to England after his last drug bust in NYC.

  5. sparks says

    Well, damn. George had released a bunch of cool videos on YouTube, including some recent mixes. Some started off with bits of commentary, and most of them featured vid clips of a guy modeling shorts, shirts, boxers, etc with George’s designs. The music was great, the photography interesting but never vulgar. Typically, casual poses with a few rated PG (like the model exposing some tush). Never anything vulgar. Very creative stuff.

    Now the account is closed. I guess George didn’t want those videos picked apart and used to misrepresent his art. Such a shame.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, he’s an entertainer with substance problems, Leland. He’s not some responsible, earnest gay activist–dedicated to giving back to the community.

    We said we loved him–we don’t want to grow up to be like him.

  7. Mars says

    ugh, I smell a setup.

    John Paulus/Clay Aiken…Kerrick Ross/Larry Birkhead…Auden Carlsen/Boy George…always the same story.

    Next thing you know, Mika and Sanjaya will be targeted by this.

  8. Glenn says

    So because the guy’s a hooker, he’s lying? Even if he was being paid to have sex,he could still be raped, you know. No still means no.

  9. Steve says

    As per usual, Boy George is acting like the spoilt mentally undeveloped idiot that he has become since hs career suffered a nose-dive.

    He appears to be completely egotistical with no regard for anyone but himself. Some psychotherapy would be very relevant as it appears that the bullied is becoming the bully.

    Grow up George

  10. blyn says

    Unfortunately we will never know what really happened – afterall it is the media reporting the story, who knows what of the article is the truth and what is ‘poetic license’ I dont believe a quarter of what I hear or read and I think stars and ex-stars are taken advantage of all the time by the media. As far as I am concerned it is they that are the criminals, and those who read their ‘crap’ only encourage them.

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