Clay Aiken on Mission to Afghanistan


Good for Clay Aiken. The former American Idol contestant is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He just spent five days in Afghanistan: “As a former teacher I recognize that spark of hope and excitement all children possess when given the opportunity to learn. Rebuilding schools, training teachers, providing essential supplies and teaching materials are just some of the advances UNICEF and its partners have made to keep that hope flourishing.” It’s nice to see that he’s using his fame to do some good.

Of course, there may have been a few Jesus Christ Superstar musical workshops here and there.


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    Muahahahah! JC Superstar in Afghanistan. LMAO! You’re too funny, Andy 😉

    Agreed, yay for Aiken finally really doing something with his “fame”. Maybe he can get a makeover by that woman teaching beauty school while he’s at it.

  2. Otto says

    (said in jest). Mr. Aiken did a good thing. Granted, he was probably trying to sing at a Turkish wrestling match.

  3. Brian says

    Jake… hehehehehehehehe… was about to say the same thing. That wrap drapes on him so nicely. Switch the drab brown to Hermes silk, and he’s look like Nancy Pelosi. Except for that lame beard.

  4. Wayne says

    Well, he’d slept with everyone on Manhunt in the US so now he’s trying a different country…

  5. Kamasutra Jones says

    Is it the picture or does he look like he’s coloring his beard to make himself look butch? I hate to tell him, but Al Parker he is not.

    Glad to see him doing “good” work though. Better than adopting children from hither and yon like some other celebrities.

  6. C. says

    Man, for a second there I thought he was Obi-Wan Kenobi. That is some crazy Star Wars sh*t going on there.

  7. says

    @ Brian: “Except for that lame beard.” Heh! Beard. This picture just makes me laugh in a happy way. Ridiculous.

  8. says

    How do you solve a problem like Clay Aiken?
    How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
    How do you find a word that means Clay Aiken?
    A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

  9. anon says

    He’s trying a bit too hard to fit in. Is it necessary to point out that one could never hope to stage JC Superstar in Afganistan? Yes, that would be a Badwill tour.

  10. Jack! says

    Oh lord! The gay rumors have taken a toll on his psyche. What will he do next? Go undercover in a Thai prostitute ring?

    XOXO, I’ve noticed that too.

  11. Jason says

    When I first saw the picture I laughed, I thought it was a video grab from saturday night live…with the wig and fake beard and all. When I read that it was real I laughed a little harder…Clay really does bring joy and laughter to the world.

  12. mark says

    Do your good work Clay, its a wonderful cause, and you put your life in danger for something you feel strong about, children and education.

    But, next time, lose that silly wrap, and just wear a burka, since that would make more of a fashion statement!

  13. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Bizarrely, he looks much better…and more “normal”…with the beard. It balances out his features and he looks less like a Howdy Doody puppet.

  14. Dave says

    What do you mean finally doing something with his fame? You haven’t been paying attention. This is his third mission since 2004. He’s also a presidential committee member advising the president on people with disabilities plus he has the Bubel Aiken foundation that funds YMCA childrens camps among other things. This is a really good man whether you think he’s gay or not, the bashing needs to stop. Its as bad as any other form of hate.

  15. RJ says

    Well said, Dave.

    Clay Aiken has put a great deal of time, money and effort into working with diabled and disadvantaged children. Most of this work is done without great fanfare or press coverage.

  16. Michelle says

    Why do gays spend so much time gay-bashing straight individuals like Clay? Is it heterosexism?

    By the way, in just two days, Clay’s fans donated $70,000 to UNICEF for the children in Afghanistan. The goal is $100,000 in 10 days.

  17. Darcey says

    Um … someone should tell Gay Aiken that only women wear those things. Come out brother, we’re all waiting breathlessly.

  18. xavier says

    That looks like a shawl. My godmother wears every single piece of cloth she can lay her hands on the same way. He’s trying too hard. And even funnier than his attire and his attitude (have you seen his hands?) are Dave’s and RJ’s comments. Claymates are EVERYWHERE. These poor delusional beings are an spectacle, I’m telling you (The Nile, dearies, is a river in Africa). They preach the word according to the clayspel everywhere, trying to convince that the Gayken is some kind of prophet. Yeah, Gayken does good things, yeah, his fans give money to good causes, but why is it all he does still so sanctimonious? Why is it all he does still so darn forced and posed? The Gayken is the patron saint of the closeted christian moron.

  19. patrick nyc says

    First off, to keep the Claymates at bay, yes it is great he is doing so much to help others. That said, I’m still LMAO.

    XAVIER the hands were the first thing I noticed. My grandmother held hers the same way, as is the woman standing behind Gayken. I also love the look on the Doctor behind him, the combo of WTF with ‘you’re shitting me right?’.

    Andy thanks for the pic, and guys, your posts were so funny I almost spit out my breakfast.

    Except for yours MICHELLE. “Why do gays spend so much time gay-bashing straight individuals like Clay? Is it heterosexism?”

    Gay bashing is when someone beats on a gay person. Not gays bashing someone who is straight, which your baby Clay is not, unless like many other closet cases he is a straight man who just happens to have sex with men.

    I do not know if it’s denial, or as the girls like to say ‘de Nile’, but Gayken has been caught with his hands in many of a mans pants, mostly covered here are the Manhunt posts, complete with photos and testimony from men who he’s hit on and had sex with. Get real woman.

  20. wow says

    Apparently you people Know nothing about Afghan customs..including the hand gestures and how he carried himself as well as the traditional male attire…..Educate yourseves about the world around you and you won’t look quite so stupid.

  21. peterparker says

    I think what Clay Aiken is doing on the charity front is great. The only people who should feel entitled to make fun of him are those who have done at least as much as Clay has done to ease suffering in the world. Of course, when you add up the amount of suffering Clay has inflicted on others with his ‘music’ and subtract the amount of suffering he has eased with his charity work, you realize that we can all have a go at him.

    And, Michelle, sweetheart, you need to go to Gay-Mart to buy yourself a new gaydar. Fast.


  22. Dave says

    All of those so called stories are rumors and anonymous bullshit stories. He hasn’t been “caught” doing anything but good works and great performances. Get your own gaydar fixed, its on the fritz. Anyone can set up a manhunt or account and impersonate anyone they want. I could set up peterparker on Manhunt, peterparker2 on Yahoo messenger and proceed to fuck with peter’s liife for the next 2 years. How about I start up a blog and claim that I’ve had sex with Brad Pitt. I have a towel with Pitt’s DNA on it and I know how to photoshop. I have Perez and Billy Masters e-mail addresses. Either one of them would print anything I send them. All they need is a source (me) and a secondary source like a blog to link to and Brad Pitt is fucked. Not that I would do those things myself but Clay’s haters sure have done a number on him.

  23. tc says

    I’m sorry ..I’m out of the loop with this Aiken person……all I see on the bottom is someone from ABC has been assigned this mission to follow this “star wars” reject around..that’s should be a mission worth a promotion I would say

  24. Dave says

    Someone sold the “Clay Aiken” AOL Instant Messenger ID on eBay more than a year ago. That person has been impersonating Clay on AIM for a year now. How many people do you think he’s contacted and screwed with Clay’s life in that time?

    I just set up valleyprettyboy on gmail. I’m not Clay but I could be if I wanted to. Try me if you don’t believe how easy it is. I’ll answer you.

  25. patrick nyc says

    Hey DAVE,

    I have many straight friends and none of them would,

    a be attracted or listen to Clay
    b give a shit if anyone had a problem with him being gay or
    straight if they did like his mucic
    c Defenend him they way you are, as if it is a conspiracy
    against him. The guys who say they had sex have photos,
    if they are in fact a lie, why doesn’t Clay say so, or sue?

    By the way, why are you on a gay blog sir? Not that you are not welcome, there are more Christian places to go, that is how Gayken was selling himself. Why he was being sued by disgrunteled Claymates it seems.

  26. Dave says

    Patrick, he has stated that the tabloid stories are lies in People Magazine Oct 2006, The Insider Sept 2006, Good Morning America Sept 2006, Larry King Live Oct 2006 among others. The only photos that were ever seen were of a guy resembling Clay, fully clothed, alone, and from the shoulders up. That isn’t evidence of anything other than the fact that the guy has a face. The National Enquiror published a headless torso picture that could be anyone. The Globe published another headless torso. One of them had blond body hair, the other had black hair in a different pattern. Both were fat bodies supposedly taken when a 6’1″ Aiken was as skinny as he has ever been, no more than 150 lbs at most.

    I am appalled that anyone gives this tabloidy trash any credibility. I am appalled that my sexual orientation in any way matters or affects my credibility. The truth is the truth and John Paulus admitted that it was a conspiracy on March 2 2007 in his blog. It was a hoax, he said, concocted by a group of 8 that recruited him through Big He has since retracted his recant because he says he is afraid that the group of 8 will harm his family members. The recant was deleted from his blog with that explanation. I know that the screen captures of his recant were saved and can be viewed on various blogs.

  27. Dave says

    The “lawsuit” was another hoax that was never a lawsuit. It was a complaint filed online by 8 people who did not identify themselves. Any complaint that is filed without properly identifying the complainant is always thrown out. The only reason it made the tabloidy blogs and later some online news was because those 8 people sent out an independent press release announcing that they had filed a complaint. The complaint was not the intent, the press release and resulting publicity was. There was never a lawsuit.

    Mark Gerigos, the lawyer, discussed this very topic on Larry King Live last week. He explained why celebrities don’t sue. If Clay or any other celebrity sues every time some idiot prints a lie in the tabloids or gossip blogs it would be a never ending stream of lawsuits and all of the targeted celebrities would soon be broke.

  28. rob adams says

    Well said upon WOW’s part.

    I couldn’t care less about Clay_Aiken, or [i]American Idol[/i], but he fit in well in Afghanistan and overcame cultural barriers (through attire and controlling his gestures).

    WOW’s comments hit the American-Problem right on the head. Nicely done.

  29. Michelle says

    Dave, thank you for taking the time to write the truth about Clay and the malicious lies he has endured.

    Of course, none of the rags (tabloids or blogs) have posted a retraction. Here’s the famewhore’s recant:

    Patrick NYC, gaydar often = gay-bashing straight individuals. And, yes, straight individuals can indeed be gay-bashed, sometimes by gays who are heterosexist.

    Happy to say that my gaydar is broken, but my hearing is perfect. Clay has repeatedly denied that he is gay during TV and print interviews. Last year, he said he isn’t commenting any more. There is no more for him to say. Those obsessed with his sexual orientation are on their own.

    Please view this video and test your hearing.

    As to the tabloids, anyone who believes them needs to develop critical thinking skills.

  30. Michelle says

    Bravo, Clay and his fans!

    Following Clay’s return, UNICEF and Clay challenged his fans to donate $100,000 in 10 days for the children in Afghanistan.

    By late Friday afternoon, the end of day TWO, Clay’s fans had already contributed $70,000. Looks as if it’s closer to $90,000 now.

    CORRECTION: I should have also addressed my comment immediately above about the myth of gaydar to peterparker. Sorry, Patrick NYC!

  31. Jack! says

    Michelle, so calling a person gay is gay-bashing? You obviously feel being gay is a negative thing. It’s not.

    Dave, yes that online chat thing was a conspiracy. First, the guy wasn’t Clay. It was a person that had a resemblance to him. Second, the cam images were so blurry. No webcam that has been made in the last 4 years would produce video that blurry. The conspirators either were using a very old webcam or digitally altered the screenshots to cover for how different the impersonator looked compared to Clay. Clay has endured vicious attacks but they weren’t from gay people. Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, SNL, Fox News anchors etc all are straight and all are using stereotypes of gay people to make fun of Clay. The people that set up that online chat were straight.

  32. Michelle says

    Jack!, I really don’t feel that being gay is a negative thing. I support gay marriage, adoption by gays, and I think that gay individuals and couples should enjoy all of the rights and privileges accorded to straight individuals and couples, no exceptions.

    What I do feel is negative is assigning homosexuality to someone against his will, and then mocking his every move because he refuses to come out of a non-existent closet.

    I am so pleased that Clay spends his time, energy and money on good causes. As he so aptly put it during his interview with Diane Sawyer, responding to any more questions or slurs about his sexuality is a waste of his time. Amen.

    Oh, and the singing, must not forget that. Clay has a 20-city tour coming up in July and August. As he did with his 18-city 2006 Christmas tour, he’ll be singing accompanied by symphony orchestras. That fabulous voice accompanied by a full orchestra makes for a sound to behold. This will be his ninth or tenth tour.

  33. mark m says

    “It was a hoax, he said, concocted by a group of 8 that recruited him through Big”

    Speaking as a member of Big (profile #56445 thank you very much) I shudder at the thought of anyone on Big Muscle giving two rips about Clay Aiken.

  34. Dave says

    Well, Mark M. It’s obvious that you do because here you are, a proud member of giving 2 rips.

  35. GraphicJack says

    Clay is most likely gay but quite possibly is so deeply in the closet that he simply isn’t sexually active. This would explain how he can say to himself that he isn’t gay and why it’s hard to prove that he is with any certainty. However, he certainly has a lot of mannerisms and actions that tip off my and many other gay men’s “gaydar”.

    Case in point… on a AI recap episode of the Top 10 tour from Season Two, Clay is seen showing up backstage after a performance. Several female co-stars (I’m thinking Kimberley Locke and maybe Kimberley Caldwell and Carmen) are talking about how his microphone wasn’t working during a performance and how he was going to be really angry about it because he’s such a perfectionist. He then storms in and rants about the microphone, saying that it was the technican’s fault for it not working. He goes to a vending machine, knocks on it with his fist and says “Heeeeeeeelllllllloooooooo?”. This is NOT the behaviour of a straight man, who might end up punching the machine, not rap on it with his fist like some sissy from Chelsea. Girl needs to check himself… he IS GAY.

    On the other hand, I think we should all remember how hard it was for us to come out and have some sympathy. Yes, he would do us all a favour if he came out and could stop the shame and invisibility that we often feel from the straight community, but ultimately it’s a personal choice. Most of us were lucky to choose the time when we came out at a time when we were mentally prepared to do so. We should give Clay the same chance, and be ready to support him when he does.