Gay Cars: A Closer Inspection


A New York Times article published today wonders if there is such a thing as a gay car?

“Cars are no more straight or gay than cellphones, office chairs or weed whackers. But in recent years that truism has not stopped a perception among some motorists that certain cars can, in the right context, be statements about a driver’s sexual orientation.”

Considering the way BMW is marketing their cars to folks in West Hollywood, according to this ad dug up by L.A. blogger BoiFromTroy, the carmakers are certainly pushing things in that direction, at least in some markets.

Overall, however, according to gay technical director for Motor Trend Frank Markus, gays are pretty much like everyone else. Said Markus to the Times: “…clichés about gay drivers tend to collapse on close inspection, like the gay man who is a ‘gym bunny’ and gravitates toward Jeeps and convertibles ‘to show off his hot body.’ But, he added, ‘If you could actually push a button and see what every gay person drives, it’s probably not too different from what the average person drives, but it might skew higher in price.'”

What do you think? Can gays be spotted by their cars?

Gay by Design, or a Lifestyle Choice? [nyt]

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  1. PC says

    Last summer, I turned off this straight, married guy from buying a Mazda Miata. It was at his wife’s suggestion. I thought, “typical wife trying to feminize her husband thus making him less attractive to available females.” As you can probably guess, my preventing him from buying this effeminate car did not go down too well with the missus.

  2. pieman says

    Well it’s pretty well understood that the “new” VW Beetle is a “girls car” and thus any guy driving one is borderline effeminate. Based on my wholly unscientific experience here in New England, there seem to be a preponderance of rainbow stickers on older model Acuras but I don’t know why.

  3. Becks07 says

    I traded in my Porsche Boxster last year for a new Beetle Turbo, with no apprent increase in my estrogen levels.

    That said, here in Seattle, I refer to black Jettas as “the official gay staff car.”

  4. Greg says

    I drive a Miata. It’s fun to drive, sleek and curvy, and I couldn’t go back to a hard-top now (that’s cars I’m talking about, guys). I’m not happy with my car being seen as a sign of effeminacy, but on a warm day carving out turns on the Yorkshire Dales with the top down I couldn’t care less.

  5. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    I can’t say I see much difference from gay to straight driver here in RI. I’m a 25 year old computer programmer and I drive a Ford F150, which I love. What’s that mean?

    I might comment that I have a few lesbians friends who like my truck maybe even more than I do, hehe.

  6. Jason says

    ^Never a missed opportunity 😉

    I just got a 335i and it’s AWESOME! Best drivers car I’ve ever had. So if it’s a gay car/girl’s car/whatever I don’t give a shit.

  7. peterparker says

    I’ve always wanted a black Mercedes station wagon with heavily tinted windows and a Harley Davidson decal adorning most of the rear window. Last year, I finally succombed to my station wagon fetish…it’s a BMW 5-series wagon, black with black leather seats and heavily tinted windows. People tell me from time to time that my car looks ‘mean’. It’s the best car compliment that I could ask for.

  8. anon says

    This is all getting to be TMI, why don’t we just pass around nude pics of ourselves.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is that gay men seem to buy more foreign cars and not hold on to older cars as much.

  9. bmac says

    As far as sweeping generalizations go, I’m going to have to go with the Miata out here in Hollywood. You’ve got a 50/50 chance of it being driven by a hot gay guy or a very small/young Asian woman (also, generally hot). But the bears do lurve their pick-ups.

  10. Jack! says

    I like the ad.

    Cars do say something about a person. It’s not what sexual orientation you are but what your attitude and personality are that are projected from cars.

  11. says

    Well lets are my cars that i’ve owned my entire life and I did live in West Hollywood for 2 years too…

    85 Ford Ranger
    86 GMC Safari Winnebago Mini Van (I had this when i lived in WeHo we called it the party van)
    95 Nissan 4×4 (Had this too in WeHo)
    86 Buick Park Avenue (got this from my grandparents)
    and now a 2000 Chevy S10

    Hmm, what does that say?…well I do come from Oklahoma so maybe that explains the whole truck thing

  12. John says

    I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in West Hollywood, you can hardly be considered a power queen without some sort of convertible. Unless you want to be considered really masculine and butch and hot (inasmuch as a hairless, perma-tanned, tight-muscle-shirt-donning homo can even be considered butch) without driving either a truck or an SUV. And God for-fucking-BID you should drive just a simple everyday car like my Ford Escort! How injurious to the image!

    And GRYPHON773–I used to live in Chicago and had COMPLETELY forgotten about Trixies!!!! That wikipedia page brought back so many memories. My best friend and I were Trixie and Chad for Halloween once. Oh, the nostalgia!

  13. sam says

    I love my Beetle Convertible. Actually, when they first came out, I thought they’d be all over the gay ‘hood, but I don’t think they’re all that popular with the boys.

    Maybe they really do mean, as Pieman said, “borderline effeminate.” I don’t care. I’m “borderline effeminate” myself. Actually, like Madonna, sometimes I’m Over the Borderline!

  14. Greg in Savannah says

    “The only thing I’ve noticed is that gay men seem to buy more foreign cars and not hold on to older cars as much.”

    So, Anon, my convertible is German (heil Daimler!) but it’s a 1998. It’s foreign and it’s old. That being said, my husband is a Portugese/Polish combo and we’ve been together for 11 years. Make of all of that what you will.

  15. jemmytee says

    I live in West Hollywood and I’ve seen that poster. Thing is, I’m gay and drive a Civic that I bought new…8 years ago. Don’t like Jeeps…even though there’re lots of them around. BMWs are too unreliable and cliched…but so is most of this part of town. Used to love Jaguars till they got taken over by Ford. Guess I’m the exception that proves the rule.

  16. Himbo with Highlights says

    The nancy boys with good jobs drive the Mercedes convertible here in dallas. The little one with the tail up in the air. The rest of us drive suv’s (the landrover is popular) and pick up tricks.

  17. bxstrb says

    Well in DC you can’t walk five feet without bumping into a 3 series Bimmer. Young, old, straight, gay, male, female; everyone drives it thus stripping any uniqueness of owning one. 3 series BMWs are the Honda Civics of the European world.

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