Getting Interactive with Frank Gehry and Barry Diller’s IAC

IacI blogged about Frank Gehry’s headquarters for Barry Diller’s InterActive Corp. while the building was going up. Now it’s completed. Someone with a video camera and a key to the castle has now offered us a closer look…

Click small photo to enlarge…

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  1. Rich says

    Looks like hell. A typical vorporate building with wavy lines that jacked up the cost and probably will make maintenance more complicated. Gehry’s usual curvy metal things would have been more interesting (tho. trite at this point), although impractical for offices.

  2. Blog God says

    I just don’t like the Igloo look from the outside. As I ride my bicycle past it I can’t help but feel like someone dumped a large piece of garbage encased in white fiberglass on the side of the road. Not unlike most of the web properties represented inside.

    Sorry about that Frank and Barry.

  3. bob says

    souless,with nothing that speaks of manhattan – san fernando valley maybe.
    this thing is shrieking I’M SPECIAL so loudly
    one wants to cover one’s ears.

  4. JT says

    Now, when I feel badly about not working, I can look at what some working people have to put up with and feel better. The Woolworth Building it ain’t.

  5. poodle says

    i was surprised to see the roxy still there, i thought it was being torn down shortly after the closing night?

    and this video was definately after the closing of night.

  6. says

    Gehry is long past his prime. His trio of buildings in Duesseldorf, Germany were breathtaking, drawing from German expressionism. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao was impressive, if bloated. Everything he’s done since has been overblown and uninspired.

    I don’t think his work will last the ages; too incongruent with the surrounding environment. For a real architect genius, check out Santiago Calatrava.

  7. excy says

    Oh my….that thing is supposed to look like sails? It looks like the mastermind lost his inspiration. If there are Razzie Awards for architecture I think I know who is going to win the big prize.

  8. says

    Thanks for the inside tour. I am at Chelsea Piers a lot, so I’ve been watching this thing under construction for months now. It was great to see what the inside looks like, but it was disappointing. I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, but I a little more pizzazz would have been nice.

  9. says

    This building has been the location of recurring nightmares of mine over the past few weeks. God knows why.

    It’s good to see that it’s not so scary. The office furniture is a bit boring. I like the pointillist fades on the windows from the outside. However, I’m not sure I like them from inside the building.

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