Guadalajara Girl: Yes, it’s Ugly Betty White


The 5th Annual TV Land Awards are set to air on April 22nd, and TV legends Erik Estrada, Charo, and Betty White recently came together to spoof the hit show Ugly Betty for the awards.

Their version, however, is called Ugly Betty White.

You know, if they wanted to run this series alongside the original, I think I’d happily tune in for both.



  1. mark m says

    I like “Ugly Betty” a lot. It’s nice to see a Latino family on television and to have a less-than-gorgeous main character. It’s easy to root for and sympathize with her.

    But does anyone else wish they would tone down the Dynasty/Dallas/Falcon’s Crest melodrama mystery stuff?

    I’d prefer an edgy comedy. Everytime they start with that cloak and dagger stuff I want to tune out.

  2. Rad says

    I appreciate the TV Land spoof and will watch for it when the awards are televised, but in all honesty, I just have never gotten into “Ugly Betty”. I tried. I found myself glazing over trying to figure out what was what. I was expecting something along the lines of the fabulous “The Devil wears Prada”, and as Mark pointed out, that cloak and dagger stuff just put me to sleep.

  3. Wolfi says

    I’d be curious to know, did it actually evolve? I stopped watching, after four episodes repeating the “Betty gets an assignment, Betty somehow fucks it up, Someone else fucks up worse, Betty saves the day”- scheme I was already tired of it. The concept plays out far better as the telenovela it originally was before ABC had to turn it into a dramedy…

  4. Boobs says

    Love Betty, the cloak and dagger stuff in the show takes up so little air time I don’t mind it at all. And the portrayal of her nephew is one of the bravest things any show has ever done.

  5. Charlie says

    I love Ugly Betty. I think it is brilliantly written. What I like most is a main character that may not have the looks and the charm but she does have honesty and integrity. She’s positive, consistent and doesn’t mince words. My kind of gal. She’s an excellent role model for young people. I love the cloak and dagger stuff. It is very well done (a bit over the top at times but still well done). It is interesting to see the characters around Betty evolve over time–especially Daniel, Amanda and Mark. One person can have a powerful and positive influence on the lives of many people. Ugly Betty tells that well. I know real people just like her and I know how hard it is to maintain ons’s integrity in a sea of negativity, backstabbing and deceit. Kudos to Ugly Betty.

  6. says

    I really like Ugly Betty and look forward to the spoof. And, hey, the cloak+daggar stuff is — at least — a tribute to the show’s Mexican origins. It is a spoof of tele-novelas that — or so I’ve heard — are rife with those kinds of sub-plots. The reference doesn’t play quite as well in the US version, but it still adds an extra quirky oddity to the whole thing.

    Most important though: Those sub-plots give Vanessa Williams her best over-the-top diva-bitch turns. Gotta love that.

  7. mark m says

    That’s a good point, Robinev. I hadn’t considered that, but those little glimpses of Mexican soap opera’s playing in the Suarez’ home always give me a chuckle. I now see how the cloak and dagger plays into that. I just think the show is strong enough without murder conspiracies and such.

  8. tom says

    Yeah, I agree, the original telenovela “Betty la fea” was just so much better than this adaptation on ABC.
    Oh well, guess this spoof is not going to appeal to me either, as 1) Betty White’s character on the Golden Girls was my least favorite, and 2) I find her over the top obsession with animals just a little bit unsettling…she reminds me of the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons at times.

  9. Kathryn Stites says

    Betty White is my hero-ess. I admire her witt, charm and especially her creative integrity. She is so verrry amusing; she makes me feel better, when life throws its backlashes!

    I would be honored to see everything in which Betty White has been recorded. It is a dream of mine to meet her. Because of this woman, I have longed to be an actress, from the time I was twelve years of age.

    Now, I am in the Fall years of my life. I do not have an agent. My only claim to fame is that I can still memorize things. At the ripe old age of 59, I do not hold much hope left, to getting into the movies, let alone acting with some recognition.

    While I do so love Betty White, I do not like Ugly Betty. I don’t like the way she has been glorified for her less than desireable appearance. In identifying with her, as I watch, she makes me feel uglier…not better.

    People come in all shapes and sizes. Some are pleasing to look upon; others are not. I am one of the second catagory. Oh, I was fair…once…many, many light years ago. But, then I was too shy to pursue my dreams.

    Now, I look like any other well-aged character, not unlike the cheddar cheese wedge that had been forgotten, in the refrigerator so long that even its own family members don’t recognize it. I can’t help but wonder, if it isn’t too late for me.

  10. mary says

    I love Betty! She is so cute and funny. I don’t like “Ugly Betty”. I didn’t watch Betty on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I am not a fan of Mary Tyler Moore. I watch her on Mama’s Family and The Golden Girls. Also, I saw Betty played Password, Password Plus, The Match Game, and Million Dollar Password on televison. Betty really know to played the games and she is so good at it.

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